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Flyer design, poster design, illustration, card design, powerpoint design, web design, product design, packaging design, etc.

Flyer design, poster design, illustration, card design, powerpoint design, web design, product design, packaging design, etc., they are all familiar with it, graphic designers rigorous work attitude, cheap price, young mentality will make them go further and further Far.

one. Freelancer: Freelance Designer Recruitment Platform

Designer platform

FreelancerThe quality and cost-effectiveness of the platform are very high! The site also allows customers to easily and quickly compare different candidates. So far, the platform has worked with several professionals in graphic design, photography, and ad writing.

1. Graphic designer quotes quickly:

Get a quote in 3 minutes! Freehunter – Taiwan’s leading freelancing platform, providing clients with over 30,000 candidates! After the graphic designers on the platform receive notifications and actively submit quotations for review, the position will be posted on the Freelancer recruitment section. Freelancers in related industries will receive email notifications and make corresponding offers based on their job descriptions.

2. Graphic designer communicates smoothly:

The platform will keep you informed of the progress of your work via email, or you can directly contact the freelancer who provided you with an offer.

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How SMEs can find affordable graphic designers

What are the formal channels for designers to hire?

Where to find graphic designers in Hong Kong

two. HK Design Pro: The Most Professional Graphic Designer Hiring Platform

A shining brand-new designer platform, it has a powerful online network system, and at the same time has a huge control over designers. They will conduct strict assessments on designers to ensure fair prices and rapid design.

1. The scale of the platform is huge

Established for ten years, with offices in Hong Kong and several cities in mainland China, the company has tried to create a new online cooperation model between designers and clients, and has achieved certain results, they have created a new type of client and design The cooperation model of designers has built a business distribution platform similar to Amazon. They are not like traditional design companies, which hire designers, provide salaries, and collect customer commissions. Instead, it has built an Internet platform for designers and customers. The platform only provides business distribution, and does not charge agency fees, commissions and other fees.

2. Graphic designer management is strict

Unlike platforms like Amazon,HK Design ProAt the same time, he is responsible for the supervision of the entire business employment to ensure that the design activities can be carried out completely. Flyer design, poster design, illustration, card design, powerpoint design, web design, product design, packaging design, etc.

3. Graphic designers with fair prices and high work efficiency

Due to the mature mechanism of the platform, they are very familiar with all jobs. Graphic designers' rigorous work attitude, cheap price, and youthful mentality will make them go further and further. It will also lead the design industry out of a new path.

three. Workeroom: a project-wide graphic designer platform


Workeroomis Hong Kong's leading one-stop business services and freelance platform. Committed to:

  •  Promote local professionals and provide more online, part-time and full-time freelance opportunities.
  • Provide end-to-end support for enterprises, allowing enterprises to find local mid-to-high-end professionals and services in Workroom with one click.

1. Graphic designers have a wide range of businesses

Logo design, flyer design, poster design, illustration, card design, powerpoint design, web design, product design, packaging design, etc. In addition to traditional design work, the platform offers other services

(1) Film business

Video production, short film production, advertising production, short video, voiceover, product photography, product photography, portrait photography, retouching, etc.

(2) Digital business

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video & Dub, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

(3) Program business

Web production, web design, APP writing, UI UX design, IT support,Data analysis, user testing, etc.

Four. HelloToby: A life service platform covered by multiple projects


HelloTobyA wide range of projects, not just graphic design, you can find good helpers for many businesses on this platform

Platform customers come from Hong Kong and Southeast Asia

Founded in Hong Kong in October 2016, after experiencing a decline, it set up a branch in Taiwan at the end of 2017 and entered Singapore in the middle of last year. At present, the online life service and life guide matching platform has covered more than 600 kinds of services, with 250,000 users and 80,000 merchants.

five. Pro360 Daren Network: a good amateur job access platform


Pro360Provide good job opportunities for all people who have spare time. Whether it is housekeeping service, graphic design, security business, they can get a job on the website. This platform is also very suitable for college students. work experience.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

How can SMEs find affordable graphic designers?

You can go to a design company or hire on various platforms

What are the formal channels for designers to hire?

There are many legitimate sites to hire

Where can mainland companies find graphic designers in Hong Kong?

The Hkdesignpro platform is involved in mainland business and has many years of experience to find Hong Kong designers.

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