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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Book Design
  • We can do different book designs and styles for any business, organization and agency, including: advertising design books, creative product design books, and more.
  • We need your logo (if you already have one), text and anything else you need in your design. We will discuss and determine on a project-by-project basis any materials you need to include in your design.
  • Book covers only, please contact our staff for a free quote. For book designs, our prices start from HK$88.
brochure design
  • Yes, please submit a service request and we will contact you with more information.

  • Booklets are an important aspect of making an initial impression on your target audience. A brochure that focuses on your brand can help you increase your brand authority and marketing strength.

  • We offer the best brochure design services, combining the right amount of visual appeal with a little imagination. Our iterative design approach and intelligent design development process gives you more options while helping you achieve your desired results.
  • Yes! We offer up to 30% discounts for bulk orders from enterprises/organizations/non-profit. Please contact our staff for more details. 
  • We are a company with over a decade of professional experience in providing custom brochure design services and we are committed to providing our clients with 100% quality assurance.

Logo design

  • Our logo design prices start from HK$2980 to HK$5480, depending on the difficulty and nature of your logo design.
  • Any logo design, be it your startup logo, a new logo for an old company, a party logo, a 40th anniversary logo design, then logos we can do it all!
  • This is a frequently asked question by our clients. Standard plans contain basic descriptions. Advanced and Premium plans contain detailed instructions.
  • Logo types include: letter type, word mark, brand mark and abstract mark, mascot, combination, emblem, plural and so on. We can create any type. We can even integrate your product or image into the design. Our professional and talented designers can accommodate most styles, logo types and customization requirements.
  • Of course! This is exactly what we do: we provide custom logo design service based on your requirement and on what you share with us: business profile, design ideas, and style preferences. We can create a custom logo based on your idea and/or provide our own unique concepts.
  • That is no problem at all! We will cooperate with you throughout the project to ensure the LOGO design achieves your needs. We will provide you with FREE revisions (subject to your package details). Please contact our staff if you need more revisions so we can arrange it for you.
  • Depending on the plan, you will receive your design as early as 5-10 days after payment. If there are revisions, it will take about 2 days, depending on the changes you want.
  • The take-up will collect information such as company background and customer requirements. The designer will make a preliminary design according to the existing direction. After the completion, the customer will check the first draft. At this stage, we will collect the opinions of the customers and make revisions until the customers are satisfied with the finished product.

Flyer Design & Poster Design

  • some! We can create any poster design your business needs. You can contact us for a free quote.
  • We can create a variety of poster designs and styles for any business, organization, and institution, including: Japanese style design posters, product marketing posters, and more.
  • sure! Once the design is complete, we will send the poster and other documents to your email.
  • Yes! We can make other types of graphic design services such as book layouts, packaging design, and more. We also provide copywriting services.
  • Certainly! You may share to us samples and our project coordinator and designers will collaborate and make sure that we create the design that you imagined.  
  • Ideally, we’d like our clients to submit a logo, color scheme, pictures, and content. Otherwise, we’d suggest contacting our staff so we can help you with anything that you need for your poster/flyer/brochure.
  • As a one-stop graphic design platform, our main business is design services. For the convenience of customers, we have close cooperation with printing factories to provide design printing discounts and high-quality one-stop services.   
  • Yes! We offer up to 30% discounts for bulk orders from enterprises/organizations/non-profit. Please contact our staff for more details.

Package Design

  • Packaging design is the design that includes the physical design and visual concept of product packaging.
  • We can create any type of packaging design, be it a cake packaging design, a brochure packaging design, an interactive packaging design, or a cosmetic packaging design for a cosmetic company.

some! Please visit ourPackaging Design PageAnd scroll down to see our design samples What can I get for my branded packaging design?

  • According to your packaging design, we will provide you with 3-9 different models of packaging styles for you to choose.
  • Prices for HK Design Pro range from HK$1,980 to HK$4,580, depending on the difficulty and nature of your packaging design.

Print Design

  • HK Design Pro can offer more competitive prices for any of your printing needs. You can leave us a message anytime and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote.
  • In addition to the current packaging printing, we can meet any needs of our customers. We can do double-sided printing, embossed logo printing, 4-page brochure printing, poster digital printing, etc.
  • We have glossy and matte paper to choose from, please contact our staff for more information. For business cards, seeThis articlefor more paper options.
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