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Business cards are a window into a company’s possible quality of products or services. We can make your company an attractive and well-thought-of business card design that would catch the eye of your clients and a design that could build a good impression of your business.

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Business Design

Looking to create a professional image? Have requirements for card design? Looking for card design and printing? HK Design Pro is a one-stop design platform that can solve any design and printing service needs for you. Click to view the case now. We have designed outstanding works for more than 200 companies and institutions, helping clients to obtain the best designs in the most effective way. Looking for card design price, card printing quotation? Welcome to leave a message/Whatsapp us before 4:00 from Monday to Friday, and we will reply to the quotation on the same day!

Design Samples

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HK$598 /copy


HK$798 /copy


HK$998 /copy

Card Design Printing Services
The best and recommended card design and printing service platform in Hong Kong

HKDP is oriented to high-end customers. Our card designers have original designs and can customize business cards according to your industry, brand and needs. HKDP is definitely your first choice with the same card design price. HKDP is a comprehensive design platform, providing printing services for customers, let us be your card design and printing company.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We provide each client a customized design, which is different from the general templates that other companies use for their clients.

We use a waterproof and thick type of paper for business card printing. Other types of paper are also available. Please contact our staff for more info.

Our designer will email the finished design to the client's email/Whatsapp within 72 hours, after placing the order.

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Design Samples

Are you struggling to find a card designer? Many famous card design companies do not know how to choose?

The importance of card design to selling your business and shaping your personal image cannot be ignored. Professional design cards can make the company leave a professional image.

Ask us a question!

Business Card Design

Do you want to set yourself out from your peers and competitors? HKDP simple design tools may assist you in creating and designing a name card that will help you stand out among your peers and competition. If you're looking for some ideas, we have several fantastic layouts to choose from. Because of our extensive experience in designing name cards, our design tool has a variety of fascinating effects, fonts, and visuals for you to select from. Our immediate preview tool allows you to see how your personalized name card will look once it has been printed.

Does card design matter?

A well-designed name card is more than simply a piece of paper with information; it's also an expression of your personality and preferences. The designer will begin by referring to the information that you wish to present, after which he will begin designing your name card in the style that you desire; he will also offer advice on the type of paper, typesetting, typefaces, and other factors.

What are the general requirements for a name card?

Name cards are usually 90 x 54 mm in size. People desire to stand out in the design of their business cards regardless of their occupation. As a result, clients can talk to the designer about the real plan and the shape of the card that will be utilized. Before making a decision, they may think about the printing technology and the cost.

Are the name cards' printing services included?

This is something the client will need to discuss with the designer. Some designers may offer a one-stop-shop for design and printing. There is one thing to keep in mind: the color of the printed product differs significantly from the color displayed on the screen. Because CMYK inks are used in printing and colors are displayed on the screen in RGB, this is the case. The RGB color space is larger than the CMYK color space. To minimize misunderstandings, make sure to talk to the designer ahead of time.

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Why Choose Us?

Business Card Design

Don't know where to start when it comes to your business cards? The HKDP Graphic Design staff is always here to assist you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at HKDP, we have one motto: Your happiness equals our happiness.

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Any printing or design questions can be directed to our skilled customer service team.

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