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We will provide each customer with high-quality service at a favorable price. Customers can not only enjoy a wide range of background image material libraries with exquisite pictures, but also excellent designers can customize various designs or PowerPoint (presentation) for customers. Our designers will actively communicate with customers to understand the general conception of the poster or PowerPoint (presentation) design, and select appropriate materials, templates and copyright patterns according to the customer's theme, industry characteristics, and flexible use occasions. The concept of the blueprint is that the blueprint adopts different artistic expressions, and perfectly combines the elements such as pictures, text, color, line, and spatial arrangement to produce the design that the customer wishes and echoes the theme.

Google Slides & Powerpoint Design


HK$980 /10 pages


HK$1280 /10 pages


HK$1580 /10 pages

*Additional design requirements are subject to quotation

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PPT and Keynote Presentations

HK Design Pro provides cutting-edge design services for a variety of corporate presentations. Our clients are located all over the world, and we cater to them. We offer a unique process that clearly converts your data into actionable insights. This aids in capturing the audience's attention in the most effective way possible. We provide an exceptional value proposition that allows you to profit from your business.

We Design Stunning Presentations

It's pretty fascinating to engage the audience while giving a corporate presentation. But one thing is certain: if the delivery is beautiful, any dull subject can be turned attractive. The creation of a corporate presentation design necessitates the use of specific abilities. It must communicate the message in the most appealing way possible. The design should be exceedingly gleaming and appealing to the eye. Making corporate presentation designs work necessitates a methodical approach. With our corporate presentation services, our presentation design firm can assist you in creating distinctive styles that will help you convey your message without making it too heavy or difficult to understand. You may rely on our presentation design firm to pay attention to every last detail.

Best Corporate PPT Design Services

Our presentation design service has professional designers on staff who can help you translate your business ideas into the proper proportions, whether for your keynote ppt or PowerPoint presentations. We use an agile process at the HK Design Pro presentation design studio to deliver exceptional PowerPoint corporate presentation design with elegant data visualization. This is engaging for your audience and conveys the topic in a positive light at board meetings and seminars. Feel free to contact our presentation design agency with any questions you have regarding our corporate presentation services, such as identity design, design templates, ppt, sample, video, or formats. Our presentation design agency's team is confident in their ability to assist you to the best of our abilities. You may request to see past designs we've developed for previous clients. We'd be delighted to show them to you. You'll get a sense of how good our services are. We can stick with one of the styles if you like it. Our presentation design agency may also generate unique styles based on your requirements.

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Why Choose Us?

Assist with the development of new clients

Our presentation design agency's experts will assist you in growing your business and marketing your products or services. A quality delivery entails more than just a better appearance. It expresses your attitude and confidence, allowing potential clients to create trust in your actions.

Designing Corporate PPT in a Variety of Ways

Our business presentation design professionals realize that PowerPoint presentations must be highly engaging. As a result, our presentation design firm will select the most qualified specialist for your job. There are various presentation styles, and at our presentation design firm, you will undoubtedly find the proper skills to implement any style you desire for your corporate finance presentation.

Making the most of our experience at your service.

Our corporate presentation design services teams have outstanding communication skills and can generate precisely the material that is appropriate for the messages you want to convey to your audience.

Make the most of our experience by putting it to work for you.

As a business global presentation design studio, we understand what messages are most appropriate for the situation. You can plan with us the most effective communications and have a profitable communication delivery.

Our presentation design effectively communicates your message.

Through the use of designs and language, the presentation designer messaging will be able to motivate clients. Our corporate presentation design teams go to great lengths to ensure that your presentation content is as convincing as possible by incorporating appropriate infographics in the form of charts and pictorials. This ensures that the presentation material is driven home and remembered for a longer period of time. HK Design Pro will do the best corporate presentation for your company or business.

Professional PowerPoints Designer

You wouldn't have to worry about Powerpoint Presentations anymore! Our professional designers can help you create and design your PPTs efficiently. The PPTs designs that we provide, but not limited to, are the following: Educational (preschool to college level); Daily work summary reports; Project Plans; Product design display; Proposals; and more.

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