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Printing is a necessary step for publicity and distribution of printed products, and it is also a necessary service for many design companies. What are the differences between different companies' book and periodical printing services? Now HK design pro will bring you relevant information!

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Printing is a necessary step for publicity and distribution of printed products, and it is also a necessary service for many design companies. What are the differences between the book and periodical printing services of different companies? Nowadays,HK design proBringing you relevant information!

Introduction to ten Hong Kong book and periodical printing companies

1. HK design pro

HK design proAs a new star operating in the design and printing industry, its printing services cannot be underestimated. They firmly believe that "if you want to do your job well, you must first sharpen your tools" and regard German precision printing equipment as their trump card. Adhere to customer-oriented and present the most perfect printing effect.

1. Printing service category

HK design proProvide users with a variety of classified printing services from different perspectives.

In terms of publication categories, they provide printing categories of books, brochures, periodicals, letterheads, school books, magazines, anthologies, and glue files; in terms of color methods, thanks to their various specialized equipment, they are divided into books printing, transfer printing and offset printing. Rich variety, giving customers more room for choice

2. Quotation consultation and related service features

HK design proWe provide high-quality and low-cost "one-stop" printing services. Customers' quotations are not obtained through free online consultation. We provide accurate quotations after understanding the customer's needs and printing details. In addition, they also insist on providing customers with a 20% discount on the average market price, and at the same time offer a discount of up to 35% for non-profit organizations. Not only that, they are also willing to provide customers with the additional free service of free shipping and delivery within five days.


2. JKDesignHK

JKDesignHKAdhere to the service process of "understanding the customer's goals + customer's image + customer's budget, and create a suitable plan for the customer", and adhere to the combination of online and offline forces to provide customers with better services.

1. Printing service category

JKDesignHK provides customers with a variety of printing services such as book printing, sheet printing, poster printing, card printing, banner printing, sticker printing, coupons, brochures, etc.

2. Quotation consultation, service process and other matters needing attention

In order to ensure efficiency, they prefer to communicate with customers through WhatsApp and phone calls, and use this information to provide customers with an accurate quotation and service.

In terms of the service process, the first step is to communicate with the customer to let the customer understand the quotation and obtain the quotation; then wait for 7 working days after the customer confirms the payment; finally, after completing the printing, free shipping can be provided to the customer.

There are certain format requirements for manuscripts: AI, PS, Indesign, PDF, JPG, TIFF, etc.


3. JoinPrint

JoinPrintPropose their company philosophy - "The extent to which you are satisfied = the extent to which I am happy." They provide a range of high-quality book and card printing services, insisting on strict control and focus on the details of each printing process, so that customers can be impeccable.

1. Classified services for book and periodical printing

Among Jointprint's various printing services, book and periodical services are different from other companies in that they have made a more detailed classification. They provide two basic book and periodical printing services, namely saddle-stitched books and periodicals and perfect-bound books and periodicals. In terms of specifications, they offer A4-A6 and many more different styles.

2. Quotation consultation

The printing price for saddle-stitched books and periodicals starts at HKD228, while the printing price for perfect-bound books and periodicals starts at HKD498. For other categories of products, they negotiate quotations with customers through international customer service calls and online contact.


4. Linking on IT Solution Ltd

Linking on IT Solution LtdAs a multimedia design and information technology company established in 2010, its printing capabilities are also very high-quality. The company has recruited talents from various industries such as business management, advertising production, graphic design, and printing services to only provide customers with better services. Satisfactory service.

1. Printing service classification

They are very comprehensive in classifying books and periodicals printing services, covering dozens of printing services such as leaflets, banners, books, periodicals, brochures, invitations, certificates, etc. of various specifications. At the same time, they provide various service specifications, The content on the website has clear labels and tables to present the information clearly at a glance.

2. Service quotation

Among them, the prices of books, periodicals and brochures in A4 and A5 start from HKD200 and HKD150 per page respectively. For more information, see the official website.


5. E-Print

E-PrintEstablished by Baonuoshi Online Printing Co., Ltd., it is committed to continuous innovation in the printing industry, constantly injecting new strength into the traditional printing industry, and developing new space. Provides a 24-hour self-service ordering platform.

1. Printing service process

E-print has built a 24-hour ordering platform to improve the efficiency of communication with users. After users upload their own product manuscripts on the platform, describe and confirm the type and specifications of printing, the system will automatically give a quotation and generate a printing order. Quickly produce finished products for customers.


6. 3D Media

3D mediaIt is a one-stop print design and digital company that provides meticulous services in all aspects of book printing, design and packaging, and material selection. They are determined that high-quality service, excellent design, and preferential prices are the keys to winning the market.

1. Printing service categories and quotation consultation

The official website of 3D Media displays a variety of book and magazine printing design categories, including but not limited to butchers printing, event printing, notebook printing and newsletters printing design related services. In terms of quotation, they have quotation inquiry buttons on each page of different types of printing services. Compared with other companies, it is more user-friendly and communicating with customers through the Internet is more efficient.


7. J-Fans HK Ltd.

J-Fans HK Ltd.We believe that creative designs can not only activate product sales, but also activate people's hearts. They are a graphic design company based in Hong Kong. They were established in 1995, so the team has rich experience.

1. Types of printing services provided

They provide customers with printing services for books, brochures, leaflets, business cards, etc. Through one-stop production services, they bring customers environmentally friendly and high-quality paper prints, and provide a variety of surface treatments (such as foil stamping, texture, etc.), and you can choose a variety of binding methods for books and periodicals.

2. Quotation inquiry method

They advocate instant quotation inquiry, provide customers with convenient and fast quotations through customers filling in the printing design form left on the official website, combined with WhatsApp communication.


8. The Print

The PrintThe unique "Bookmaking Easy" process used, combined with free "carton packaging", provides users with excellent batch or small-volume printing services.

1. Printing service classification

The Print divides book and magazine printing services into roughly three categories, namely "Book Making" - small-volume printing, bulk saddle-stitch booklet printing, and large-volume perfect-bound books. Among them, the "Book Making Easy" process can complete the order in as soon as one day through the PDF file uploaded by the customer and the receipt of a pre-press draft.

2. Print quotation information

The Print provides data in tabular form on its official website. Taking an A4 size straight, perfect-bound black and white book as an example, the price of five 68-page books is HKD110; a straight saddle-stitched color book of the same size, with a total material of 128g , the price of 100 copies of 8PP is 1533HKD; the price of 100 copies of straight, perfect-bound color books with the same specifications of 32PP is 4977HKD.


9. Spark Creation

spark creationA one-stop design and printing company that has passed European and American certifications and complies with many environmental protection requirements. It has provided products to a variety of international customers and can meet customers' various material requirements.

1. Classification of book and periodical printing services

It is divided into digital printing and color printing. The former prefers to use laser phototypesetting, remote plate transfer, digital closing, computer direct plate making, etc., while the latter uses color method to copy images or text. The former eliminates the need for traditional printing plates and simplifies the plate-making process; the latter is more suitable for mass printing, using traditional color printing methods with more vivid colors.

2. How to obtain quotation

Customers can communicate with their employees through phone/Whatsapp/Line/WeChat/Email to obtain first-hand quotations. At the same time, you can also confirm design details and delivery and other related issues through the above methods.


10. 4dream

4dreamWe firmly believe that only good service and quality can establish good and long-term relationships with customers and satisfy them. 4dream has strong back-end support services to provide customers with high-quality one-stop printing services.

1. Printing service categories and contact information types

4dream provides a wide variety of printing services such as books, calendars, business cards, greeting cards, leaflets, and digital printing. In terms of obtaining detailed information on quotation and printing design, you can learn more through the email they left on the official website and filling in the information form.


2. Frequently Asked Questions

No matter what kind of books, leaflets, or brochures you provide to the company for printing orders, it is best to use some common designed general formats, such as PDF, PS, JPG, PNG, docx, AI, etc. More detailed formats should be consistent with The company you are connected to communicates carefully with the designer to understand.

  1. Avoid fonts that are too small, such as fonts smaller than 0.1mm;
  2. Please try to avoid printing content close to the book block and leave space for binding;
  3. Different brands of paper have different white color differences, and you should pay attention to the color differences when specifying the first draft.
  1. After submitting the design manuscript, please remember to print a sample to confirm the difference with the expected finished product;
  2. Different book binding methods have different processing details. Remember to communicate the details to the printer;
  3. Be sure to pay attention to the compatibility between paper direction and binding when choosing paper.
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