10 Free Productivity Software & Paper Tools

I believe that you will always have various problems when you are in the office. If you can make good use of auxiliary tools, it will greatly improve the efficiency of the office. Today, I will briefly introduce ten office gadgets. I hope everyone can be successful in the workplace.

I believe that you will always have various problems when you are in the office. If you can make good use of auxiliary tools, it will greatly improve the efficiency of the office. Today, I will briefly introduce ten office gadgets. I hope everyone can be successful in the workplace.

TinyWow – Clerical tools


Solve the small problems of paper tools such as daily document translation, PDF document processing, PDF merging, etc. that are often required. Modify selected files via Mac, PC, Android or iPhone. Can be used to process files on Dropbox or Google umdash hard drives, most of which will help you successfully convert files within a minute. File processing can be done free of charge. The original and converted files will be deleted from the server within 15 minutes, so there is no need to worry about security. PS: You need to verify the Google program before operation, some friends may not be able to use it.

Jenni AI


It is an easy-to-use writing aid tool, and artificial intelligence texts are written using computer software. This is achieved through an algorithm that processes millions of sites to search for models. Using this knowledge, a new topic content was created. Artificial intelligence has become very clever at imitating and understanding language, and even dialects. Headlines, emails, ads, meta-markets and even product descriptions - anyone can do it, the opportunities are endless. Just add a parameter and let the machine do the rest. Much of the work of marketers is related to writing, and sometimes there are bottlenecks in writing that make it difficult to develop another sentence or revise it further using artificial intelligence.

Temp mail -Office software

10个贴心小工具 3

Can provide a one-time email address that will self-destruct after a period of time, greatly protecting your personal information, many forums, Wi-Fi owners, websites and blogs require visitors to check before viewing, commenting or downloading content. Sign up and the software will work.

Quillbot -Office software

10个贴心小工具 4

Smart Rewrite is a special feature working software of quillbot, which supports up to 125 words in the internet version (mods may be larger, but may not be tested). Introducing the body of an English paragraph and overlaying another field before and after it can give editors great hints and suggestions, which are very useful for improving English descriptions.

Loom - office software

10个贴心小工具 5

Smart screen recording tool, for friends who often play videos or communicate online learning, we often use the computer screen to record. Is there a small but powerful tool to record computer screen? Today I'm going to introduce loom, a free tool for rooms, that will help us record computer screens quickly and easily!

Otter AI – Clerical tools

10个贴心小工具 6

Meeting recording tool, able to record your meeting and convert it to text. Users can even capture key points from meetings, such as actions and decisions, and then use the meeting treasure trove to distribute actions, add comments, or ask questions among colleagues with the click of a button.

Business users can also check out AI’s new feature Bot, which has been tested and the company’s own artificial intelligence automatically generates meeting summaries and timetables and displays them in an outline bar, giving users and colleagues easy access to meeting discussion summaries .

At the same time, users can directly add meeting slides or other images displayed within them to Otter notes for quick, easy and intuitive reading.

Pexels – Clerical tools

10个贴心小工具 7

Smart picture download site to help you when you need pictures.

Removebg - office software

10个贴心小工具 8

Smart retouching tools, batch painting, image compositing, image processing, file creation, photography, repairing old photos, instantly removing unnecessary passers-by on photos, mosaics, green curtains to replace the sky, and templates and stickers to make designs very Simple.

Convertio – Clerical tools

10个贴心小工具 9

Format conversion tool, this is a powerful tool that can convert video, audio, documents, pictures into the format you want, and the most important thing is that it is free.

Microcopy - office software

10个贴心小工具 10

The title design tool can help you find the right title and slogan to add to your office road.

HK Design Pro - design and print

One-stop business creation platform. Provide one-stop design and printing related services, photography and video editing, etc. As long as there is a need for commercial creation, there is HK Design Pro


HK Design Pro provides one-stop design services, customers can choose to choose their own designers or arrange them through the platform.


HK Design Pro has many years of experience in design printing and provides high-quality printing services.


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