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Want to improve your project performance? Are you looking for a graphic design company to enhance the appeal of your project? HK Design Pro puts you just one step away from project success.
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Want to improve your project performance? Are you looking for a graphic design company to enhance the appeal of your project? HK Design Pro puts you just one step away from project success.

HK Design Pro It is a one-stop excellent design platform that can create any perfect design you want. HK Design Pro provides excellent works to more than 450 companies and institutions, and always uses the most effective service method to help customers obtain the best designs.

1. Types of graphic design services

HK Design Pro is your most trustworthy printing design platform in Hong Kong. It focuses on book design and printing, as well as one-stop design and printing. It is the first choice of many large enterprises and institutions. For graphic design, HK Design Pro has a wide range of services. The following will briefly introduce you to the parts of HK Design ProGraphic Designbusiness.

1. Logo design

HK Design Pro's goal is to become the best logo design company in Hong Kong. Compared to the most common template-based logo designs, HK Design Pro always adheres to the excellent quality of its logo design services. Within a limited price budget, HK Design Pro strives to propose innovative logo design concepts that are in line with the core beliefs and mission of the company or brand, and bring out the professionalism of the design company.


In the existing cooperation experience, HK Design Pro has won the trust of more than 200 customers. When you deal with such an experienced and trustworthy logo design company, you don’t have to worry about cost, creativity, design adaptability, or any other issues at all.

Excellent logo design can make your brand more convincing and make it easier to achieve multiple business cooperation. Come work with our logo design company and gethigh quality,specializationlogo design.

2. Briefing design

In cooperating with HK Design Pro, customers can not only enjoy a comprehensive library of background pictures with exquisite images, but also have various designs or PowerPoint (presentations) customized by excellent designers. Our designers will actively communicate with customers to understand their general ideas for poster or PowerPoint (presentation) design, and flexibly select appropriate materials, templates and copyright patterns based on the customer's theme, industry characteristics, usage occasions, etc. The client's ideas are used as blueprints in different forms of artistic expression, and elements such as pictures, text, colors, lines, and spatial arrangements are perfectly combined to create a perfect briefing design.

Regarding the design of Google Slides and PowerPoint, HK Design Pro has a relatively complete price list for customers to refer to.

Modifications1 time3 times5 times
Due timeWithin 6 working daysWithin 5 working daysWithin 5 working days
base pricing$980/10 pages$1280/10 pages1580 /10 pages

3. Card design

The importance of a beautiful card cannot be ignored. Cautious partners will make certain judgments about the company behind them through a small business card. Good design will allow a company to stand out from many competitors and achieve victory. HK Design Pro is aimed at high-end customers. Designers stick tooriginal design, customize exclusive business cards according to the customer's industry and brand needs.

HK Design Pro always adheres to theEfficientservice principles. Our designers will send the finished design to the customer's email/WhatsApp within 72 hours after placing the order.

The basic situation is as follows:

Design layoutSingle-sided designDouble-sided designDouble-sided design
Modifications1 time3 times4 times
Due timeWithin 3 working daysWithin 3 working daysWithin 3 working days (first draft)
base pricing$598/serving$798/serving$998/serving

4. Web design

Today, technology has become the mainstream of the times. In order to cater to the development trends of the times, the production of web pages has gradually become one of the indispensable elements for brand development. Through our consumer-centric application UI design research, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of effective customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention methods to reach your target audience.

2. Design service content

1. Company service methods

HK Design Pro has developed two design processes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. There are two modes to choose from during the design creation process. One is to leave full power to HK Design Pro to handle the design, that is, acting as a third party to supervise the entire process. This model is suitable for busier customers, which can not only ensure design quality, but also save customers time. The first is to communicate directly with designers, which has the advantage of facilitating the communication of customer ideas. But at the same time, in order to achieve near-perfect results, this model will require a relatively large amount of time from the customer.

2. Design process

⑴Preliminary consultation

Customers interested in cooperation can fill in the relevant information through the official website of HK Design Pro or communicate according to the contact information. At the same time, HK Design Pro has dedicated staff to provide online services during working hours.

⑵Project quotation

After expressing the intention to cooperate, HK Design Pro will give a professional quotation based on the type and difficulty of the service required by the customer for the customer to choose and consider.

⑶Confirm requirements

After many rounds of communication, HK Design Pro will reach a consensus on the creative plan with the customer.

⑷Pay the deposit

In order to ensure the smooth progress of cooperation and protect the legal rights of both parties, after deciding to enter into cooperation, HK Design Pro will sign a legally binding contract with the customer and require the customer to pay a certain amount of deposit.

⑸Project start

HK Design Pro has multiple excellent designers for customers to choose from, and the designers will create appropriate design plans based on customer needs.

⑹Research and planning

After the task force is established, the designer will conduct market research on the design type. At the same time, if it is a brand cooperation, the design plan will be adjusted and improved based on the brand's own concept.

⑺Plan argumentation

When creating the basic shape, the design team will submit the first draft of the design to the client. Customers can put forward corresponding modifications based on the first draft of the design, and the team will make adjustments accordingly.

⑻Delivery results

After many revisions, the perfect design is delivered to the client with copyrighted changes. At that time, the customer needs to pay the corresponding balance. At this point, the cooperation officially ends.

3. Brand analysis

1. Special services

For graphic design of paper magazines, HK Design Pro can also provide corresponding printing services in addition to existing cooperation. HK Design Pro has long-term cooperation with factories and can directly connect with the factories to avoid printing errors as much as possible. HK Design Pro not only provides high-quality design services, but also provides one-stop supporting services to meet all your needs at once.


2. Brand advantage

⑴Excellent design team

HK Design Pro invests heavily in the training of its team, enabling designers to become proficient in a variety of technologies and programs. Due to the diversity of designers' professional knowledge, HK Design Pro's design team is able to accurately respond to the design needs of various companies.

⑵Outstanding time efficiency

Whether it is an immediate quotation or a time-consuming modification plan, HK Design Pro always efficiently solves all problems in cooperation and maximizes benefits in the shortest possible time.


⑶Serious cooperative attitude

The platform provides customers with various service supports throughout the day. Time zone differences do not matter in HK Design Pro. Whenever customers have the intention to cooperate, HK Design Pro will provide the services they deserve with the most sincere enthusiasm and cooperative attitude.

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