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A list of advanced book and periodical styles|Must-see elements for advanced design of school magazines and annual reports

An overview of advanced book and periodical styles. In today's design field, the advanced style of book and periodical design has become a symbol of quality and professionalism. Especially for school magazines and annual reports, how to show extraordinary visual effects in a limited space is the goal pursued by every designer. Here’s a closer look at a few core high-level design elements.

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Annual report design case | 6 recommended annual report styles

The annual report is an important publicity tool published regularly by the company every year. It not only presents the company's operating results for a year, but also serves as a window to display the company's image and values. In the design of the annual report, choosing the appropriate style can better attract readers' attention and convey the unique style of the company. The following will introduce six different styles of annual report design cases to provide you with inspiration and reference.

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Brochure Design Revealed | 5 Design Techniques to Make You Stand Out!

Brochure design is still an effective and traditional promotional tool in the modern digital era. Whether used for business promotion, exhibitions or corporate promotions, a beautiful and attractive brochure can add value to your brand or product. However, designing an eye-catching brochure is not simple; it requires careful planning and creative design. In this article, we’ll reveal five design tips to help you stand out in your brochure design.

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