6 things to know before bronzing printing|Types and applications of bronzing

Hot stamping printing can now be used in various industries. In order to highlight the theme of your own products, advertising design, business card design, etc. are all using hot stamping to add to the design.
Hot stamping printing

Hot stamping printing can now be used in various industries. In order to highlight the theme of your own products, advertising design, business card design, etc. are all using hot stamping to add to the design.

It is widely used in the industry, and its varieties, colors, models and specifications are varied. How to choose different types of bronzing? What colors are bronzing in? What are the details to pay attention to in the design process? Next,HK design proBring relevant information to you! at the same time,HK design proBring you high-quality bronzing service! 

1. Application scenarios of bronzing

Bronzing can make your materials or works have colorful colors and noble metal texture, which can greatly improve the image of your company's products. When the corresponding customer groups come into contact with your products or materials, your company's corporate style and unique temperament can be displayed. , which greatly improved the customer's initial impression of the company.

It is often said that the role of bronzing in various business cards is the main, but at the same time its role in various books, periodicals and picture albums should not be underestimated. It can complement each other with your products (works) and highlight the unique charm of products. Hot stamping also often acts as a defensive label in various works, which can well protect your product copyright. Now to show you the special performance of bronzing in various products.

1. Business card

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2. Envelopes, letter paper

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3. Books, pictures

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2. The application of different bronzing types in albums, books and periodicals

Hot stamping printing1. Flat iron

Flat ironing is the most commonly used hot stamping method. Only the content that needs to be hot stamped will be hot stamped, and other places will remain unchanged on the basis of the original. The purpose of flat ironing is to highlight the position of bronzing, the most important information of bronzing. The process is less difficult and less likely to be remade. In addition, because it is the simplest bronzing process, the loss of paper will be relatively small.


Hot stamping printing2. Anti-scalding

Reverse ironing is the opposite of flat ironing. The place that is not hot stamped is the key point to be highlighted, and the hot stamping part is used for firing. A common practice is to not use hot stamping on the parts that need to be highlighted, keeping the original, and hot stamping the surrounding less important parts. However, because the surface of the film is larger during the reverse ironing process, the price will be much higher. Also, the thematic elements to be highlighted must not be too obscure or the finished product will be compromised. 

When using special paper for reverse ironing, it should be considered that the paper must be smooth and flat high-density paper, otherwise reverse ironing is not recommended, because the large ironing area will easily damage the original.


Hot stamping printing3. Overlapping bronzing

Overlapping stamping can bring rich layers of color, and the product has a great texture and is full of fun. However, it is extremely necessary for the master's profound skills and the designer's ideas and ingenuity in color matching. This design method and its dual design rely on color and hot stamping. The requirements for accurate control of the hot stamping position are also very strict. The steps are divided into two steps: 1, printing the master 2, and then bronzing.


Hot stamping printing4. Multi-color bronzing

To make the target theme unique, many designers bronze relevant elements of the theme multiple times, using more colors each time. This is a multi-color hot stamping. This hot stamping process also has extremely high requirements on the overlapping technology and color matching of hot stamping, compared with other hot stamping. When the various colors of this hot stamping process are matched, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the hot stamping materials are in harmony with each other. The two closest bronzing should not be too close together, otherwise the colors will be mixed up.


Hot stamping printing5. 3D hot stamping

The combination of hot stamping and convex technology is 3D hot stamping, which highlights the hot stamping part and creates a 3D relief effect. Since it cannot be printed, a process of first printing and then bronzing is used. At the same time, due to high precision and high quality requirements, it is not suitable for cold ironing, but more suitable for hot ironing. However, it should be noted that the back of the 3D hot stamping material has a concave surface, so the back must be white when designed, otherwise it will interfere with the graphics or text.


Hot stamping printing6. Digital hot stamping

Digital hot stamping does not need to make a physical hot stamping plate, as long as the original is made on a computer, and the toner on the original is absorbed by the hot stamping layer when heated, the hot stamping effect can be achieved. Digital hot stamping can not only save the production cost of hot stamping plates, but also has excellent hot stamping performance, large thickness of hot stamping line and high adjustability, which is suitable for manuscripts with short printing time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the high cost, hot stamping is no longer the same as it used to be with real gold foil and is now being replaced by galvanized aluminum. Hot stamping is already only one of the colors of hot stamping, and now there are more choices in the types and colors of hot stamping! Such as: gold, white, silver, blue, rose gold, red gold, bronze gold, etc.


Hot stamping is suitable for high-density flat paper, such as cherry cardboard, British Neopat, Matisse, German cotton paper, absorbent paper, large cardboard, etc. Conversely, paper with an uneven surface may have uneven line thickness when ironed. Bingrong is easy to stick, such as champs card, yellow core board, macaron, etc., not suitable for hot stamping.

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  1. To draw up preliminary vector sketches;
  2. Thematic elements should be clear and concise for easy handling;
  3. The size and thickness of the text should be properly controlled, and there should be a distance between the bronzing positions;
  4. It is normal for a few millimeters of error in the bronzing position;
  5. Discuss colors with a design company using a uniform shade number.

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