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HK Design Pro Printing Company has set up factories in Hong Kong and the Mainland to provide first-hand preferential prices and high-quality printing services to meet your one-stop needs from design, printing, processing, packaging and distribution!

HK Design ProThe professional printing service company has set up factories in Hong Kong and the Mainland to provide first-hand preferential prices and high-quality printing services to meet your one-stop needs from design, printing, processing, packaging and distribution!
HK Design Pro is a one-stop printing and design company that provides you with design, printing, processing, packaging and distribution services. Based on the business philosophy of innovative development and customer first, we do our best to solve your printing problems with the best quality. Professional attitude and quality service to meet your printing needs. At the same time, HK Design Pro has its own large-scale printing factory, and the team has many designers who have served in printing companies to avoid secondary rework and ensure quality. Not only that, we also guarantee preferential and reasonable printing prices and delivery efficiency to solve your urgent needs!
Since its establishment, we have reached cooperation with many institutions and enterprises at home and abroad, including government agencies, schools, catering and retail brands, etc. HK Design Pro impresses every customer with the shortest quotation, the most professional printing knowledge, the most considerate service, the most efficient production and the best price. We believe that our rich printing experience will bring you unique printing works. .

1. Mainly engaged in printing projects

1. Book and periodical printing

2. Booklet printing

3.Publication printing

4. Letter printing

5. Anthology printing

6. Folder printing

7. Other mass printing


2. Printing services

1. Free proofing for large quantities of printing

If you are worried about high rework costs due to large printing output, HK Design Pro will solve this problem for you. We can customize the paper material, size, color, process (such as die cutting, hot stamping, frosted effect) and printing of your finished product. Membrane Texture provides free proofing services to avoid the risk of secondary printing.
So what benefits will proofing bring to you? There are mainly two points:

  • Verify quality issues, provide accurate data reference for subsequent plate making processes, check the format specifications, graphic content, overprinting performance and other issues of the printing plate in advance to ensure the color gradation and paper material issues of the finished product;
  • It is suitable for brochures with complex processes. Printing is an assembly line operation. Each process has precise plate making requirements. By simulating brochure printing, you can effectively see the effects of laminating, hot stamping and die-cutting processes, thereby helping you predict brochure prints. Quality effects and review, confirm the quality standards of official printing, and reduce the time and cost of rework.


2. For book printing, 3D electronic version can be requested.

In the Internet era, the use of paper books has gradually waned, replaced by electronic promotion methods. However, if just a flat PDF document will weaken readers' interest in reading, HK Design Pro adds a unique way to promote your company - 3D Electronic design of books and periodicals, this design can not only provide the same page-turning texture as a physical book, but also improve the reading experience and interest, improving the communication effect of your books and periodicals.

3. Delivery service

As a one-stop service platform, HK Design Pro naturally considers your transportation problems thoughtfully. We cooperate with express companies all year round to provide you with on-time and cheap transportation services, saving you the need to contact couriers, compare transportation prices and goods. tracking link.

3. Confirm before printing

1. Size

Whether it is picture albums, cards, or leaflets, they all have fixed sizes. Generally speaking, the sizes of cards and leaflets are relatively fixed, but the sizes of picture albums are available in various sizes. The following suggestions are for your reference.

  • The most commonly used picture album printing size: large 16K size, which is the 210mmX297mm we most often hear when printing picture albums;
  • If you want to make a lightweight album, the printing size is: 32 karat, which is half the size of 16 karat, 210mmX148mm;
  • If you want to save money compared to 16 karat, the printing size of the album is: 16 karat, album size 260mmX185mm;
  • Printing size of picture album that is both lightweight and cost-effective: 32 karat, half size smaller than 16 karat, album size; 185mmX130mm;
  • The printing size of relatively high-end and elegant square albums: generally use the album sizes of 210mmX210mm, 250mmX250mm or 285mmX285mm;
  • Very high-end album printing size: 420mmX285mm, generally only used to display high-end products, the printing quantity will not be too many;
  • Some other album printing sizes: there are album sizes of 128mmX250mm, album sizes of 138mmX285mm, album sizes of 140X105mm, and album sizes of 125mmX285mm.

2. Paper type and weight

After confirming the printing size, you need to choose printing paper. So how should we choose among so many types of printing paper and weight? So for book printing, generally speaking, you have the following options:

  • 128g, 157g, 210g, 250g, 300g, 350g glossy powder paper: glossy powder paper is the most commonly used paper. It has a white and smooth surface, good gloss after printing, bright and saturated colors, and is suitable for printing leaflets, books and periodicals, and is the cheapest. .
  • 128g, 157g matte pink paper: Different from glossy pink paper, matte pink paper has less bright colors and weak reflective effect, so it will have a "matte" printing effect. Many people will choose it as high-end printing, which is more suitable for people with printing needs. Highly readable and informative print.
  • 80g, 100g, 120g, 140g book paper: books with strong ink absorption capacity, suitable for writing and printing, plus soft paper, suitable for long-term reading. If you want to produce text-based printed matter that requires writing or writing, such as forms, lottery tickets, and letter paper. Book paper will be your best choice.
  • Special paper: Many customers have high-quality printing needs, hope that the printed matter will show higher quality, and have sufficient budget, then special paper must be your best choice. There are various types of special paper. Common special papers include super-sensitive paper,Swedish white card, Dutch white card and pearlescent paper, etc.

HK Design Pro has also compiled the most comprehensive paper weight guide for you. You can click (link) to view it, or you can click below for consultation. Professionals will provide you with the most appropriate solution based on your needs.

3. Binding method

Binding typeProduct applicable materialsScope of applicationPrecautionsadvantage
saddle stitchThe inner pages are usually 80g offset paper or coated paper; the cover can be made of textured paper, coated paper, matte pink paper, pearlescent paper, white cardboard, etc.

  • Product manual

  • sample leaflet

  • picture album

  • Meeting Information

  • Training Manual

  • VI Manual

  • Contract text

  • Recruitment brochure

  1. Cross-page folding method

  2. The saddle stitching device is simple and the wire is easy to rust, so it is suitable for picture albums with a small number of pages.

  3. Binding is used, the total number of pages must be a multiple of 4

The price is cheaper
wireless gelThe inner pages are usually made of 80g offset paper, or coated paper can be used for color direct printing. The covers include leather grain paper, coated paper, matte pink paper, pearlescent paper, white cardboard, etc.

  • Tender binding

  • textual data

  • Textbook

The text needs to be trimmed after binding, so important graphics and text should not be placed in the cutout.

  1. The album has good flatness

  2. Beautiful binding effect

Ring installation (iron ring, rubber ring)Iron ring or rubber ring, usually with transparent or frosted film on the cover and back cover

  • Office information

  • Introduction

  • personal information

  • business books

  • Training materials

  • Meeting Information

  • Conference information

  • Journal

A punching distance of 7-12mm needs to be left on the text binding side.Easy to flip through and change pages
Flat orderBinding method of binding one side of the binding opening 5 mm away from the edge with thread or wire, and then wrapping it with a coverthin booksBecause the iron wire corrodes easily and the pages become loose, it is now rarely used. Furthermore, flat binding requires a certain width of the binding opening, so that the pages can only be in an "incompletely opened" state. If the book is too thick, it will be difficult to flip through, so it is generally not used for thick books and periodicals.The binding method is simple, and both even-numbered and odd-numbered pages can be bound.
Luxurious hardcover (including perfect hardcover, loose-leaf hardcover and butterfly hardcover)The inner pages are generally made of 80g copy paper, which can also be directly printed on coated paper in color. The cover is made of 110g adhesive-backed waterproof paper, glossy film or matte film, and additional cardboard.

  • Suitable for high-end tender document binding

  • photo album album

  • feasibility report

  • Design album

  • Product gallery

  • Architectural decorative text

It is not advisable to use dark block graphics and text in the fold area of the cover to avoid bubbling of the film on the fold area.Luxurious and exquisite, high-end and durable, you can also freely design the text size
Clamp (edge) strip bindingAfter punching holes in the material with a binding machine, string it onto a plastic sheet connected to a special slender plastic rod and press it by hand.File information, conference information, product descriptions, etc.easy to wearIt is convenient, fast and very easy to add and subtract content.
Linear (also known as Chinese clothing, original clothing, ancient clothing)The cover material is more sophisticated.

  • Collected thread-bound books

  • Specially designed for keeping letters or bookcases

It is divided into "simple cover" and "hardcover". The former does not have corners wrapped, and the latter does not wrap corners or tighten mouth.Thread-bound books are easy to read and not easy to fall apart. If they fall apart, they can be easily reinstalled and restored to their original appearance.


4. Craftsmanship

Printing is one of the most important aspects of design and production. Sometimes, in order to increase the aesthetics of the product, some special processes are added, such as embossing, UV, gold rolling, air-permeability, hot stamping, embossing, silk screen printing, lamination, etc. HK Deisgn Pro has carefully compiled the following common processes for your reference:

Effect typeEffect descriptionpicture
EmbossingForm a certain pattern and texture, with a very obvious three-dimensional sense of relief 压纹 1
UV processHas a certain sense of light and obvious three-dimensional effect UV

  1. It is divided into matte film and bright film, the most common one is matte film.

  2. It prevents printed matter from yellowing, fading and damage, and has a certain waterproof effect.

  3. Increase its shine.

bronzingCommonly used are gold and silver gold, giving it a sparkling feel. 烫金
silk screenThe printed matter produced by this process has strong light resistance, bright color, strong three-dimensional effect and good texture.

4. Inspection before printing

1. Bleeding settings:

  1. The bleed time will be set according to the size of your finished product. In order to ensure that the finished product is neat and beautiful after completion, the edges of the pages will be cut uniformly and the irregular and redundant parts will be cut off.
  2. Bleeding in printing refers to adding some pattern extensions at the cutting position, which is specially used for each production process within its process tolerance range to prevent the finished product from showing white edges or cutting out the content.
  3. Data example: Generally, 3mm will be left on each side where bleeding is required. For example: the finished product brochure format is generally 210mm×285mm. When designing, you need to add 3mm to each side of the page and set it to 216mm×291mm.


2. Picture mode:

To avoid blurry finished images, please ensure that the image mode must be CMYK mode with a precision of 300 pixels or above.

3. Fonts and melody:

  1. It is best to choose commonly used fonts for layout fonts and avoid uncommon fonts.
  2. Vector software must convert the text to avoid the problem of being unable to output because the printing department does not have these fonts.

4. Label information:

Indicate the size, print volume, paper and other information of the printed product in the production file, or submit it to the printing department in the form of a document to facilitate production and acceptance

5. Proofreading content:

Before official printing, the design files need to be sorted out to see if there are any errors in the school team pictures and text.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why are the prices of the same printed matter so different?

The printing price consists of the following parts: full price of paper, design fee, plate making fee (including film), proofing fee, printing plate (PS version), printing fee, and post-processing fee. The price of seemingly identical prints will vary due to differences in materials and processes used. In short, printed matter also follows the principle of "you get what you pay for".

Q2: Why is the printed thing different from what is displayed on the computer?

This is a problem with computer monitors, each monitor has different color values. Especially LCD monitors. Compare two computers in the company: one is twice as red as 100, and the other looks black as 15, but in fact the printed colors are the same.

Q3: What preparations are needed for printing?

  1. Provide high-precision pictures (above 300 pixels) and provide correct text content (when design is required);
  2. Provide original design files (if no design is required);
  3. Clarify specification requirements, such as quantity, size, paper, subsequent processing, etc.

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