Hiring a graphic designer or looking for a personal studio? The way you need to know

In life, we often need the help of platform designers, such as designing company logos, writing company copywriting, making posters, flyers, etc. For friends who are starting a business, graphic designers are also important helpers.

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In life, we often need the help of platform designers, such asDesign company logo, Writing company copywriting, making posters, flyers, etc. For friends who are starting a business, graphic designers are also important helpers.

So where can you hire a good and cheap graphic designer and work with a professional design company? Where can I hire a freelance graphic designer? What are the dos and don'ts of working with a graphic designer?


1. Cooperate with regular graphic design companies

1. Advantages of graphic design companies

(1) Graphic designers are professionals

At a graphic design company,Graphic DesignerThe specific job titles vary and include graphic designer, design assistant, graphic designer, business designer, senior human designer and design manager. Whether you are a web designer, logo designer or poster designer, there is always the right designer for you.

(2) The design process is more stringent

In the company, after the designer's first sample is completed, there will be strict checks by the quality inspector, and the group printing can be carried out after passing the test. It also guarantees the quality of the design work.

2. Special Matters

Get other people's comments

There are many design companies on the market now, and it is difficult to distinguish between excellent and inferior ones. If you want to find a design company with good quality and low price, you should pay attention to what customers say about the company. Searching online is also a good way.

3. Personal studio or design company

Individual studios are often flexible and efficient, and if they work well together, they can save a lot of unnecessary processes. If there are too many problems, consider outsourcing to a design company. Ability and execution time will be better than Soho in planning company human resources.

4. Recommended by excellent design companies

company listCompany Features Overview

Jin Liugao Design CompanyStrong personal style and creative diversity
HKdesignproCost-effective, young team dynamic
Li Yongquan Design CompanyHave rich experience and good work efficiency
Aochi Brand Design (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.Branches of a certain scale all over the world
Hezi Brand Design Co., Ltd.Original creativity, new style

two. Matching platform

Refers to the platform that connects graphic designers and clients. The platform controls all projects and imposes certain controls and restrictions on designers to ensure the execution of designs.

1. Advantages of supporting platform

Affordable because the platform doesn't require the same maintenance and space costs as corporate designs, the price can be lowered to accommodate many things, making it easier to find quality and cheap work on the platform.

2. Special Matters

(1) Check the graphic designer portfolio

Now, due to the convenience of Internet technology, plagiarism in artistic creation occurs from time to time. So, ask designers to provide valuable portfolios for your reference while you focus on more design variety. On the one hand, you'll have a better understanding of the designer's competencies. On the other hand, plagiarism will be less common. Looking at the information can be a good way to solve a similar problem.

(2) Check whether it conforms to the market price

The cost of creating graphic design work varies depending on the level of complexity. AI jobs, web design, advertising, online advertising, Flash, etc. jobs work at different prices. On the one hand, you need to know the average price of the works you need to avoid being deceived; on the other hand, the popularity of designers is also related to the price, the more popular the more expensive the salary, so when looking for graphic designers, you should evaluate Determine the level based on your own budget and operating costs.

(3) Sign a simple contract

Signing up with a designer is a way to protect the rights of both parties. In addition to the benefits of clarifying important information, quality of work, delivery dates, payment methods, ownership, etc., a clearly visible contract can also avoid many conflicts.

3. Graphic design price analysis

Graphic Design CategoryPRICE
Poster Design$700-2500
Logo design$800-3000
Business Cards$600-2000
flyer design$600-2000
Product packaging design$1500-3000

4. Platform recommendation


HKdesignPro is a website that helps graphic designers connect with clients. With 10 years of experience in online platform operation, he has achieved good cooperative relations with more than 200 companies and related institutions. There are many companies in Hong Kong and mainland China. If you want the best freelance designers, then HKdesignPro must be your good partner. Unlike other related graphic design platforms, hkdesignpro has very strict rules for designers. Ensure the quality of the work. During the design process, the platform will monitor the process of both parties to ensure the normal progress of the work and design. High quality and low price, excellent and responsible are the design goals of hkdesignpro.

three. other ways


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Freelancer PlatformThe quality and value for money are very high! It works with thousands of companies to produce photo, video and print publications. The platform promotes the contract work for free, and the client will receive the quotation in less than 3 minutes, and then select the suitable candidate from the candidate designers to quickly complete the process work! You will be regularly updated on the progress of your work via email and you can directly contact the designer who provided you with the design.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

1. If the works designed by the platform are not ideal, how to modify them?

Most platform designs allow modification of the design work. Taking HKdesignPro as an example, the platform allows up to 3 free revisions to ensure the designer's progress. If there are many revisions, you will need to negotiate with the designer.

2. How much capital does the company need to invest in the design field after its establishment?

Depending on your needs and situation, the general company's investment in graphic design-related work is around 5% to 8%, mainly for logo design, album promotion, etc.

3. If a company is looking for a graphic designer as a regular employee, how should it be quoted?

You can find graphic designers with different abilities according to the needs of the company. If you only need simple design, such as company page design and website maintenance, the salary of a graphic designer is probably below 15,000 Hong Kong dollars. If you want a better graphic designer, the price is usually around HK$30,000.


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