Hong Kong souvenir book printing | 4 things you must see before choosing a company

What types of commemorative book printing are there? What are their prices? hkdesignpro.com has organized these information to help you better choose the design of the souvenir album!
commemorative book printing

What types of commemorative book printing are there? What are their prices?hkdesignpro.comThe information has been organized to help you better choose the design of the souvenir book!

Commemorative albumIt is a portrayal of the years, a review of memories, and a world of emotions. What types of commemorative book printing are there? What are their prices?hkdesignpro.comThe information has been organized to help you better choose the design of the souvenir book!

commemorative book printing

1. Types of commemorative book printing

There are several types of commemorative albums: graduation album, growth album, memory album, work album, activity album, travel album, party album and so on. The following will introduce the difference between only a few types of processes.

1. Graduation album

The graduation album of students is also called the album of classmates, which plays the role of mutual understanding and reminiscence among classmates. It aims to record the campus appearance, past years, group photos, graduation messages, etc. of a class or a group of students. Can be customized for students of different ages.

2. Growth book

The growth album is an album that collects the growth process of children or adults, records various interesting events in the life of children or adults, and presents precious memories of children's childhood or growth with pictures and texts.

3. Memories book

Memories are also extensive, including retirees or executives reminiscing about a lifetime of work, as well as notes and life stories that they cherished as a youth.

4. Travel Souvenirs

The travel album aims to record the mountains, rivers, seas, forest scenery, etc. around the world. Everywhere you go is the transformation of the soul, which is worth recording and cherishing.

commemorative book printing

Second, the layout design method of the commemorative book

Typography stylebasic introductionClassification
Japanese typographyThe color matching in Japanese typesetting generally adopts three colors of yellow, red and blue, especially in the text.Narrative Typography:Polaroid typography:Cutout typesetting:
The colors are generally yellow, red and blue.Combining one or more polaroids adds variety to typographyBy cutting out the characters or objects separately, the secondary creation is completed, and the picture becomes more active.
Fonts: Themes have large fonts and use Japanese formatting
Antique typographyThere is usually no overly complex or outrageous typography.Feature image typography:Brush Watermark/Brush Typesetting:Circular typography:
By taking a part of the picture and splicing it with other detailed text, the blank on the details will have some beauty.Through the texture of the brush, let the picture appear in the handwriting, there will be a vague artistic conception.Use the selection tool to crop the picture into a circle, the whole will be very artistic
Font: There is more handwriting experience, similar to running script, etc. The font color is generally red and black, and white is
stylish typographyStylish typography is minimalistic, often with a cover or inner page construction.Magazine cover layout:Illustrated typography:Dialog-style layout:
Usually, the magazine title is placed at the top of the screen, and the subtitles are presented in a surrounding form. It is also possible to add strong formal elements such as issue numbers and barcodes on the cover.If you use more small elements, the whole thing will read like a newspaper and more text will appear in the picture.The image becomes more interesting by cutting the image twice to create the illustrated model.
Font: English swashes are mostly used, and the colors are more prominent.
retro typographyVintage typography uses retro elements like slashes, album covers, barcodes, etc.Cd disc layout:Magazine cover layout:Photo overlay layout:
Use retro discs as material to put pictures into themSimilar to fashion typography, the difference is that the retro cover is more age-likeSeveral photos are repeatedly stacked together for a sense of collage

commemorative book printing

3. Influencing factors of the design price of the commemorative album

Some friends who need to customize the memory album may want to know the printing price of the memory album, and want to know the printing price of the memory album. If it is a simple memory album, the printing price is actually not expensive, and some commemorative albums can be printed at very affordable prices. So let's take a look at the factors that affect the printing price of commemorative albums!

1. Cover craft

The production and design of the cover and the innovation of materials will always cost the commemorative book.

2. Inner page material

Whether it is domestic coated paper, imported coated paper or imported photographic paper, the choice of commemorative album pages also affects the price of printed commemorative albums as well as books.

3. Number of pages

If the number of pages of the memory album is larger, then of course there will be more inner pages of the memory album, and then there will be more materials. In this case, there will be more consumables and the cost will naturally increase. The price of a single-page design is about 200 yuan per piece.

4. Binding method

Different binding methods will also have an impact on the cost. The binding methods on the market are roughly divided into five types: sewing hardcover commemorative booklet, butterfly pair mounting, iron ring binding, saddle stitching, and glue binding (paperback). Generally speaking, these five methods Prices are listed in order from high to low.

5. Personalized design requirements

Personalized design requirements, such as album design cycle, layout design, graphic image design, adding original illustrations, drawing graphics, binding process and other design requirements will increase the design company's workload and design difficulty, and will affect the final album design cost.

commemorative book printing

Fourth, the price of the commemorative book

The following is an example of a design company's pricing for commemorative albums for reference.

From 40 pages
photo book$160
hardcover photo book$394
Small hardcover photo book$266
Straight hardcover photo book$320
From 16 pages
movie book$162
big picture book$295
hardcover movie book$443
From 20 pages
big story book$345

commemorative book printing

To sum up, the market price of the souvenir book is probably as follows:

Ordinary Memorial Book$30-300Due to the different cost requirements of the commemorative book, the price gap will be a bit large
Leadership Memorial Book, Retirement BookAbove $300The design requirements are relatively high, and the production process requirements are relatively high
Alumni Reunion Book$10-150Books of this kind of demand are for party use only, and usually do not have high quality requirements.
cheap memorabiliaBelow $30There is no design, usually a template is taken, and then the photo is directly inserted into it, and then printed out, the materials used are also relatively poor
Professional one-to-one custom design, professional custom high-end souvenir bookAbove $300Professional designers will be used to customize the souvenir book, and the cost of modification during the period will also be greatly increased, but the quality will be more satisfactory.


In general, the average cost of quotation for a souvenir book design is between 30 and 300 Hong Kong dollars. Aside from the subjective aesthetic part of album design, quotes are actually closely related to album type and size pages.

Generally speaking, it is affected by the cover process, inner page material, page number, binding method and personalized design requirements.

Memorial albums are mainly divided into several types: graduation album, growth album, memory album, work album, activity album, travel album, party album and so on.


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