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Are you still troubled by not understanding packaging design companies? hkdesignpro.com has compiled information on 10 well-known design service companies in Hong Kong that provide design services for you. We hope it can be helpful for your design reference.


Are you still troubled by not understanding packaging design companies? hkdesignpro.com has compiled information on 10 well-known design service companies in Hong Kong that provide design services for you. We hope it can be helpful for your design reference.

Packaging design is an indispensable part of a design company. Are you still troubled by not understanding packaging design companies and not knowing which platforms can be used for packaging design cooperation?hkdesignpro.comWe have compiled information on 10 well-known design companies in Hong Kong that provide packaging design services for you. We hope it can be helpful for your design reference.

1. Top ten well-known design service companies in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Design Service Company 1-HK Design Pro

 HK Design ProIt is a one-stop design platform that has been established for many years and has branches in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and many mainland cities. The company aims to create a new type of online collaboration space for designers and customers, and has achieved certain results. It can solve all your design and printing service needs.

In terms of packaging design, HKDP is committed to becoming the best design company recommended by customers. Our production costs are set at reasonable levels and we provide good design, pre-sales and after-sales services. We are creative and intelligent, and we are able to optimize the content and form of delivery, expressing the differences and needs of logos in an artistic form that the public can understand. Not only are the colors eye-catching, but the designs are avant-garde and unique, and are friendly to the people, making them deeply loved by the public.

HK Design Pro has designers with many years of experience and has designed excellent works for more than 200 companies and institutions so far. It is committed to helping customers obtain the best designs in the most efficient way. In terms of packaging design, we have left a good impression on customers with a responsible and serious attitude.


Hong Kong Design Service Company 2-PRO360 Expert Network

PRO360 Daren NetworkIt is a high-quality part-time order media collaboration platform, which features designers and customers freely negotiating commercial illustration and packaging design services.They simplify the complex process of collecting data from different locations and comparing store prices. With PRO360, you can send your request in 3 minutes and start receiving cases in 10 minutes. Simple steps and ease of use not only shorten the distance between "need" and "professional service", but also create more opportunities for work and life!

PRO360 contacts packaging design studios and customers in the form of an intermediary to provide customers with studio comparison services. It can compare the feedback of 5 studios at the same time for customer reference. In addition, PRO360 Daren Network does not charge commission from Hong Kong customers, and its business cooperation has been widely praised.


Hong Kong Design Service Company 3-FREEHUNTER

FREEHUNTERIt is the largest Freelance platform in Hong Kong. In terms of packaging design, Freehunter provides free job postings for independent designers. Each designer’s style and expertise are clearly presented on the website, which also allows customers to obtain job offers from different designers in a short period of time. Quotes and job information. After selecting your favorite designer, contact the design candidate directly to save you more time.

work process

After receiving a free quote for product packaging design on Freehunter, the customer can start talking to the appropriate designer about the product theme and product packaging style. After the initial positioning, you can discuss and edit the design draft back and forth with the designer, and finally hand it over to the printer in a certain file format. Moreover, many designers have familiar printers who can recommend cooperation and have the opportunity to save some costs.


Hong Kong design service company 4-workeroom


In terms of selecting packaging designers, the platform provides companies and more mechanisms for talents, and free careers with high-quality screening. In terms of price, the company directly provides a packaging designer display platform and directly contacts the designer himself, which reduces intermediary operating costs and saves time and 30% expenses for the company.

In terms of management, enterprises can be notified instantly by leveraging the platform's work-intelligent management and communication. Workeroom provides a reliable platform for enterprises, and the job completion rate of freelancers reaches 99%.


Hong Kong Design Services Company 5-VINCDESIGN

VincDesign is a brand design company headquartered in Hong Kong with a studio in Taiwan. They specialize in brand design, logo design, visual identity, book, web and packaging design. The design company's works have won many awards in the design field (TopAwards Asia, Global Design Awards, HKDA Global Design Awards, Communication Arts, International Design Awards, Creative International Awards and Muse Creative Awards, etc.), and its concepts have been widely recognized.

Their Hong Kong packaging design concept is to find the unique aspects of the product and implement the principle of expressing product concept, story and style through design. Send product information to a wide audience for dissemination and creative display to gain more customers and word-of-mouth.


Hong Kong Design Services Company 6-ebg Mingxiang

ebg Mingxiang brand image strategyFounded in 1981, it has more than 40 years of experience and a dynamic team with diverse professional backgrounds. With keen strategic thinking, we help clients find brand differentiation and implement it into improving the overall image value.

They have rich practical experience in brand and packaging design, are able to understand market trends, and are committed to providing multi-faceted brand image strategy services with strategic thinking and versatile creativity. In terms of packaging design, we are committed to making designs related to the brand image, and working together to create a touching brand image.


Hong Kong Design Services Company 7-Toby Platform

The primary goal of creative packaging design is to attract customers' attention. In addition to discussing the details of packaging design with customers, design companies also need to establish good communication channels and relationships with customers. Effective creative packaging design looks attractive and impresses with its creativity on the shelf.

HelloTobyWe have brought together a number of packaging design companies, all of which have passed professional certification. You only need to answer a few relevant questions based on your needs. We will recommend up to 4 packaging design companies for you. They will quote you a quote, and they can provide you with a quotation based on their needs. Quotes, previous reviews and more choose the one that works best for you. Save time on 99% and the commission is free.


Hong Kong Design Service Company 8-COSMO Platform

COSMOIt means always thinking from the customer's perspective and bringing more value to the brand image. They design the best solution based on brand positioning, take it as their responsibility to provide the highest quality design, and work with customers to expand brand horizons.The design consultants employed by COSMO love design with all their heart. Their design works have been recognized by international awards such as Red Dot and Awwwards. They firmly believe that "design" is a professional technology that can effectively enhance brand value.

With design thinking, from concept to practice, COSMO focuses on people-oriented scientific methods to shape the company's personal image in packaging design, allowing the power of design to convey the brand's moving value.


Hong Kong Design Service Company 9-Jin Liugao Design

Jin Liugao Design KL&K DESIGN is an internationally renowned design consulting company, jointly run by Dr. Jin Daiqiang, Mr. Liu Xiaokang and Mr. Gao Shaokang. Formerly known as Jin and Liu Design Consultants, after nearly 40 years of development, it now has companies in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Beijing, with business all over the country, serving more than 200 domestic and foreign customers, and has won numerous awards in the industry.

In terms of product packaging design, Jin Liugao Design looks for designers to cooperate with who are in line with the corporate image. Most of the customers are relatively large industries and companies. The overall style is relatively simple and elegant, advocating direct, fresh, eye-catching, and full of charm.


Hong Kong Design Service Company 10-Yajia Advertising Design Company

Yajia Advertising Design CompanyEstablished in Hong Kong in 2005, it provides professional design services for brand image, visual system, marketing design, print advertising, promotional publications and albums, packaging design, website design, store image, exhibition and event promotion, etc., and has rich experience.

The elite design team of Yajia serves international 4A advertising companies and has more than 20 years of commercial advertising planning experience in Hong Kong. So far, Yajia’s business covers Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xi’an, Nanjing, and Dongguan , Nanning, Malaysia, Australia and many other cities.

Product packaging design works include Oriental Zhizhi Ginseng Powder, Antinia Cocktail, and Sandy's Kitchen Abalone XO Sauce packaging as examples. They are simple and elegant, fashionable and trendy. They change according to the needs of different brands. What remains unchanged is high quality and high evaluation.


2. Frequently Asked Questions

When designing product packaging, consider whether brand positioning, product information, practicality and attractive creativity can be brought out from the packaging. Many products on the market rely on packaging to increase sales above 20%. Good packaging design can clearly convey the brand's image, features and positioning to customers, allowing customers to "remember the brand because of product packaging", helping the brand promote the market and attract customers to buy more products under the brand.

Good packaging design can well balance multiple functions, including aesthetic needs, usage needs, commercial popularity, environmental protection needs, etc. On the other hand, packaging design must take into account the brand image to obtain symbols that are consistent with the brand atmosphere and have a high-quality visual experience.

The price of packaging design will be affected by many factors. There are great price differences based on the designer's popularity, packaging size, special needs of the company, packaging design complexity, customer use, material media, etc.


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