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Photography - Children


$1380 首小時; 最低兩小時

Photography - Other


$1480 首小時; 最低兩小時

Photography - Special


$1880 首小時; 最低兩小時

Video recording service​

Video - Children


$1880 首小時; 最低兩小時

Video - other


$1980 首小時; 最低兩小時

Video - Special


$2380 首小時; 最低兩小時

Photography and Video Production​

Eagle Focus is a Hong Kong-based photography and videography company that specializes in events. Our expert photographers and videographers document the highlights and memorable moments of your event. The importance of a captivating event and portrait photography and videography in marketing your event cannot be overstated. When it comes to selecting a photographer and videographer for your event. You're deciding on an artist to entrust your brand to. Before shooting, our event photographers will review protocols and specifics. This allows them to determine which situations and individuals are most significant to photograph.

Dedicated and Professional customer service team

Consider a photography company hosting a large international conference of more than 1,000 people, or a special birthday or other social event, and the result is poor image quality and careless shots. You can imagine all the hard work that went into planning the event, and the wonderful moments that happened throughout the event, gone forever. To avoid this disappointment, hire a reputable and experienced professional event photographer. Don't get me wrong: instant photography is hard work. There is so much to do and you won't be able to go back in time and correct your mistakes. In your marketing strategy, hire a professional and remember the value of a picture.

Work with the best team

Consider a corporation hosting a large international conference with over a thousand people, or a special birthday or other social events, and the images that result are of poor quality and carelessly captured. You can envision all the effort that went into planning the event, as well as the lovely moments that occurred throughout the event, being lost forever. To avoid such disappointments, hire a reputable and experienced professional event photographer. Don't get me wrong: moments photography is a lot of labor. There's a lot on the line, and you won't be able to go back in time and correct your errors. In your marketing strategy, hire a professional and keep in mind how many words a single image is worth.

Why do you need a professional team of your event?

When it comes to enticing new clients or attendees for a future event, high-quality event photography are crucial. Most people believe that first impressions matter, whether they are surfing your website or attending a corporate presentation. People are prone to making snap judgments based on the first photographs they see on your promotional materials, which are likely to include photos from your company's events. If you want to capture exciting, high-quality photographs of the event's most essential moments, you'll need to hire an expert event photographer and video production Hong Kong.

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Why Choose Us?

Our Photography and Video production boost public image

How do you raise your company's public profile at events? Our live event filming and webcasting services are ideal. With a live link, you can make your event available to the world. Anyone can easily connect your event to extended digital media.

We can help you maximize the value of your photos and videos by capturing live events and live broadcasts. Increase the accessibility level of your event

Enhance the overall experience of the event

As social media grows in popularity, attendees are more eager to share images and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. All event photos and videos will be delivered on time thanks to our photo live streaming service. Anyone with a website invitation, a cellphone, or a tablet can view the cloud photo gallery. They can share images with their friends on social media and save unforgettable photos to their cellphones, tablets, and PCs.

Corporate branding should be promoted.

Traditional TV and print advertising are less effective than event highlight videos. In mobile apps, short videos of 1-2 minutes are becoming increasingly popular. Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok are just a few examples. Your brand will benefit from new technology on a global scale.

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