Comparison of 10 video editing companies

Are you wondering where to edit your own videos? HK Design Pro will introduce high-quality companies in the industry and introduce various editing companies from different aspects and perspectives to facilitate your choice.

Video Editing

Are you wondering where to edit your own videos?HK Design ProIntroducing quality companies within the industry, introducing each splicing company from different aspects and perspectives to facilitate your choice.

In the 21st century, videos can be seen everywhere in our lives. When you open your mobile phone and enter the video app, different types of videos come into people's sight. When walking on the road, businesses will play their own video advertisements. Different videos have different connotations, such as commercial value or cultural transmission, but if you want your videos to stand out, choosing a good video editing company is an essential part.

Are you still thinking about how to choose a good video editing company?HK Design ProWe will introduce high-quality companies in the industry. In the following introduction, you will see the characteristics of each company. I hope it can be a reference for your choice.

1. 10 video editing companies

1.HK Design Pro

HK Design ProWorking on various projects, including film production, inHK Design ProThe company philosophy is that each different video needs its own specific editing style to stand out among similar videos.HK Design ProProfessional video editor with many years of editing experience. HK Design ProThe editing team uses professional editing software and other tools to ensure that the quality of each video is maintained at a high level. HK Design Pro can submit videos to customers quickly and on time within three to ten days.

alsoHK Design ProOnline video editing services are also provided (rearranging randomly shot footage to polish the movie). At the same time, HK Design Pro will also use leading video editing tools (Adobe Premiere, Edius Pro, Adobe Media Encoder...) to edit the video. Give your video a further boost to make it stand out from the competition.

No matter what type of video clip it is,HK Design ProThere is also a customer satisfaction guarantee, so you will be satisfied with the photography results.HK Design ProWe have the confidence to provide quality services becauseHK Design ProWe have a team of excellent editors, each of whom has hundreds of editing experience.

Video Editing


Music videos are a great way to showcase the sound and look of a band.Y-PRODUCTIONScan provide you with professional looking music videos, playback videos, live videos or behind the scenes videos. Editing and filming can also be requested individually, if your needs go beyond a "simple" music video, Y-PRODUCTIONS has excellent links with a number of production companies.

Y-PRODUCTIONS exists with the mission of providing a "one-stop shop" for all your music business needs. Y-PRODUCTIONS has many connections with production companies and freelancers. It also provides audio, video, publishing/licensing and event services, with plans to expand Y-PRODUCTIONS' services in the future.

PRODUCTIONS features a hybrid setup, using state-of-the-art analog settings essential to creating dynamic and colorful sounds during tracking. Thanks to combining Y-PRODUCTIONS' analog settings with digital stations, there are endless possibilities to edit and refine your projects to achieve the desired results.

Video Editing


With nearly 20 years of experience,WIL FILMis one of Denmark's leading animation studios and film production companies. WIL FILM focuses on producing high-quality animation and internationally renowned entertainment programs for young audiences around the world.
WIL FILM is a production company and 3D animation studio with nearly 20 years of experience. WIL FILM is one of the leading companies in the Danish niche market.

WIL FILM began producing television commercials in 2002, but over time WIL FILM has moved into short films that have become critically acclaimed feature films and series, interacting with great collaborators along the way.

WIL FILM has created, together with clients, internationally broadcast series such as Ninjago and Playmobil Novelmore. Internationally acclaimed series, feature films, short films and commercials are what WIL FILM is about. 9 seasons of the outstanding television series "Ninja: Masters of Spinjitzu" with 102 episodes, and several "LEGO Star Wars" productions under the WIL FILM umbrella. and “Otto Was a Rhino,” the feature film in the trilogy produced in partnership with Crone Film – won the 2013 CFF Chicago Award for Best Animated Feature.

Video Editing

4. SH Designer Home

It has been ten years since it opened in 2008 and has been deeply loved and trusted by customers. From advertising and product photography to weddings and event photography, SH strives to capture the most beautiful moments for its guests with photos. In recent years, SH has expanded its business, added a large number of film shooting equipment, and participated in various large and small film shooting projects. Whether they are individual customers or commercial customers, they are all very supportive of SH's video creation work! SH hopes to continue to provide the most professional and complete services to every customer in the next 10 years.

  • Business in recent years includes: advertising short films, YOUTUBE short films, wedding photography, wedding day photography and video, various types of event photography and video (press conferences, parties, etc.), product advertising photography, personal and group styling design and photography, magazines Typesetting and publishing design work for books and periodicals, etc.
  • Recent work includes: product and advertising photography, wedding photography, wedding day photography, video recording (for parties), individual and group image design and photography, magazine and publication design.

Video Editing


Terry Focus Production LTD is a local film production company with more than 10 years of experience in short film production and other types of film shooting in Hong Kong!

In recent years, customers' demand for film shooting, editing and production has increased day by day. As a film and television production company, Terry Focus is committed to improving the quality of films. From quotation, pre-preparation to post-shooting, animation and video production have been recognized and appreciated by customers. Terry Focus The film company provides one-stop, professional video shooting and production for Hong Kong individuals, companies or group clients.

Terry Heung 早年在香港學習攝影及黑房沖曬,學成後進入電視臺從事攝影記者工作,數年後想提升自己,毅然去進修廣告及電影製作,再受聘上海拍攝廣告及電視節目! 更得到前輩指點學習編劇,回港後成為自由工作者! 更由攝影師轉戰導演! 這十多年來得到客戶支持及信任,之後更創立“Terry Focus Production ltd”到今天已幫客戶創作超過五百多條video!

Terry hopes to use images to create more impossible possibilities!

Video Editing

6.Visual Media

在2000年,一般人仍在觀看VHS影帶的年代,Visual Media已經為客戶提供專業影片製作服務⋯⋯ 20年過去了,HD和4K已成為影片主流,而Visual Media亦發展成一支在香港及臺灣擁有20多名製作精英的專業團隊。Over the years, it has produced more than 3,500 promotional videos of various types for the Hong Kong government, commercial institutions, manufacturing and academia, providing video production, animation production, video promotion and live broadcast services, and carefully creating high-quality videos that best meet the needs of customers. Vegan video service.

As the only ISO9001 certified video production company in Hong Kong, Visual Media firmly believes that video quality and service standards are the cornerstone of success.Visual Media aims to pursue the highest quality level in the industry. Visual Media introduced the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. All colleagues worked together as one, exerted professionalism, and the company management fully supported it. In just three months, it successfully passed ISO9001 :2015 certification assessment, becoming the first and only film production company in Hong Kong to receive this certification. This shows that Visual Media has outstanding performance in film quality, production process and management, design and development, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, etc. In terms of quality, it meets the current international quality requirements and standards. Therefore, every client can rest assured that their important film production and promotion plans will be entrusted to Visual Media - the most professional and reliable production elite team!

Video Editing

7.Online Productions

On-line Productions Founded in 1992, it has more than 20 years of experience in film production. It is one of the most experienced film production companies in Hong Kong. It provides services to government departments, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, corporate customers of various types and sizes, industry peers, etc. , providing different types of film shooting and post-production services, including government promotional films, corporate image films and training films, product advertising and promotion films, on-site event shooting and editing, etc. On-line Productions has its own post-production center, providing one-stop film production services including: early communication, concept creation, script writing, storyboard design, scene and actor arrangement, on-site shooting, post-editing, special effects production, and professional dubbing. As well as the output of audio and video files in various formats.

On-line Productions has always been based on endless creativity and incomparable patience, seeking truth from facts, and sincerely providing customers with the most reassuring services! With rich experience in the industry, On-line Productions is better at cooperating with different peers in the advertising and public relations industry, playing different roles in production, and providing high-quality services to peers.

Video Editing


ViDO is a company in Hong Kong that provides film consulting and production services. By producing creative and strategic videos, we can enhance marketing effectiveness and drive companies towards a positive impact.

ViDO has a professional production team to provide customers with high-quality services. In addition to possessing creativity and serious work attitude, VIDO also attaches great importance to the improvement of equipment and uses professionalism to create outstanding works for customers, especially dynamic images, pre-production, 2D and 3D animation, character animation and images, etc. main categories. Video promotion is a major trend in marketing. ViDO hopes to tell stories through videos, spread positive messages, and connect people.

ViDO will provide you with professional advice on related services to produce the highest quality video works for you. At the same time, ViDO values the relationship with its customers. Therefore, ViDO hopes to do its best to produce finished products that satisfy you and strive to achieve a win-win cooperation situation.

Video Editing

9. Media Studio HK

As one of Hong Kong’s leading photography teams,Media Studio HKWe look forward to sparking sparks with you and producing effective and professional short films for you.Although the quality of Media Studio HK's video production is higher than the standards of Hong Kong film production, it is not enough. Video production must take into account current online trends to be successful.

The first successful example of Media Studio HK's viral video on the Internet is Inch Interior Design. Media Studio HK captures the trend of Hong Kong people watching home decoration movies! Inch's YouTube channel has grown steadily without spending a single dollar on advertising, and their most viewed video has 105,000 views.

Media Studio HK also produces content for ViuTV, One Promise and Mirror. One Promise has a werewolf game show series that consistently has about 10,000 viewers on YouTube. The two episodes shot and edited by Media Studio HK reached 300,000 views and 120,000 views respectively.

Media Studio HK are marketing experts in creating online presence and encouraging interaction. Let Media Studio HK create a conversation between your brand and your customers through video production.

Video Editing


IMAGIN WORKSHOPFounded in 2008 and registered in Hong Kong. IMAGIN WORKSHOP's main business is photography and videography, commercial production and design services, including weddings, events, banquets, products, food, interiors, portraits, aerial photography, VR virtual tours, online live broadcasts, short film production and print advertising design. IMAGIN WORKSHOP's advantages are service quality, efficiency and competitive prices.

IMAGIN WORKSHOP is located in a landmark building in Tsuen Wan. It has a photo studio equipped with professional digital SLR cameras, top-quality lenses, photo studio and outdoor lighting equipment, and post-production workstations. IMAGIN WORKSHOP's photographers are a passionate team with 5 to 15 years of experience in multiple fields of photography, equipped with new models of professional digital SLRs and flashes. IMAGIN WORKSHOP's videographers specialize in event recording and short film shooting, equipped with full HD professional camcorders, tripods and microphones. IMAGIN WORKSHOP's post-production team includes photo editors, video editors and graphic designers, all of whom use the latest genuine multimedia editing software.

Video Editing

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Although there are many one-man bands in the market that have company addresses, they may be business centers or empty mailboxes. There may be a lot of pushback when making appointments, or they may only go to public places (such as coffee shops), making it difficult to find them in case of emergency. principal. Companies generally have physical offices and studios. Customers are welcome to make an appointment to come to our company in person to discuss with our customer service specialists.

You have to be careful when the other party makes an appointment to meet you in a public place, because there are many one-person companies in the market that do not have corpse offices and photo studios.

Under normal circumstances, many shearing companies will charge a certain amount of deposit. If your organization has a purchasing policy, the shearing company can generally be flexible.

Basic video or short film production usually shoots at 1920×1080 (1080P), but in recent years, photography equipment for video production has become popular and can shoot at 3840×2160 (4K).


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