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One-stop Designing, Typesetting, & Printing
Design & Printing
One-stop service for companies and institutions
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Book Design
One-stop Designing, Typesetting, & Printing

Design & Printing
One-stop service for companies and institutions
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Book Design and Typesetting

For nearly a decade, HKDesign Pro has been dedicated to delivering top-notch designs for your company. Our biggest advantage is that we have a group of outstanding designers. Each of their designs embodies endless possibilities. We believe that a perfectly designed printed product can have a good impact. With top-notch printing, we want to take your ideas to the next level. Our high-quality printing equipment is imported from Germany and can transform high-quality designs into high-quality prints. . In addition to impeccable design work, we provide you with the best possible support every step of the way. Our policy is to be customer-centric, honest and trustworthy, and our goal is to create the perfect design for you.

Samples in detail

Design of publications, books and periodicals

Our services: Book design and typesetting

HKDP is a book design platform, book cover pattern and book design company serving Hong Kong and Macau. It helps you create great books that showcase your brand values in the best possible way. Our Book Services team will ensure the correct logos and other graphics are used. It will make your inspiring and beautiful brochure design look good on its own. This will help you get good marketing results worldwide.

Expert booklet designers

The size of the HKDP brochure design team is handpicked and full of talented creatives. Our designers will help you make your brochures look great by providing you with high-quality design services. Let our brochure designers follow your design ideas and make them more compelling through our own experience. We make unique designs that perfectly reflect your business. This is what we do for your business. Contact us if you want the best brochure design services.

Let us be your best partner​

Corporate and custom brochure designs build credibility and trust by helping you stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart from the competition. Being able to provide potential customers with information in a portable format that they can take with them can strengthen your advertising message and provide another opportunity to increase brand awareness. We offer design services in the following formats: tri-fold, bi-fold, folders, e-books and any other custom designs you may need.

Importance of book design

Brochures are a great tool for letting your target audience know about your company, goods and services. They are more compact than brochures, but also more instructive in terms of content. If you think about it, brochures can be used to entice an already engaged audience to learn more about a specific topic or product (think waiting room at your doctor's office), or they can be given away as part of your company's marketing package at trade shows, meetings and conferences.

Why Choose Us?

Pool of professional designer​s

10+ Experienced Designers
The designers that work for us are very good at what they do. They have the best design certifications from the best schools. They are very good at what they do as book designers. Their skills help them create unique patterns that help you grab the attention of your customers.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Ultimately, the quality of our book design company's work will reach the standards of countries around the world. Our work is completely free from flaws. Because we know how important your brand image is, we can help you with creative book design. When we make it, we work as if we were doing our own project. If you are looking for a company to design your brochure, HKDesignPro may be the best choice, and you are welcome to inquire about book design quotation.

Design Process


HK$68-98/page onwards


HK$128 per page


HK$168-238/page starting

*Special requirements are subject to quotation
**Printing is provided by our printing company partner.

NGO - Book Design Service

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are an integral part of public life. These institutions are now involved in almost every aspect of life, including environmental protection, social services, educational organizations, and more.

We understand the needs of NGOs

NGO book design is a creative task, and this book conveys the purpose, motto and legacy of an NGO to readers. Therefore, paying attention to each aspect in a thoughtful way has become the need of the moment.
Additionally, in order to choose the option that best suits their needs, NGOs need options that they actively seek out in terms of Brocade's diversity of designs and templates. HKDP understands this and provides clients with a variety of NGO book samples the moment they contact us. When you choose HKDP as your NGO book design company, you will get the following benefits:

Get your unique book design!

Interested in our services? Please contact us immediately for more information! Our friendly staff is always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our services. You can also get an instant quote from us with just a few clicks!


Book Design

We can do different book designs and styles for any business, organization and agency, including: advertising design books, creative product design books, and more.

  • We need your logo (if you already have one), text and anything else you need in your design. We will discuss and determine on a project-by-project basis any materials you need to include in your design.

Book covers only, please contact our staff for a free quote. For book designs, our prices start from HK$88.

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