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In addition to providing design and printing processing fee services, HK Design Pro helps more entrepreneurs and readers who need design printing processing to access relevant knowledge more accurately and effectively through its own influence for free. application.

Graphic Design

Ten Hong Kong Design Firms Compared

Design services are the "look" package that every company needs, but are you troubled by the lack of a suitable design studio? Today, HKdesignpro recommends several well-known studios in Hong Kong for you, hoping to help you.

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Book Design

[Summary of book design prices! 】Book design price summary see here

In the digital age, the printing of books and periodicals has been greatly impacted, and the layout design of books and periodicals bears an unprecedented responsibility. The arrangement of books and periodicals should consider four aspects: practicality, aesthetics, creativity and integrity. However, the fees charged by different designers are very different. How are design fees in the design industry calculated now? Next, the editor of HK Design Pro will come to chat with you.

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photography guide

Must-know photographer prices in 2022

In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the online service industry has developed rapidly, and short videos have changed from recreational entertainment to a complex with commercial attributes. So what will the prices of mainland photographers be in 2022? Today, I will briefly introduce to you.

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