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We are here to offer you the best logo design. Multiple corporations first choice!

Let Us be Your Logo Design Company HK

We are here to offer you最好的 Logo 設計Designer with 10 years of experience, preferred by many large enterprises/institutions.

Why Choose Us?

For nearly a decade, HKDesign Pro has been dedicated to providing your company with the highest level of design. What we do best are our skilled designers. Each of their pieces captures the elegance of the design. We believe every brand should have a logo that best represents them. With a suitable subject matter, we can take your vision to a whole new level. Together with impeccable design work, we provide you with the highest quality service. Our mission is built on a client-centric and honest approach, dedicated to creating the perfect design.
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Tung Chung West

Tung Chung West represents a strong foundation for the government to develop a new township project and can provide solid support for the families living there. The integration of mountains, sunshine, bridges, rivers and subways is like a sign that while saving and protecting ecological resources, it invites people to settle down, live comfortably, never-ending journeys and opportunities.
山脈: 整體標誌代表大嶼山,連同它的兩個 著名的山脈,大東山和鳳凰山。它也代表 東涌西可以為您提供的堅實基礎 和你的家人在這裡開始生活。
橋梁: 代表東涌西與未來居民的聯繫 並且願意跨入重要的變化,以便給予 他們最舒適的生活
地鐵:代表著無盡的旅程和機遇 位於東涌西

Tung Chung West

A-One Medical

Meaningful and iconic. A-One Medical's logo combines all the important elements of the company's health identity: the A + digit 0 and the cross symbol.

Copy of 1. a one


LOGO以幾何加上透視方式呈現立體鎖,簡化了E-LOCK 圖像讓LOGO遠觀上能清楚得辨識,在外框上結合線路 來對應E-LOCK的科技,以延伸科技所帶來效率、便利。
在鎖頭上的弧形對應文字SINGLE E 及 LOCK SCHEME, 意味著將多個的清關點連接在一起,通過共用同一套安 全智能鎖和衛星定位設備,實現“一鎖到底、全程監管”, 形成一個團結的、共一的、堅固的整體,提高效率、便捷物 流。鎖頭上的弧形也為橋䖻,橋䖻從左往右,貫穿全程,代 表了“跨境一鎖計劃”強大的溝通聯繫功能,暢通順利。



Manen is a vegetarian food and supplies supply store that hopes to promote healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable living concepts

The round earth is integrated into the shape of green leaves, implying a green life earth. At the same time, the leaves with the growth shape of the letters represent the concept of healthy and environmentally friendly life; the leaves represent the image of candlelight, which means that green life brings light to people; the shape of the hand under the circle represents the use of natural resources with gratitude.

Blessings comp

Green Technologies 是一家前瞻思維的可持續解決方案提供者,致力於利用太陽能,倡導回收利用,減少碳排放,並無畏地推動向更綠色未來的進步。

Morgrad Ltd. 是一家專業且可靠的顧問公司,致力於幫助個人發掘他們的長處並助他們規劃出通往成為明日之星的道路。


Since its establishment in 1961, Project Concern Hong Kong has been providing dental, eye, and other medical services to the low-income sector of Hong Kong.
W&M Beauty specializes in a wide range of skincare and other beauty services that would suit anyone's beauty needs.

NICE TO MEAT YOU provides high-grade, imported frozen meat and locally-produced organic vegetables.







*70% fee deposit only!

*For trademark registration, please contact us







Our Values

Our brand service team is trusted and loved by our customers. Our brand designers are very interested in brand consulting strategies, and that's what they do. As we work together, we want our brand designers to bring new perspectives here. This is the main result of our work.

Our brand design team wants to work with you. They want to give you all the help you need. Get help from the best brand experts. Even now, you can check out the best ways we can help you build your brand. Our brand design services company works with many different clients to obtain the best long-term benefit for them.

To get help with branding, you don't need to look for any other service. When we help your business grow, we're doing more to help it do better. From the design of the app's branding to the branding that's about to be taken down, we can help.

Our company's brand consultants are happy to help you every step of the way and provide you with a full range of services according to your requirements. Be sure to speak to one of our brand consultants and let us help you with everything from managing your brand to developing a plan. The people who work for us in the field of branding and design will be happy to assist you in any way. If you use our services, we can help you get the best results from your branding projects.

Aim to be the best logo design company in Hong Kong
Logo design company

Many small companies and startups opt for template-based logo designs because they are concerned about the costs involved. Even large companies often struggle to come up with innovative logo design concepts that align with their core beliefs and mission. Most companies find it difficult to find a custom logo design company with the appropriate level of expertise.

HKDP has earned the trust of over 200 clients due to the excellent quality of our logo design services. When you're dealing with the greatest logo design company, we're just like that, you don't have to worry about fees, creativity, design adaptability, or anything else at all. Through our logo design services, we have a team of logo designers in India who have a proven track record of delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

A great logo design makes it possible to promote your business with confidence! Partner with our logo design company for high-quality, professional logo designs.

Why choose us (Logo Design Company)

Why choose our Logo Design Company over other companies?

With knowledge gained from hundreds of projects for businesses in many regions of the world, HKDP is able to provide you with exceptional logo design services. With the help of brand strategists, we build designs by taking a holistic view of what a business does and how to sell its brand effectively.
Our logo designers are experts at creating design components that closely match the design requirements and ideas they are working with. Whether you're looking for intricate typography and fine lines and sophisticated color palettes, or dynamic logos, we've got you covered.

Our logo design services team in Hong Kong can also accommodate delivery formats, prices, revisions and other aspects of the project. Here are some more relevant considerations:

Logo Design HK

HKDesignPro Team

Experienced Designer

10+ Experienced Designers Due to the diversity of our expertise, our logo design agency is able to handle the logo design needs of a wide variety of companies.
10+ Experienced Designers Due to the diversity of our expertise, our logo design agency is able to handle the logo design needs of a wide variety of companies.

10-year experience

No matter how unusual your logo design requirements are, our expertise enables us to deliver outstanding results.

Ability to compete in a variety of design techniques

We invest heavily in the ongoing training of our teams, enabling them to become proficient in a variety of techniques and procedures.

The pursuit of customer satisfaction is guaranteed to be 100%

We invest heavily in the ongoing training of our teams, enabling them to become proficient in a variety of techniques and procedures.

Superior design and delivery standards

Technologically enhanced quality assurance processes have resulted in high project delivery standards due to technological advancements in the method.

Optional pricing structure for cost-effectiveness and efficiency

We offer an affordable range of services and multiple pricing options.

Short delivery

Our knowledge of design and design tools helps us reduce the time we spend designing.

Customer support

Time zone differences don't matter because you'll get a prompt response.

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Company LOGO Design

When you hire our logo design company in Hong Kong, you will be able to get the maximum design possibilities for your company logo while saving up to 30% in design fees. In addition to our designers, we have brand strategists who help our designers define the most appropriate designs.
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restaurant brand design

You may trust our logo designers to create a visually appealing logo design for your restaurant based on any theme, idea, cuisine or slogan you choose. We have a team of professionals who are experts in creating restaurant logos and graphic designs and they will deliver what you want.

skincare products 2021 08 28 17 01 17 utc

Product Brands

All of your product logos must align with your company logo, market segments, and solution offerings. To achieve your goals, our custom logo design company has the experience to create and execute appropriate design concepts. Take advantage of our expertise in product logo design for even more benefits.

playing on smartphones 2021 09 01 19 49 04 utc

Apps Icon

At this point you may be building a new e-commerce website or online marketplace. Your efforts add value when you combine your marketing and advertising campaigns with a flyer, brochure or catalog with a strong logo that represents you. Great designs can be found in our custom logo design business!

college teacher and students in the classroom 2021 08 28 15 55 37 utc

Educational Institutions

Logos in this category need some bling so that they can be linked to your school, institution or institute's logo and motto. We work with various educational institutions and always exceed their expectations. If you are looking for LOGO DESIGNER Hong Kong for educational institutions, please contact us.

office buildings 2021 08 26 16 36 14 utc 1

Organisations Logo Design

If you are looking for experienced logo designers in Hong Kong to design logos for non-profit organizations such as social, industrial or professional associations, we are the best logo design company you will come across. We have designed logos for organisations such as social, industrial and professional associations. Many organizations benefit from our logo design services.

Must-see information

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • 我們的標誌設計價格從 HK$3580 到 HK$6880 起,視你標誌設計的難度和性質而定。
  • Any logo design, be it your startup logo, a new logo for an old company, a party logo, a 40th anniversary logo design, then logos we can do it all!
  • This is a frequently asked question by our clients. Standard plans contain basic descriptions. Advanced and Premium plans contain detailed instructions.

Logo types include: letter type, word mark, brand mark and abstract mark, mascot, combination, emblem, plural and so on. We can create any type. We can even integrate your product or image into the design. Our professional and talented designers can accommodate most styles, logo types and customization requirements.

Of course! This is exactly what we do: we provide custom logo design service based on your requirement and on what you share with us: business profile, design ideas, and style preferences. We can create a custom logo based on your idea and/or provide our own unique concepts.


That is no problem at all! We will cooperate with you throughout the project to ensure the LOGO design achieves your needs. We will provide you with FREE revisions (subject to your package details). Please contact our staff if you need more revisions so we can arrange it for you.

Depending on the plan, you will receive your design as early as 5-10 days after payment. If there are revisions, it will take about 2 days, depending on the changes you want.

The take-up will collect information such as company background and customer requirements. The designer will make a preliminary design according to the existing direction. After the completion, the customer will check the first draft. At this stage, we will collect the opinions of the customers and make revisions until the customers are satisfied with the finished product.

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