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HK Design Pro is committed to allowing customers to fully understand the current situation of the design market, meet all customer needs at the most appropriate price, and achieve perfect cooperation. Looking forward to your arrival!
photography platform HK Design ProWe are committed to letting customers fully understand the current situation of the design market, meeting all customer needs at the most appropriate price, and achieving perfect cooperation. Looking forward to your arrival! Are you stillphotography platformWorried about the choice? Don’t know the ins and outs of photography? Want to record some important moments? HK Design Pro is the earliest creative vertical website with extensive content focusing on the fields of creativity, art and humanities. Here, we will compare the performance of three companies including ours in detail.PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE. Photography service is one of the common service projects in daily life. Today, HK Design Pro will recommend to you several well-known photography companies in the industry in Hong Kong to help you make your favorite choice!

Comparison of three photography platforms

Photography platform 1, HK Design Pro

1. Brand concept

As a one-stop platform, HK Design Pro provides customers with a full range of comprehensive services, including professional photography services. HK Design Pro has always been committed to leaving the best marks and capturing wonderful moments for customers with their lenses. HK Design Pro has been specializing in event photography for fifteen years and is always improving. A professional photographer can capture the highlights and memorable moments of your event. The importance of portrait photography in an engaging marketing campaign cannot be overstated. Because of this, prior to the shoot, HK Design Pro’s event photographers will review protocols and details so that they can determine which situations and individuals are most important to the shoot, adhering to the most rigorous attitude to provide quality service to clients.

2. Service type and quotation

Children's Photography ServicesOther photography servicesSpecial photography services
normal price$ 1380/hour$1480/hour$1880/hour
Discounted prices$480/hour after two hours$580/hour after two hours$780/hour after two hours
For photography services of 4 hours or more, please contact our staff for the best price.For photography services of 4 hours or more, please contact our staff for the best price.For photography services of 4 hours or more, please contact our staff for the best price.
ApplicationsBanquet/Birthday Party/100-Day Banquet/Graduation Ceremony/Awards Ceremony/Competition/Other Children’s ActivitiesLectures/Exhibitions/Other Adult EventsWedding/Funeral/High Profile Event

3. Service content

  1. Service staff: HK Design Pro will send a professional photographer.
  2. Photography content: HK Design Pro will be responsible for the post-production of photography content.
  3. Photography equipment: HK Design Pro uses full-frame professional SLR/mirrorless and professional lenses (approximately 20 million pictures).
  4. Post-production docking: HK Design Pro unconditionally provides cloud download links, all original photos and edited group photos and personal photo JPG files (light and shade, tone, cropping, correction).
  5. Waiting time: HK Design Pro generally takes an average of 5 working days to complete a photography service.

4. Service process

  1. Preliminary consultation: Customers interested in cooperation can fill in the relevant information through the official website of HK Design Pro or communicate according to the contact information. At the same time, HK Design Pro has dedicated staff to provide online services during working hours.
  2. Project quotation: After expressing the intention to cooperate, HK Design Pro will give a professional quotation based on the type and difficulty of the service required by the customer for the customer to choose and consider.
  3. Payment of deposit: In order to ensure the smooth progress of the cooperation and protect the legal rights of both parties, after deciding to enter into cooperation, HK Design Pro will sign a legally binding contract with the customer and require the customer to pay a certain amount of deposit.
  4. Deliverables: After five working days, HK Design Pro will deliver the original files and post-processed photography content to the customer. At that time, the customer needs to pay the corresponding balance. At this point, the cooperation officially ends.

5. Brand analysis

As a comprehensive platform, HK Design Pro covers a wide range of services, including logo design, books, brochures, flyers, presentation design, card design, video editing, photography and videography, web page production, electronic painting, etc. Therefore, HK Design Pro not only provides professional photography services but also provides corresponding printing services, realizing a true one-stop service. At the same time, when it comes to brand advantages, we have to mention the four major photography service features of HK Design Pro: carefully selected photographers, lowest cost, systematic management and 100% guarantee.

Photography platform 2, Freehunter

1. Brand concept

FreehunterKnown as the largest Freelance platform in Hong Kong. Here, clients can post photography service jobs of any form and kind, such as:Portrait photographyandevent photography, you can get the corresponding quotation within three minutes at the fastest. photography platform

2. Service process

  1. Post a job: Customers can post photography jobs for free on Freehunter by filling in the information according to the instructions, and the platform will provide a reference quote within three minutes at the earliest. At the same time, if customers have special work demands, they can also communicate with online customer service on the official website.
  2. Job release: Due to the particularity of the Freehunter platform service mechanism, the customer's job information will be posted on the Freelance job board after review. At that time, Freelance in related industries will be notified by email and proactively submit quotations.
  3. Matching cooperation: In the future, Freehunter will continue to notify customers of the latest progress of job matching by email. Customers can select the most suitable Freelance as a partner from many applicants. For future work, clients can contact Freelance directly for communication.

3. Brand analysis

As the leading Freelance platform in Hong Kong, Freehunter has 3,000+ professional Freelance photographers and is highly efficient. This platform is essentially more of a service intermediary, providing a quick communication channel between customers and Freelance, so relatively speaking, it has obvious advantages in urgent work projects. However, because of the particularity of the brand, the customer's subjectivity will be more emphasized during cooperation. Customers need to invest more time and cost in selecting and communicating so that the photographer can better complete the service.

Photography platform 3. Daren Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Brand concept

existPRO360Everyone is a customer and an expert! PRO360 is committed to finding the best balance between suitable working methods and realistic salary remuneration. PRO360 receives an average of nearly 10,000 work requests a day, and is assigned to experts. Each person will cooperate with an average of 55 transactions per month, which can be said to be rich in experience.

2. Service process

  1. Put forward demands: Customers can express their demands on the official website. PRO360 will allocate the work to multiple experts based on the customer's needs.
  2. Free price comparison: Experts will give corresponding quotations after judging the difficulty of the work.
  3. Find services: At that time, customers can freely choose the experts they want to cooperate with through multiple dimensions such as price and works.

3. Brand analysis

From daily life to entrepreneurship, from education to fitness, PRO360 provides an unprecedented open platform for Taiwan's service market, connecting various services in local life, allowing experts and customers in various fields to use the platform's services for free. PRO360 simplifies the lengthy process of finding suitable services such as information collection and price comparison in stores. In PRO360, customers can put forward their needs in 3 minutes and start cooperation in 10 minutes. Not only does it shorten the distance between "needs" and "professional services", it also creates more possibilities for work and life! photography platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you want to record a photo or promote it, photography quality is an indispensable indicator.
From a record-keeping perspective, professional photography not only has advantages in clarity. An excellent photographer's professional abilities are also reflected in composition and post-production.
From the perspective of promotion and publicity, professional event photography can not only highlight the key points of the event, but also improve the level of event promotion, thereby enhancing the overall image.

Before cooperation, the customer must first learn about the photographer's photography style or type of expertise from the official website. For example, an expert who specializes in portrait photography may not be able to deliver perfect landscape photos.
Secondly, customers can browse the reviews of the photographer from other customers in past cooperation. Through evaluation, customers can basically judge the personality of the photographer, etc., thereby improving the satisfaction of cooperation.
A suitable quote is also a factor in the selection process.

Customers need to first clarify their needs, and then understand the advantages and disadvantages of each company based on the above comparison. If a company's strengths match its needs, then that company is the best choice.


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