2023 Printing Paper Types, Paper Thickness & Guidelines!

Which products are each paper suitable for? We have made simple statistics on the most commonly used papers on the market, and the following reference comparison chart can improve our understanding of paper thickness.
印刷紙種類 Which products are each paper suitable for? We have made simple statistics on the most commonly used papers on the market, and the following reference comparison chart can improve our understanding of paper thickness.hkdesignpro.com為想要選擇紙張印刷的客戶編寫了優質的全面指南! 還在為不了解市面上的紙張都有什麼區別而苦惱嗎?還不知道這些紙張都在市場上普遍應用在什麼產品上嗎?他们的区别和原因又是什麼呢?hkdesignpro.com为您总结了優質的紙張種類介紹、紙張厚度解析和紙張應用統計,為想要選擇紙張印刷的客戶編寫了優質的全面指南!希望能在選購紙張的道路上為您剷除困擾。 市面上的印刷紙種類繁多,到底每一種紙張有什麼區別?這些紙張又都有什麼用途呢?不了解這些問題很難選購使用吧!如果你對印刷不太了解,不知道紙張等級和紙張重量是什麽以及如何使用它們,甚至不知道印刷常見的印刷品用什麽等級的紙張?在這篇文章中,您可以了解紙張質量、紙張重量、紙張厚度,以及目前主要的廣告紙。在什麽情況下使用哪張紙?價格差異在哪裏?讓我們來告訴你!

1. Thickness of paper

印刷紙種類 每種紙張的厚度不同,取決於紙張的重量和紙張的密度,因此不同類型的紙張厚度不同,紙張重量也不同。此外,即使是相同的紙張質量和重量,由於紙張環境的變化,所生產的紙張也會略有不同。 我們對市面上最常用的紙張進行了簡單的統計,通過下面的參考對比圖可以提高我們對紙張厚度的認識:
paperSheet thickness100 sheets thickness
128g glossy powder paper0.1~0.12mm1~1.2cm
157g glossy powder paper0.14~0.16mm1.4~1.6cm
250g glossy powder paper0.23~0.24mm2.3~2.4cm
128g matte paper0.12 ~ 0.13 mm1.2 ~ 1.3cm
157g matte paper0.16 ~ 0.17mm1.6 ~ 1.7cm
250g matte paper0.24 ~ 0.26mm2.4 ~ 2.6cm
80g book paper0.1 ~ 0.11 mm1 ~ 1.1 cm
100g book paper0.11 ~ 0.12mm1.1 ~ 1.2 cm

Second, the introduction of printing paper on the market

1.glossy paper

光面紙,也稱為銅版紙,具有光滑的表面和平整度。光麵粉紙吸墨性高,表面易反光,印刷時反光顏色更鮮豔,在廣告行業很受歡迎。 由於光面紙的表面是一層白色的膠體,它的耐水性比其他紙製品要強。由於用途廣泛,光面紙的價格是眾多紙張中最平價的。普通方尖光面紙的克數有128g、157g和250g。 印刷紙種類

2. Matte paper

啞光紙是光面紙的兄弟,粉紙家族的一員。啞光粉紙不怎麼反射陽光,所以被稱為啞光粉紙。它可以用於清晰、信息豐富的印刷品。 打印出來的產品不會像光面紙那樣色彩鮮豔,但是亞光紙還具有良好的吸墨性,它會使打印的文字和圖像比書本紙更柔和。亞光錶面使其比光面紙更高級。 印刷紙種類

3. Book paper

一般筆記本的書寫紙和內頁基本都是書本紙,書本紙的表面比光面紙更粗糙,更適合書寫。書本紙對油墨的滲透性更強,印刷品的顏色也比較均勻,顏色較深。 雖然紙很厚,但它比光麵粉要輕。表格顯示紙張厚度為 0.11 毫米,書本紙比光面紙輕 60%。 印刷紙種類
Reflectivitysmoothnesspaper thicknesspaper weightprinting colorwriteSchools and Institutions Discount
glossy paperHigh reflectivitysmoothThinHeavybrightNot suitableLow
Matte papernon-reflectivemiddlemediummiddleexquisitewritablehigh
book papernon-reflectiveroughthicklightdarkwritablemiddle

three,Application and Gram Selection of Three Printing Papers

1.Application frequency

最常用的紙一定是光面紙,主要是因為光面紙是有顏色的。三種印刷紙的屬性見下表分析。然後使用您的廣告預算並設計您的內容以決定使用哪種紙張。 目前市場上光面粉紙、亞光粉紙和書本紙的應用如下:
cardenvelopestationerypaper folderLeafletsfolded flyerbrochurecouponraffle ticketlarge promotional poster
glossy paper***********************
Matte paper****************
book paper***********
Note: "*" represents the extent of application. 印刷紙種類

2.Application Paper Grams and Reasons

So each type of paper is suitable for which products? What is the reason? Let this comparison table tell you in detail!
applicationPaper recommendationRecommended reasonWeight selectionWeight reasonother factors
cardFrosted Powder CardboardFor clear images and not afraid of reflections, matte paper cards are the best choice.260~300gMatte paper prints in lighter colors and has higher durability than book paper. It's not that hard to do further processing with silly plastic cards like bronzing, UV, door fillets, etc.
envelopebook paperBecause the surface of book paper can be written and stamped, and the paper is lighter, it is more suitable for envelopes than other types of paper.100gDue to shipping restrictions, envelopes and letterhead cannot be too heavy
writing paperbook paperThe paper surface can be written on, and the color of the paper has a soft effect, which is suitable for long-term reading of book paper and writing paper.80g and 100gThe most basic use is writing
paper clipglossy or frosted paperAccording to different needs, choose the paper that needs to be written and the paper with waterproof and bright colors250gBoth are 250g harder gramsPaper folders are very practical office supplies, and different paper folders can be used for different purposes. Such as no bone, with card position without card position, small arc, arc size circle, etc.
Leafletglossy or matte paperChoose based on usage128g or 157gThe 128g glossy paper is generally shipped on the street, and since passersby don't spend too much time reading the flyers, each reading takes no more than 10 seconds. Therefore, the flyers that reach the street usually have low requirements on the quality of the paper, the most important thing is to be flat.The glossy flour paper/157g frosted flour paper is more suitable for in-store use, and customers who enter the store are more willing to shop. Using high-quality flyers can enhance the shopping experience. Of course, choosing the right paper is just a help, design is at the heart of your flyer.
folded leafletglossy paper157gIf the paper is thick, follow the line on the flyer before folding. Note that the edges may break when the paper is folded, as folding stretches the paper fibers and makes them brittle and prone to breaking.
brochureglossy/matte paper157g glossy paper is used for booklet cover, 128g glossy paper is used for inner pages of commonly used booklets or 100g book paper128g, 157gIf the company takes the path from the top shelf, it can be printed on a 128g/157g weight matte paper.When printing brochures, you also need to consider what sewing method to use. The most basic is to sew notebooks.
Lottery/Coupon/Cash CouponWriting paper such as book or matte paperEasy to write, easy to tear. The color printed on book paper will be more uniform, but compared to glossy flour paper, it will enhance the company's image. Glossy paper coupons/cash coupons give users a cheap feeling and are not good for company image.100gBefore printing your lottery tickets, please determine if you are required to provide personal information on the lottery ticket for the person running the lottery ticket. Use if necessary, as glossy paper is not easy to write on.Most lottery tickets are torn off for the draw, so the tear line (equestrian seam) on the ticket must be pressed. Press it into the tear line and you can tear it off easily. The size of the lottery ticket is not very limited, if there is no concept of size, you can use 210*95mm or download the coupon template from the template center.
Posterglossy paperThe glossy pink paper has bright color and high reflectivity, which is easy to attract the attention of passersby128g, 157gMost of the posters on the walls and iron gates are made of glossy pink paper.The number of print orders on paper is hundreds, and the number of prints is small, such as inkjet printing, which can use dozens or several pages
以上就是印刷紙紙質、厚度與应用最全指南!相信我們的介紹你一定都看懂了,現在你一定學會如何選擇你的紙張與克數與種類了吧! 如果你覺得在紙張的選擇上仍然有困擾你的地方,亦或是你還需要產品的全套的設計生產方案,歡迎聯繫我們的公司進行詳細咨詢hkdesignpro.com, we have the most meticulous and humanized service team, as well as the most professional and efficient design team, choose us to give you the most satisfactory customized experience!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1: How to choose the type and application of printing paper?

We introduced the differences and characteristics of the three paper categories of glossy paper, matte paper and book paper. According to different application scenarios and production volumes, we have prepared detailed statistical data and tables for customers' reference. Please refer to above for specific table.

Q2: What is the difference between the grams of printing paper?

The thickness of each paper is different, depending on the weight of the paper and the density of the paper, so different types of paper have different thicknesses and different paper weights. Also, even with the same paper quality and weight, the paper produced will vary slightly due to changes in the paper environment. We have calculated their application table according to different grams, see above for details.

Q3: How to choose printing paper?

According to the different needs of customers, we have prepared different reference forms for paper and gram selection, see above for details. If you feel that there is still something that bothers you in the choice of paper, or you still need a full set of design and production solutions for products, please contact our company for detailed consultationhkdesignpro.com
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