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Graphic Design

How to calculate the electric painting design fee? View 5 quotation methods at once

Electronic painting design cost Electronic painting design is a digital illustration technology that is drawn by computer software. This technology is widely used in many fields, such as illustration, animation, games, etc. In the electric painting market, the price range is approximately $120-$1,200 Hong Kong dollars per piece. This price range mainly varies according to the fineness of the painting. The higher the fineness and the greater the complexity of the work, the more time and effort will usually be required, so the price will be relatively higher.

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Graphic Design

What are the hand-drawn styles? Let you know 7 hand-painted styles

What are the hand-drawn styles? With the rapid development of digital technology, hand-painted art seems to be increasingly marginalized in the modern world. However, the charm and uniqueness of hand-painted paintings can never be replaced. Hand-painting is a process of using various painting tools by hand to express the artist's unique thoughts, emotions and creativity through elements such as colors, lines, textures and so on.

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Graphic Design

The difference between electro-painted design and hand-painted design | Which design category should I choose?

The difference between electronically-painted design and hand-painted design. The design field is changing with each passing day. With the continuous advancement of digital technology, traditional hand-painted design and modern electronically-painted design have affected the design world to varying degrees. There are obvious differences between the two, including many factors such as creative methods, media selection, and technical application. This article will explore the differences between electronically drawn design and hand-drawn design, and evaluate how to choose the appropriate design method in different situations.

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Graphic Design

Annual report design case | 6 recommended annual report styles

The annual report is an important publicity tool published regularly by the company every year. It not only presents the company's operating results for a year, but also serves as a window to display the company's image and values. In the design of the annual report, choosing the appropriate style can better attract readers' attention and convey the unique style of the company. The following will introduce six different styles of annual report design cases to provide you with inspiration and reference.

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Graphic Design

Commissioned by Hong Kong Illustrators | 5 Hong Kong Illustration Design Companies Recommended

Commissioned by a Hong Kong illustrator. As an international city, Hong Kong's illustration design has become increasingly important in the region. Whether in advertising, publishing, websites or social media, illustrations add life and appeal to content. Businesses and individuals in Hong Kong often need to find illustrators with creative and professional skills to realize their design needs. The following recommends five illustration design platforms in Hong Kong and analyzes the advantages of each. It is a wise choice to entrust illustration design companies in Hong Kong because these companies have excellent design teams and rich professional knowledge.

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Graphic Design

Brochure Design Revealed | 5 Design Techniques to Make You Stand Out!

Brochure design is still an effective and traditional promotional tool in the modern digital era. Whether used for business promotion, exhibitions or corporate promotions, a beautiful and attractive brochure can add value to your brand or product. However, designing an eye-catching brochure is not simple; it requires careful planning and creative design. In this article, we’ll reveal five design tips to help you stand out in your brochure design.

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