[Introduction to hardcover bookcases] Introduction to hardcover bookcases and bookcases

HK Design Pro讓客戶充分地瞭解精裝書套的市場現狀,以最適宜的價格滿足客戶的全部需求,期待為您提供優質的服務!


HK Design Pro讓客戶充分地瞭解精裝書套的市場現狀,以最適宜的價格滿足客戶的全部需求,期待為您提供優質的服務!

對紙質書充滿熱愛? 喜歡收藏書籍? HK Design Pro是最早的創意垂直網站,內容廣泛,專注於創意、藝術和人文領域。 在這裡,可以讓您更加瞭解精裝書書套印刷類型以及工藝設計,並定製屬於自己的精裝書。 星期一至五 4 點前即日回復報價!

還在為尋找 2022 年優質的精裝書而煩惱嗎?  HK Design Pro為客戶編寫了精裝書相關的詳細介紹,期待為您提供優質的精裝書服務!

First, the price introduction of hardcover book cover technology

book box styleSize (length cm/width cm)cost/piece
Customized Book Box28 x 28 book box (square)$254
21 x 28 book box (straight, horizontal)$200
Elegant and exquisite book box28 x 28 book box (square)$140
21 x 28 book box (straight, horizontal)$75
colorful carton21×21 紙盒$45
book cover21 x 21 $8
 21 x 28 $10

The appearance of the book box is completely free to arrange, and there are no design restrictions and limits.


book box stylecost/piece
Applicable ProductsCollection Hardcover 21x28cm / Luxury Hardcover 28x21cm / Luxury Hardcover 28x28cm
Exterior8-color digital micro-printing
inner boxThe inner box is framed with fine art paper, the bottom is flannel material, and the black book pick-up ribbon is attached
Upper membrane selectionbright film
Shipping daysShips up to 8 days after placing the order (free shipping)

It can be made to turn left or turn up. The book box is covered with mercerized cotton cloth, and the front of the book box is pasted with photos (made according to the album cover). Currently, there are six colors of bright red, olive green, golden yellow, pink, tan yellow and silver gray. choose.


book box stylecost/piece
Applicable ProductsCollection Hardcover 21x28cm / Luxury Hardcover 28x21cm / Luxury Hardcover 28x28cm
ExteriorMade of mercerized cotton cloth, available in six colors, and the front is attached to the photo (reduced from the album cover)
inner boxThe inner box is framed with fine art paper, the bottom is flannel material, and the black book pick-up ribbon is attached
Upper membrane selectionfog film
Shipping daysAdd-on products (combined shipping)

只適用典藏精裝本21×21 / 時尚平裝本 21×21.  紙盒上蓋可自行設計完全沒有限制。


book box stylecost/piece
Applicable ProductsCollection Hardcover 21x21cm / Fashion Paperback 21X21cm
cover250 lbs imported coated paper, 6-color digital printing
inner boxMade from first class black card with book pickup ribbon
Upper membrane selectionbright film
Shipping daysShips within 8 days of payment (free shipping)

usePVC materialSpecial embossing process to protect your photo album as new.

圖片 1 1

book box stylecost/piece
Applicable Products各式精裝本系列、時尚平裝本21×21、時尚平裝本21×28
typeBook Cover 21 x 21 / Book Cover 21 x 28 / Book Cover 28 x 21 / Book Cover 28 x 28
Shipping daysAdditional purchases (sent with the book)

Second, the introduction of hardcover book cover technology

1. The role of the cover

Even in the world of book binding, there are many kinds of book boxes, but of course the most basic style is the "case". Whether it is the delicate leather surface used for book collectionBook, even in books printed on a large scale by a printing house, these are protected, and it is the simple cover that protects them.

From the outside, the curve of the two ends of the arc and the curve of the spine need to fit very well, which is not only for aesthetics, but also makes the spine the best.easy to breakBoth ends are more effectively protected. Although the box may seem simple, it also hides many secrets.

封面图片 1

2. Bookcase structure and girdle design

Common hardcover materials include satin, artificial leather, varnished cloth, plastic paper and other materials. Lining materials are mostly made of thick or hard paper for medium diameter paper. When the cover is unfolded and flattened, the distance between the back covers is called the center diameter. The distance between the medium-diameter carton and the back-sealed carton is called the middle seam, also called the section slot and the book slot.

The title of the book, the author's name, the publisher's name and other information on the cover are printed and decorated by bronzing. In order to make the waist and middle of the book cover firm and tough, medium-diameter paper will be used, which will also be convenient for hot stamping; for a book, medium-sized paper can support the elasticity of the book.

For book storage, the book cover not only makes the book more beautiful, but also canbook protection. Therefore, the cover of the book should not only look good, but also can be used for a long time, and the material should be of high quality and economical. Due to the increasing demand for books and periodicals, in large-scale manufacturing, it is also necessary to create good-looking and applicable book covers and books, which are convenient for high-efficiency and high-quality production.

图片2 1

3. Bookcase making process

my country often produces flat cardboard, hardcover for book covers and photo albums on hard paper. When the cardboard is cut, the first step is to cut a square cardboard edge of about 10mm from each corner. The second step is to lay out the layout according to the size of the book and according to the economical plan, calculate the size of the bookshelf and the cardboard, and try to extend it as much as possible. The back of the book, along the lines of the cardboard. The paper cutter adopts a single-sided paper cutter and a circular blade paper cutter, and finally a dryer is used to flatten the cardboard.

For the difference in thickness and the specifications of the book block, first cut the hard paper, the cover hardcover material and the middle diameter, and then glue them together according to the specifications. This process is called book making. The tool used in the process is called a glue machine. Use the glue machine to construct the frame for the entire book, as well as the side shelves, so that's all you need to do from materials to creating the frame for the hardcover book.

Although the bookshelf is done, in order to make it stand out, it should also be decorated. According to the relevant design requirements, the decorative and processed hardcover book cover will add beautiful patterns and text information on the bookcase. If you want to make the surface of the book shine, you can choose bronzing or embossing to make it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hardcover is a high-end, atmospheric and beautiful book. In view of people's advocacy for beauty, hardcover has a very high collection value and is an indispensable choice for many book collectors.

The hardcover book has a unique binding method, and can also adopt some special processes such as hot stamping, hot silver, bump, UV, laser and other technologies in the post-printing processing according to the customer's own preferences.

Whether it is a book case made of special materials or a case with a high degree of fit, the book itself can be guaranteed to be as immune to external influences as possible, such as impact or oxidation. As the famous saying goes, "Books are the ladder of human progress." The effective protection of books is also conducive to the inheritance and dissemination of culture.

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