Introduction to 10 types of Hong Kong graphic design art styles|Explanation

Now HK Design Pro will introduce graphic designers with different styles so that merchants can choose their favorite designers for their product packaging designs. Make the right choice.

design art style

nowHK Design ProDifferent design art styles will be introduced so that merchants can choose their favorite designers for their own designs. Make the right choice.

In product promotion, merchants will find a suitable designer to design the graphic design of their products based on their own products. The designer will design different products accordingly, which may be a painting or a piece of art. merchandise, or a new outfit. And nowHK Design ProThe different design styles of designers will be introduced so that you can make the right choice after getting to know them.

1. 10 categories of design art styles


By definition, this high-concept design style juxtaposes ideas and makes you think in new ways. Surrealism was very popular in the early 1900s. However, some say the style is making a comeback due to its ability to capture the current somewhat off-center zeitgeist.

Things are certainly a little strange this year. So don’t be too surprised to see surrealism on record covers and event posters as a way to capture that wisp of feeling.

design art style


Although literally an oxymoron, it is very representative of the crazy times we live in. Futurists once predicted that we now have flying cars, hoverboards and holograms. What surprises us, then, is that in 2020, robot butlers haven’t even appeared yet, let alone been installed in homes.

Even so, retrofuturism draws on an idealized future in which we can overcome everything. Given the current global situation, we can all do this. Equally noteworthy is the resurgence of the space race. Just a few weeks ago, Tesla CEO Musk sent a number of astronauts to the International Space Station. All signs point to a lot of futurism in the coming months. And svekloid is a designer who is proficient in this area.

design art style

3,shake(Wonkiness)/Psychedelic Art (Psychedelia)

It reminds me of many, many festival posters I admire, and even my own designs, and I'd be very happy if it became popular again. Psychedelic art is bold, gaudy, and eye-catching. Rich, sometimes even intricate illustrations, I think this is the visual representation of most designers’ brains. Starting with psychedelics and creators working hand in hand, it can certainly be seen as a model for current life when trying to make sense of the madness around them. andMarkovkaIt’s the designers who master this area.

design art style


Another personal favorite is cyberpunk, although that's not surprising given its current importance. It’s not a myth to think that the world is more dystopian than ever. What's more, that feeling is reflected in the art style we can see now. With cyberpunk2077With the advent of major video games - and combined with some of the most beautiful art I've ever seen - it's no surprise that the style is making a full comeback. This is definitely going to take the world by storm in the new year, and I can’t wait to see how designers use it.

This style emphasizes the integration of humans and machines and can be said to be the opposite of retrofuturism, portraying a decisively modern and more realistic feel for the future. It’s ubiquitous and can be applied to game design, company rebranding, and more. andSoftulka,brainpencilandKapitoshIt’s the designers who master this area.

design art style

5. 3D stereoscopic

You look at this project and think: Yeah, that's right, whatever you say, we've tried it a million times before and it's never worked. You may be right. However, if you're expecting 3D holograms, 3D depictions of the world, or even some form of 3D glasses, pause. Those are not what we are going to discuss.

Much like art, 3D design is becoming more and more popular due to technological advancement. Now, there is not much threshold for traditional graphic designers to switch careers to become 3D designers. This means that 3D rendering is becoming more common in unexpected situations. From product renderings to the main image on your website, 3D can make graphic design shine wherever you look. Authors in this area include Anita Ponne, wacomka, and Garfieldbigberm.

design art style

6. Pop Art

Everything old is new again, right? Pop art is just behind the top three because of its power in its ability to revitalize any design. As flat design begins to fall out of fashion, designers are looking for ways to bring depth back to their designs. 3D rendering may be a step too far for some, but pop art—with its use of halftones and point shading—may just bring just the right texture to an old design in 2020 to make it new in 2021. design. It does sound ironic to use the technology of the past to create the modern look of today's designs - but that's the reality. Softulka, brainpencil and Kapitosh are designers who are proficient in this area.

design art style

7. New skeuomorphic style

You may remember the skeuomorphism craze from a decade ago, especially when the original iPhone launched in 2007. At that time, designers were keen on making digital concepts physical. As graphic design becomes less popular, the skeuomorphic style has also changed its face.

The new skeuomorphic style captures and simplifies the beauty of skeuomorphism. What's left is a beautiful, eye-catching design style that's super easy to recreate on your own. Because Apple uses it as the basis for the latest version of macOS (Big Sur), it has become a design hit in 2021.

design art style

8. Blur, Grain and Texture

This is a design style that was once very flat, but has undergone a deep modern makeover. Gradients have been popular for several years now. Plus, while their popularity ebbs and flows more regularly than other design tools, the recent trend of adding blur, grain, and textures has taken away from the vibrancy and candy-like feel of gradients, giving them more functionality and practical ways to apply them. These more gradient forms can bring a sense of maturity, if you will, and the rhythm may be more appropriate for the times we live in.

Create interesting shadows, backgrounds that incorporate simultaneous stretching, and allow modern product design to focus on geometric shapes. These new looks will undoubtedly keep the humble gradient popular for a few more years. andddok,Denys KoltovskyiIt’s the designers who master this area.

design art style

9. Hacker design

While hackers may not have the most positive reputation, there's no denying the appeal of the anti-establishment hacker culture the Wachowskis created for the Matrix films.

In addition, the extraordinary growth of the cybersecurity industry has increased the influence of global hacking. Hackers are no longer confined to their parents’ bedrooms. These are people with professional skills who help shape the world we live in today.

For example, the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)The recent rebrand aims to attract a more diverse applicant pool, with the aesthetics of the hacker concept used in the design. Although the redesign of the logo has been controversial, the brand embodies some core concepts of the hacker design trend: Fractal Wire,artificial intelligenceInspired contour lines with mysterious black background.

The Matrix aesthetic remains a key influence in Matrix design, and the new The Matrix Resurrection movie may reignite interest in neon greens and cyberpunk styles. Introducing hacker aesthetic concepts into the graphic design appearance and social media, adding glitch effects, abstract network backgrounds and light neon signs.

design art style

10. Dystopian aesthetics

Online gaming has increased the appeal of multiplayer games, with Fortnite,Pokemon Goand the Call of Duty series are pioneers in the online gaming market, with a unique branch of gaming that is more personal and immersive.

Incredible graphics and world-building, in "Butterfly Blood", "The Legend of Zelda" "Breath of the Wild" and "Avatar"2077In best-selling games such as "The Game", this is what makes the game so attractive. Players feel that style shaping and emotional narrative are more important than simple shooting games.

The dystopian aesthetic emerged through games like The Last of Us and Death Stranding, which emphasized mysterious loneliness, epic environments and Mad Max-inspired themes that seemed strangely Adapting to a world racked by a global pandemic.

This dystopian aesthetic celebrates imperfection and decay, in stark contrast to the cartoonish, brighter worlds that Squidward and Fortnite embody.

Designers can channel a dystopian aesthetic through decadent textures, noisy overlays, dark and moody colors, and a secluded tone. This is a particularly atmospheric aspect of game design trends, best expressed through ethereal illustrations or photography.

design art style

2. Frequently Asked Questions

After you decide on the designer you need to contact, you can contact his workplace to get in touch, or entrust us to help you contact the designer.

Different designers may have different requirements, but generally the designer will start his initial design after you pay the deposit. You can have a heart-to-heart talk with the designer after this design is completed so that your product design can meet the requirements. your expectations.

After the customer confirms that all requirements are correct, he or she can choose to pay in person at the designer's design company or by bank transfer to the account. The amount paid can be all or half of the total amount (the remaining amount must be paid upon settlement).


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