5 elements of [high-quality printing] | How to choose high-quality printing types

Still thinking about choosing high-quality prints? HK Design Pro shows you the standard for high quality printing. Many companies often use their printing products to promote and even sell their products and services to customers.

High quality printing

returnThinking of choosing a high-quality print? HK Design Pro shows you the standard of high quality printing. Many companies often use their print products to promote and even sell their products and services to customers.

On the other hand, the amount of information contained in printed materials such as posters, brochures and catalogues is really huge.

Are you still worried about why it is high-quality printing? HK Design ProSeparating industries and functions, lists the main printing conditions and expands to give you an understanding of the production methods of high-quality printing, hoping to ensure high-quality printing standards

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1. What are the advantages of high-quality printing?

1. Printing method

First of all, we will determine the specific printing methods and solutions, among which there are four printing methods as follows:

(1)lithography(offset printing)

This method enables clear printing of detailed text and lines with consistent quality for mass printing.

(2)Toppan Printing(print)

This method is the oldest method, which can clearly display the outline and is mainly used for printing multiple characters such as newspapers. This method has a wide variety of inks, mainly using water-based inks that do not contain petroleum solvents. In addition, due to the low printing pressure, the Low energy consumption and environmentally friendly printing methods.

(3)Gravure printing

A feature of this method is that even difficult-to-print materials such as plastic films can be printed, high-quality, high-density color printing can be obtained, and delicate and complex patterns can be printed in detail, which is used for banknotes as an anti-counterfeiting countermeasure and passport printing.

(4) Orifice plate printing (screen printing)

This method is difficult to dry due to the use of water-based ink, and the color is prone to unevenness. However, it comes in retro style and becomes a tasteful printed material. This is a printing method often used to create original T-shirts.

2. Printing paper

Printing paper is roughly divided into five categories.

  1. Uncoated paper: high quality paper, medium quality paper, etc.
  2. Micro-coated paper: Matte coated paper, etc.
  3. Coated paper: art paper, coated paper, etc.
  4. Special printing paper: fancy paper, etc.
  5. Information paper: carbonless paper, foam paper, etc.


special printing paper

Some "special printing papers" and "information papers" are easy to select for special applications, and they feel the same as "premium papers" or "art papers". However, it is different from typical printing paper. Special printing paper Special paper. Premium printing paper with unique color, texture and gloss. Its characteristics vary from brand to brand, and there are many varieties. Value can be added to appeal to the five senses. Among the special printing papers are Color Premium Paper, Fancy Paper and Yupo:

(1) Colored colored paper

Colored premium paper, as the name suggests, is dyed paper. The texture of the paper itself is high-quality paper, so the surface has no gloss, and it is easy to write with a pencil or pen. It stands out in printed materials due to the uniform color on the front and back of the paper. However, because the paper itself has color, be careful when printing in full color. Whether you're printing full color on colored paper, or printing color on white paper, the way you express it changes a lot. If you are interested, please contact the printing company.

(2) fancy paper

Fancy paper is the representative of special paper, and its gloss, irregularity, pattern, etc. vary from brand to brand, and there are many kinds.

(3) Yupo paper

Yupo is a special paper made of synthetic resin (plastic) instead of pulp and is often used in outdoor advertising such as election posters on billboards, election ballots, vending machine posters and teaching materials for bathing. At the same time, it has excellent water resistance and durability, and has the characteristics of "not easy to tear", "oil resistance, chemical resistance, light weight", "smooth surface" and "print cleaning". It can also be recycled as a resource.

Information paper

Information paper Special paper for information processing. Because it passes through a printer or reproduces with documents and receipts, etc., thickness, smoothness, does not increase the functional load, it takes into account factors such as friction.Information paper contains carbonless paper, foam paper, thermal paper

(1) Carbonless paper

For pressure sensitive documents etc. The capsule and developer are coated on the paper, and the capsule and developer react in the part where the pressure is felt, thereby transferring the characters.

(2) Foam paper

Foam paper is used for mechanical printing of documents. We focus on preventing paper from skewing so that it prints more smoothly as it passes through the machine. This is also the characteristic of thin thickness.

(3) Thermal paper

Thermal printing is thermal paper. The paper is coated with a drug that responds to heat and can be printed quickly by heating the machine.

recycled paper

In addition, there are recycled paper and FSC certified paper. In recent years, with the slogan of sustainable development goals, people's awareness of the natural environment has also increased.

(1) Recycled paper: Pour the recycled waste paper into waste paper pulp for bleaching, and then recycle it as paper.

(2) FSC certification paper: a form approved by an external evaluation agency to prove the legality of its harvesting, production and management. It may resemble a vegetable, and you can see the origin and the face of the farmer. FSC certified paper is basically paper made from virgin pulp and has a higher print quality and better quality than recycled paper.

3. Printing ink

Printing inks are roughly divided into three categories:

  1. Water-based ink: It is environmentally friendly and can be washed with clean water. The printed color is stable in color and high in brightness, and has good adhesion and water resistance.
  2. Solvent-based ink: It is the most commonly used type of printing ink in the industry today, which can effectively control the budget and is often used for mass printing needs.
  3. UV type ink: This ink is environmentally friendly and will not produce any odor gas when waiting to dry, and has short drying time and a wide range of printable materials. UV-type ink is used in digital printing technology, and the works printed with it are also common in the customized market. Due to the variety of colors that can be presented, there is no need to wait for the ink to dry. Although the price is high, it is a common category for a small amount of refined printing.


4.printing equipment

There are many types of printing equipment, which can be roughly divided into the following five aspects:

  • According to the layout type, it can be divided into: lithographic printing machine, gravure printing machine, stencil printing machine, letterpress printing machine;
  • According to the size of printing paper, it is divided into: flat paper or sheet-fed printing machine, web printing machine;
  • According to the number of printing colors, it is divided into: single-color printing machine, two-color printing machine, multi-color printing machine;
  • According to the printing format, it is divided into: eight-open printing machine, four-open printing machine, folio printing machine, etc.;
  • According to the way of applying pressure, it is divided into three types: flattening type, round pressing type and round pressing round type.

In printing, we also use HUV (Hybrid UV) offset presses to offset special webs such as PET and PP (polypropylene). Hybrid UV offset printing is a type of offset printing that uses the latest type of UV-curable inks, which enhances the ink's curing power through UV winners, and achieves a reduction in the amount of light compared to the past, especially for low-volume UV lamps. Now you can deliver more effective projects for eye-catching promotional tools and premium products such as shelves, POPs and containers by adding looks and designs previously impossible with paper.

Compared with ordinary printing presses, the special inks and printing plate materials of HUV offset presses are more expensive. However, in addition to widening the material width, there are many advantages, such as no need to spray powder to prevent sticking, drying is fast, and it can be transferred immediately, which can easily avoid the trouble of poor drying.


5. Spot color printing

Spot colors are premixed with only one ink color. Normal color printing uses four printing plates, applying the four color dots of CMYK on the paper to make the color, while the speciality is a single color ink, which is printed using one printing plate. Also known as spot colors. Spot Color Printing Choose from basic colors, hundreds of colors, and thousands of colors. When printing specific spot colors, monochrome colors are prettier and smoother than color printing, when making patterns that need to always be uniform in the same color (such as a company logo), the color settings may be predetermined, this is called company color . Many companies specify spot colors for corporate colors in addition to CMYK and RGB numbers.

In general, spot color printing can choose your favorite color among hundreds to thousands of color featured inks. It is suitable for corporate color use and is very vivid and beautiful.

For those who have only tried ordinary mixed color printing, there may be many obstacles due to choice and sense of cost, but it is fresh and fun to use.

If you have colors or parts that you want to impress that cannot be reproduced in regular color prints, try printing with spot colors. Color is one factor that affects the impression of a design. Let's make a difference with original colors!

2. Why choose us?

1.Listen and meet your needs

We understand that each industry is unique, so we will listen and understand your needs in order to provide different services. From simple informational web pages to complex and ever-changing online stores or operating systems, we can provide you with professional solutions that meet your budget and needs.

2. Innovation! Creativity! Interaction!

Our designers are full of interesting innovations and creative touches. If you need a unique print design, please contact us today! As our designers work with the development team for many years, we pay great attention to the usability and feasibility of printed products. Not only can we make your print products look great, but we make sure your print products are efficient and simple to use.


Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the printed material, we do our best to accommodate your urgent requests, so please contact us first.

certainly! Discussions must have direction. You can first provide design ideas and favorite website styles, and discuss with us by phone and letter. During this process, we will also provide relevant cases for your reference, and you can also discuss by sharing screen images online. In fact, it's pretty much the same as face-to-face communication.

It supports all functions like gold, silver and fluorescent. You can also print with multiple colors to use multiple spot colors.


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