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Now HK Design Pro will introduce saddle stitching in detail from the concepts, features, advantages and disadvantages, as well as the differences between similar types of binding, so that you can understand it better after reading this article.

Saddle-stich Binding (Staple Binding)

nowHK Design ProThis book will introduce saddle stitching in detail from the concepts, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, as well as the differences between similar types of binding, so that you can better understand it after reading this article.

one,Saddle-stich Binding (Staple Binding)

“I looked up bindings, but didn’t know there were many types.”

“I can’t explain the shape of the book I wanted to write”

"When I explained the finished form of the book, the printing company told me that it was impossible..."

First, what is binding?

For anyone worried about this type of binding, "binding" starts by piecing out the sheets of paper into the shape of a booklet (book). And, it is the basis for the finished form, which is necessary for making a book. Binding is profound and has many methods. I hope anyone researching binding can help recreate the ideal shape. If those working on data production could develop a deeper understanding of binding, the range of production could expand.

In this article, we'll cover the types and methods of saddle stitching, as well as their pros and cons.

saddle stitch

1,What is saddle tack?

Saddle stitch and flat binding with needle thread.

In binding, one of the typical saddle stitching methods is saddle stitching and flat stitching. Also known as simple binding, it literally becomes the simplest binding among bindings.

Saddle stitching, also known as saddle stitching in English. Saddle means saddle. When binding, the folded pages match the chains of the binding machine, just like a saddle on a horse. .

After tying, drive the nails into place on the horse's back. Therefore, if you open the book and look at the center, you can find that the entire book is centered on the central nail. The first and last pages of the entire book are symmetrically connected together, and the two middle pages are also connected together. Connect symmetrically around it.

saddle stitch

2,Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of saddle tack

Saddle stitching means stitching from the back to the knot, using a needle and thread parallel to the paper. There are always two places, top and bottom. Enter one of the so-called plain bindings and simple bindings. When you open the page, you can see that the folded tip portion of the wire is in the middle page.

  • Advantages of saddle stitching, products suitable for saddle stitching

Such as simple saddle stitching, a series of work process is simple, can correspond to a relatively short delivery time, even in large quantities, the price is relatively reasonable, in the binding because the knot part is spelled with needle and thread, so when you open the page, You can see the pattern to the center because there is a tip of the needle thread in the center of the inside of the page, the tip of the needle thread is hidden inside making it difficult to damage the surrounding book.

  • Disadvantages of saddle stitching, products not suitable for saddle stitching

Compared with other bindings, it has low strength and is not suitable for long-term storage of books. The middle binding has no back, so it is difficult to

When managing bookshelves, etc., depending on the thickness of the paper, thin booklets become the mainstay, and books with many pages cannot be bound. In order to bind the creases of the paper, If the total number of pages can only be spelled as 4 Multiples of, please pay attention to the number of pages if you are considering saddle stitching.

  • Number of pages and examples of binding

A rough guide to paper thickness and number of saddle pages. (Table 1) When the paper is thicker, the number of pages will inevitably decrease. Use the total number of pages in the book you want to write as a guide. It is widely used in thin catalogues, film and concert brochures and instruction manuals.

Weight of paper (KG)7090110

saddle stitch

  • The evolution system of saddle stitching – hole binding

In saddle stitch, there is a hole for binding in a similar spelling. The wires on the back of the center binding pop out in a semi-circle.

When you want to submit some riding catalogs or hanging brochures for promotions, you can do it without punching holes in the brochures. Thanks to the use of special stitches, files can be submitted without losing patterns or characters in the text.

saddle stitch

3. Comparison between saddle binding and flat binding

(1) Strength and durability

The saddle stitch is low and not suitable for long-term storage. Flat bindings tend to be very strong and durable, making them suitable for long-term storage.

(2) Number of pages

A saddle stitch is a relatively thin book that is bound in the middle of the pages, so bound in four-page increments.

Flat binding can handle thin to thick books by changing the stitching. It is also bound in two-page increments.

(3) Delivery date

While saddle binding is an early classification of binding methods, imposition may take longer to complete manually and may even handle pages. If processing involves cross winding, etc., additional working days will be required.

(4) Price

The process of saddle and flat binding is simpler than other binding methods, so it is less expensive, but if it is saddle and flat binding, flat binding may be slightly more expensive. For details, please contact your printing or binding company.

When comparing, there are two types of saddle stitching, called simple stitching, which are the same but appear to be used separately. Comparisons are helpful here, so if you have a method that you want to do by all means, you should consult a printing company.

saddle stitch

2. Frequently Asked Questions

When the product you need is a product that is easy to carry, saddle stitching is the first choice.

certainly! Discussions must have direction. You can first provide design ideas and favorite website styles, and discuss with us by phone and letter. During this process, we will also provide relevant cases for your reference, and you can also discuss by sharing screen images online. In fact, it's pretty much the same as face-to-face communication.

After you pay the deposit, the design company will ask for your opinions before finalizing the final plan of your product to achieve the best results.


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