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Are you still worried about not understanding the drawing business? hkdesignpro.com has compiled information on 10 well-known design illustration companies in Hong Kong to provide you with drawing services. We hope it will be helpful for your design reference.

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Are you still worried about not understanding the drawing business? hkdesignpro.com has compiled information on 10 well-known design illustration companies in Hong Kong to provide you with drawing services. We hope it will be helpful for your design reference.

Drawing is an indispensable part of a design company. Are you still troubled by not understanding drawing companies and not knowing which platforms can be used for commercial illustration cooperation? .hkdesignpro.comWe have compiled information on 10 well-known design companies in Hong Kong that provide drawing services for you. We hope it can be helpful for your design reference.

1. HK Design Pro

HK Design Pro It is a one-stop design platform that has been established for many years and has branches in many cities in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Mainland China. The company aims to create a new model of online collaboration between designers and customers, and has achieved certain results. It can solve all your design and printing service needs.

In terms of painting, we provide cartoon, sketch, watercolor, hand-painted, electronic painting and other models. They have professional electro-painting designers who can meet any pattern you customize in electro-painting, hand-painting, and illustration design, such as designing and drawing different pictures on the computer based on the patterns of portraits or objects, including realistic sketches, cartoons, and abstracts. style and more. Help you effectively improve the overall impact of your project.

HK Design Pro has designed excellent works for more than 200 companies and institutions so far, and has always been committed to helping customers obtain the best designs in the most effective way. He left a good impression on clients with his responsible and serious attitude in illustration design.

2. PRO360 Daren Network

illustration company

PRO360 Daren NetworkIt is a high-quality media cooperation platform for part-time orders. In terms of commercial illustration and drawing services,

PRO360 Daren connects illustration studios and clients in the form of intermediaries, and provides clients with studio comparison services. It can compare the feedback from five studios at the same time for clients' reference. In addition, PRO360 Daren Network does not charge any agency fees from customers during business cooperation and is well received in Hong Kong.



FREEHUNTERIt is the largest Freelance platform in Hong Kong. They publish free painting and illustration Freelance jobs and have found 800+ professional Freelance illustrators. They can get quotes in as fast as 3 minutes and provide customers with more than 30,000+ candidates.

work process:

To find a painting and illustration professional that suits you, you can post your job information for free on Freehunter and let the professional provide you with quotes and work references, saving you the time of sending messages to each artist one by one to invite quotes.

After signing the contract, the customer needs to pay a deposit to the illustrator to start cooperation. Later, within the agreed time, the illustrator needs to submit the first draft and other documents to the customer to confirm the details. After the direction is generally correct, the customer can continue to pay the remaining amount to the illustrator in exchange for the work. The original image (or the specified size and quantity) can be used to complete the cooperation.

4. workroom

illustration company


In terms of selecting illustration designers, the platform provides companies and more mechanisms for talents, and free careers with high-quality screening. In terms of price, the company directly provides illustration designers, reducing intermediary operating costs, saving time and 30% expenses for the company. In terms of management, enterprises can be notified instantly by leveraging the platform's work-intelligent management and communication. Workeroom provides a reliable platform for enterprises, and the job completion rate of freelancers reaches 99%.

5. Yafei Illustration Studio


Fei Wong was born in Hong Kong in 1959. In 1981, he graduated from the freshman Art and Design College, and in 1984, he graduated from the formal illustration course. Served at Fareast Ketchum Advertising Limited – Assistant Art Director, J. Walter Thompson JWT (Hong Kong) Limited – Visualizer.

In 1989, the illustration company Fine Effort Illustration was established. He started using computers to draw illustrations in 1992. He is a pioneer of digital illustration in Hong Kong. He is proficient in integrating traditional hand-drawing and computer software skills, such as Maya, Photoshop, painter, etc., to find innovative illustration visual effects. His clients include major advertising companies and real estate developers.

6. LoveMyArts

illustration company

LoveMyArts It is a professional team in Hong Kong that integrates wall painting, 3D murals, invisible murals, mural design, inkjet design, art sculpture, background production, lighting setting services and visual image planning. Its business covers the entire Hong Kong and South China region. The team As a leader in the wall painting industry.

LoveMyArts company believes that their mission is to provide creativity, beautify living spaces, and bring people joy and happiness. With "art comes from life", we make life close to art, adhering to the business philosophy of "service first", and with our avant-garde and high-quality pursuit of wall paintings, we have always been at the forefront of wall art decoration. Therefore, Lovemyarts uses unique design guidelines and wholeheartedly creates perfect visual enjoyment for customers.

In addition, the service tenet of LoveMyArts is to not only ensure product quality, but also pay more attention to the value of art itself, and meet the requirements of different customers with reasonable prices and best services.

7. Toby platform


Toby platformThe Hong Kong illustrators on the website have undergone real-name verification and professional review. They have professional knowledge, rich freelance design experience, and sincere attitude. Illustrators are responsible for combining visual elements such as images, text, symbols, etc. to produce and design illustrations for clients to help them convey information. The general scope of illustration design includes books, magazines, newspapers, novels, textbooks, etc. There are many illustrators in the market, providing various aspects of illustration design. It may be difficult for ordinary people to distinguish which illustrator is better. The platform provides illustrators’ personal portfolios for reference, so you can definitely hire them with confidence.

You only need to post your requirements for illustration design services on Toby, such as design type, design budget, etc. An illustrator or Freelance Illustrator will contact you shortly to provide a quote. You can easily contact up to 4 illustrators, compare them based on their quotes and past ratings, and choose the one that suits you best. Anytime, anywhere, Toby will recommend illustrators to you so that you can get the best solution to your service needs as soon as possible.

8. Milkxhake

Milkxhake 1

Starting from a small studio,Milkxhake The team's unique creative thinking and visual perception has attracted a wide range of local and international clients, some of whom are primarily from the arts, culture and research fields. Mikhake's design philosophy and passion for design have been proven numerous times in local and international design competitions and has been published numerous times in international design magazines and magazines.

In terms of illustration design, the Milkxhake team pays more attention to form and simplicity, and the results of product application are very visual.

9. Design by Jin Liugao


Jin Liugao Design KL&K DESIGN is an internationally renowned design consulting company, jointly run by Dr. Jin Daiqiang, Mr. Liu Xiaokang and Mr. Gao Shaokang. Formerly known as Jin and Liu Design Consultants, after nearly 40 years of development, it now has companies in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Beijing, with business all over the country, serving more than 200 domestic and foreign customers, and has won numerous awards in the industry.

In terms of product illustration design, Jin Liugao Design looks for designers to cooperate with who are in line with the corporate image. Most of the clients are relatively large industries and companies, and the overall style is relatively simple and elegant, full of charm.

10. ILLUSTBUY website


ILLUSTBUY The website is a public image ordering platform. Most clients and designers are private. The main mode of operation is personal commission. The price is relatively cheap and there are fewer illustrations for commercial purposes. But there are also designers targeting expensive markets who outsource their work to gaming or advertising companies.

The above are the well-known illustration and drawing design companies or platforms in Hong Kong. I believe this information will help you integrate design service information.hkdesignpro.comThe company is committed to efficient and high-quality design one-stop service. If you have any design needs, you are welcome to come here for cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Painting and illustration services are versatile, and common examples in the field of commercial illustration include murals, book illustrations, advertising illustrations, mascot paintings, sticker designs, and cartoon characters. In addition, painting and illustration professionals can provide family portraits, portraits, and more based on individual requirements.

Drawing and illustration plans are provided including the finished product, the number of editions produced during the drawing process, royalty materials and additional requirements defined by the client. The offer plan should also include terms of use and copyright issues for the images, such as purchasing all rights to the work or owning only a portion of the work for commercial use.

Many factors will affect the price of illustration drawings, which vary widely. It depends on factors such as the popularity of the illustrator, the size of the painting, the subject of the painting, the degree of detail of the pattern, the purpose of the illustration, the medium of the painting and the time of painting.


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