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Get Beautiful and Unique Designs!

Design Printing one-stop service, Innovation Unlimited Modification Plan

Book | Brochure |
Poster | Leaflet Design
Get Beautiful and Unique Designs!

Design Printing one-stop service, Innovation Unlimited Modification Plan

Book Design

We specialise in booklet design. The design of a booklet requires professional skills to guide the reader to read the content smoothly.

One-stop book design, layout and printing

Book Design

Most clients come from brochure design. Our advantage is to do customized design, we will consider your business theme when designing. The design of the brochure should reflect your company.

Your most reliable brochure layout design company

Leaflet Design

A well-designed flyer will increase readership, better communicate your message to your target audience, make it clearer to them and increase the ultimate conversion rate. This is why flyer design should not be overlooked, as it can help to improve targeting and reduce overall costs.

Various flyer printing designs

HKDP provides advanced flyer design innovation services to envision your business message in a unique way

Poster Design

Poster design can easily convey your organisation's brand image within your company or corporate communications. As a professional marketing service provider, we recommend a professional design to enhance your organisation's brand image.

All kinds of poster design and printing

100% increase in attractiveness!

HKDP provides one-stop design service for flyers and posters. It also acts as your design and printing company. One-stop arrangement for design and printing, and the finished product will be received within a week at the earliest!

⦿ Book Design
⦿ Brochure Design​
⦿ Flyer Design
⦿ Poster Design​

Untitled design

Printing Company Referral Service

HK Design Pro one-stop book printing, brochure printing | The only printing company you need

Free consultation

Free Shipping​

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7 days delivery​

Free consultation

Free Shipping​

Instant order​

7 days delivery​

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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • some! We can create any poster design your business needs. You can contact us for a free quote.
  • We can create a variety of poster designs and styles for any business, organization, and institution, including: Japanese style design posters, product marketing posters, and more.
  • sure! Once the design is complete, we will send the poster and other documents to your email.

Yes! We can make other types of graphic design services such as book layouts, packaging design, and more. We also provide copywriting services.

Certainly! You may share to us samples and our project coordinator and designers will collaborate and make sure that we create the design that you imagined.  

Ideally, we’d like our clients to submit a logo, color scheme, pictures, and content. Otherwise, we’d suggest contacting our staff so we can help you with anything that you need for your poster/flyer/brochure.

As a one-stop graphic design platform, our main business is design services. For the convenience of customers, we have close cooperation with printing factories to provide design printing discounts and high-quality one-stop services.   

Yes! We offer up to 30% discounts for bulk orders from enterprises/organizations/non-profit. Please contact our staff for more details.

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