[Comparison of 10 design companies in Hong Kong] Graphic design, web design, product design

In daily life, brands often look for a company to design and package their products. Now HK Design Pro will introduce different types of design companies so that you can make the right choice.
design company In daily life, brands often look for a company to design and package their products. NowadaysHK Design ProThe different types of design firms will be introduced so you can make the right choice. In daily life, people are always attracted by beautiful things, whether it is a painting, a commodity, or a new suit of clothes. And these beautiful things appear in front of people's eyes more or less after passing through the hands of designers. And nowHK Design ProDifferent types of design companies will be introduced. Different companies have different professional directions so that you can make the most appropriate choice after browsing.

one,10 design companies

1,HK Design Pro

HK Design Pro, a one-stop design and printing service expert.In addition to providing high-quality design services, we also cooperate with a number of printing design companies to provide one-stop printing services. All types of business documents, brochures, packaging cartons, books and periodicals, paper bags, trademark stickers, hanging tags, special printing effects such as hot stamping, silk screen or materials can be provided.  HK Design ProCan provide different design methods for different printing products.for example:
  • Book and magazine printing: Hot stamping books and periodicals are high-end and elegant, showing grace. Laser hot stamping has various colors, fashionable and dynamic embossing, and UV technology is not to mention. Hardcover books, thread-bound books, whatever book styles and paper textures you think of, we can do it for you. You present.
  • Magazine printing: thick coated paper, covered with a layer of glossy film. Place it on the table where your company receives customers to give the best impression or use a piece of pure newsprint, spray it with black ink, and place it in the corner of the community room.
In terms of color printingHK Design ProThey also have their own methods, including digital printing, spot color printing, and offset printing, there is always one suitable for you.If you're looking for poster printing services near you, look no further becauseHK Design Pro can provide you with what you need. design company

2,Web Design

Web Design A company that focuses on improving its brand image on the web.Working with this company is a whole new experience! The company offers friendly customer service that focuses on your priorities. The company has successfully achieved business goals for countless companies, and the company wants to achieve yours for you, too. "I'm so happy to have found a Hong Kong web design company that shares the joy of building a brand with me!" – Butch Libutan Albarico, founder and chief instructor of BFit Dance. design company

3,Solid Idea

SOLID IDEAIt is a comprehensive interior design company. Completely and accurately implement the design plan you have in mind, paying attention to all details to enhance the customer's home experience. No matter how big or small the space is, this company will help you plan it one by one!Services include: space planning, interior design, custom-made furniture, and decoration projects.
  1. The company will provide free space planning services.
  2. Designers will listen to you and your family's needs before planning your home so all spaces are utilized according to your needs.
  3. Based on the floor plan planned for your needs, the designer will calculate a budget and explain what the budget includes.
  4. If you agree to the budget, a designer will begin designing your unit.
Solid Idea will not charge additional design fees, as long as you choose Solid Idea to customize furniture and perform decoration engineering services.In order to make it easier for you to express your opinions on the design, Solid Idea will use 3D drawings to communicate with you. design company


Supreme printing shirt (TT PRINTING)Established in 2013, it is a professional shirt printing and clothing customization company in Hong Kong with many years of experience in shirt printing. The company's custom-made service products include a wide range of products, and can provide screen printing, hot stamping, embroidery, superscript, direct inkjet and other printing processes for T-SHIRT, wave shirts, baseball jackets and other products. Advertising short film shooting, YOUTUBE short film shooting, wedding photography, wedding day shooting and video recording, various types of event shooting and video shooting (press conferences, parties, etc.), product advertising photography, personal and group styling design and photography, magazine and book layout and publishing Design work etc. If you have any special needs for printed shirts or custom-made clothes, you can also contact the company directly! design company

5. Ruisi Hong Kong Product Design Company

Ruisi Hong Kong Product Design CompanyServices include: product development, 3D shape design, industrial equipment, product manufacturing, initial production, small batch production, solar energy-saving products, environmentally friendly products, startup products, and STEM teaching props or models. The company has been committed to product design in Hong Kong over the years, implemented the ideas of many customers, and successfully developed a large number of innovative products with good sales and reputation. Some of its products include desk radios, radio alarm clocks RCC, radio lights and vibrating alarm clocks, etc. It has also been selected as designated gifts and retail products by well-known local and overseas companies, banks, chain stores, etc. design company

6. Jintian Design Studio

Jintian Design StudioThe trademark was created in 2005. Jintian Design Studio is a design development business belonging to Lifestyle Marketing Company and is a legally registered company registered in Hong Kong. The company has a group of young design teams, adhering to a passion and hard work, moving forward with more and more solid steps. The company's members include professional graphic designers, multimedia designers and web programmers. In addition to performing their respective duties, each member also actively cultivates diversified skills in order to become a diversified professional talent. The company's plus sign is "Youth and Vitality. Creativity for You", and the company focuses on providing customers with one-stop diversified services. It insists on tailor-made design. Through communication and research with customers, it designs the most suitable products for each customer. demand; to provide customers with high quality and excellent services while also providing highly competitive and affordable prices. The company provides high-quality design services to more than 300 small and medium-sized enterprises, shops and groups to achieve good publicity effects and leave a deep impression on customers. From conception, design to output, everything is well planned for the customer. The company is happy to receive customer inquiries and strives to ensure that customers' designs are successfully realized as long as they request it. If you are looking for a design company with high professional capabilities and service value, this company will be the right choice for you. design company


E-DESIGNFounded in 2008, it is Hong Kong's first online multimedia design company. The team is composed of professional designers and marketing experts, with rich experience, innovative ideas, and fast pace. Services include: any form of advertising graphic design, card design, trademark design, web design, photography services, image alteration services, image processing services, professional video production, filming and post-production, concept creation, 3D design, other art designs, etc. design company


CENTROIt is a design company in Hong Kong that provides home furnishing creativity. Fashion is always changing. Whether it is whole-house renovation or custom-made furniture, the company must not only pay attention to practicality, but also keep up with industry trends. CENTRO breaks through tradition, uses a keen sense of touch, innovates creativity, has insight into the details of daily life, builds an ideal living environment, and allows creativity to meet life. The company aims to provide customers with true one-stop interior design services and participate in humanized design with customers during the planning process. In addition, the company's products and services have distinct market positioning, coupled with advanced production processes, which will further consolidate the company's ambitions and ensure that the company's competitiveness can fully meet the needs of customers. From a designer's perspective, home design can only be truly people-oriented by satisfying people's personalities, hobbies and living habits, allowing family members to feel a strong sense of humanity and experience the warmth and harmony of home. design company

9. Chengshe interior design

Chengshe interior designIn a special culture, every designer will say in unison: "The company has no hierarchy." Whether they are the design director, chief designer or even assistant designer, every colleague is a friend in business and a partner in life. Only in terms of creativity, there are often creative contradictions and inspiration, and the company's culture naturally emerges, that is, "treat colleagues or customers as friends." Through continuous communication and coordination within the internal organization, the company integrates everyone's goals one by one, and combines them into the company's common goal, which is to improve the quality of life. Continuously innovative design and engineering quality perfection are the company's vision. 成舍


CADCHIt is a web design brand established by CHCCD Corporation. In its early years, CADCH was a personal web page, specializing in providing web materials, web backgrounds and photo galleries for school teaching. During this period, due to the self-built computer room and no fierce competition among ISPs, CADCH CADCH also provides free web space. Currently, in the form of a company, CADCH has officially entered the web design service market with many years of visual media experience. Our company used Symbian to design applications in an era when mobile web pages were not yet popular. When Android phones were first launched, we designed UIs for Taiwan telecom operators. We used the layer concept to simulate the Z-axis UX design, allowing our company to obtain Taiwan Mobile Phones. APP art design case. The company assists companies in the United Kingdom and South Africa with web design and website maintenance, and assists with remote maintenance of overseas host servers. The company maintains Taipei City Urban Renewal Promotion Center website security and system updates, and has helped prevent database attacks and other security incidents for four consecutive years. design company

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Contact the company’s customer service (phone, WhatsApp, email)

Step 2: Send customized information such as design and approximate number of pieces to customer service for quotation

Step 3: After confirming that the design and price are correct, pay the deposit (half or full amount)

Step 4: After receiving the deposit, the company will start the relevant design (it will take 24 to 72 days from the day after the deposit is placed)

Step 5: Our company’s customer service will check the phone renderings of the finished product with the customer to confirm that it is correct.

Step 6: Start printing or production

Step 7: Pick up or deliver the goods at the store yourself

Design companies generally do not provide free design services. However, after the customer pays the deposit, the design company's customer service will arrange for art colleagues to be responsible for providing customers with free image beautification, pattern definition, and image modification services.

After the customer confirms that all requirements are correct, they can choose to pay in person at the design company, by check or by bank transfer to their account. The amount paid can be all or half of the total amount (the remaining amount must be paid upon settlement)
If the payment is made through a bank, the bank receipt needs to be sent to the company via email, skype, whatsapp and other methods convenient for the customer.


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