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Good web design can build a good brand image. Want to find the best designer for your style? hkdesignpro.com lists web design types along with a price guide!

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Good web design can build a good brand image. Want to find the best designer for your style?hkdesignpro.comTypes of web design are listed along with a price guide!

A good web design can not only build a good brand image, but also directly influence the behavior of the audience. With the ever-increasing demand for web design, many people put their heart and soul into good web design. With this in mind,hkdesignpro.com We've compiled the latest web design pricing guides and dos and don'ts for 2022! Before you invite a designer to create a website, you should read the following.

Types of web design

Before contacting a web designer, a quick understanding of the types of web design can improve communication efficiency. Want to find the best designer for your style?hkdesignpro.comTypes of web design are listed along with a price guide!

(1) Static website

Static web pages, also known as flat web pages, refer to web pages with plain text and images, which may contain text, sound, images, animations in GIF format, FLASH and other elements, such asCSS Grammar Teaching, but static web pages do not contain website programs, there is no background database, other pages are simple and easier to find in search engines, and are suitable for websites that do not need to be updated frequently.

Such as personal data, past jobs, etc. Static web page data is all stored on the server, so it is displayed faster and easier for search engines to search. However, if the webpage is to be updated, the data needs to be re-uploaded, which requires more time and effort.


(2) Dynamic website

In addition to the web page itself, the dynamic web page also connects to the database to access various information suitable for some web pages that need to interact with users or need to be updated regularly, such as product catalogs, user pages, etc. Since the data are all stored in the database, updating the data only requires Change the repository, which is more convenient than static web pages, e.g.Shopee. However, the cost of maintaining the website is correspondingly higher.

Dynamic web pages are the exact opposite of static web pages, they not only operate with servers and databases, but also add web programs to add and use interactive features such as stores, message boards, forums, membership systems, and more. Good for more frequent website updates.


(3) Website Builder webpage

Website builder pages are pages built using third-party templates, such asWix. The layout of these sites is similar, but the images uploaded by users and the content of the site are different. The creation of these pages requires less page development knowledge, and the completion time will be shorter, but their functions will be limited by the builder page, and it will be more troublesome to update later.


Time required for web design and pricing guidelines

Production time really depends a lot on the number of revisions and the type of website. Generally speaking, a template design takes about one to three weeks, and a custom website takes one to two months, depending on the difficulty of production. If the website also needs to import large amounts of data (e.g. product information, blog posts) or the collaboration of peripheral services (e.g. payment services, shipping), the production time increases accordingly.

(1) Detailed guidelines for service point charges

Design rangeQuote situation
small team or individualThe average price will be 5%-10% cheaper than the design company.
Template Website Builder PackBetween HK$3,000 and HK$5,000.
custom websitePricing starts at HK$3,000 and is priced separately based on the homepage and inner pages.
Three web design packages: basic plan, intermediate plan and advanced plan, including 6 websites, management backend, 1GB hosting space, web hosting fee for the first year, automatic device version matching, etc.Basic plans start at around HK$3,000.
Web design companies and freelance designers customize websites for clientsBy page count, or designers create quotes based on client needs.

(2) Does it include web development costs?

Although web design and web development complement each other, the skills required for the two services are actually quite different. Therefore, when meeting in detail, it is necessary to communicate with the web designer whether the web design price paid includes web development costs, so as to avoid misunderstandings.

(3) Buy Stock Photo VS Hire a Photographer

Buying stock photos is more convenient and less time consuming, but the photos will become less pristine. Additionally, if your website is used to showcase products or services, it can be difficult to find stock photos that match your brand personality. Conversely, hiring a photographer is more expensive but will add a more personal touch to your website.

mobile web page

With the popularity of smartphones, people's lives are inseparable from mobile phones, media companiesZenith MediaIt is pointed out that in 2018, the global smartphone penetration rate reached 66%. In 2018, nearly 60% of US website traffic came from mobile phones, which shows that using mobile phones to surf the Internet is becoming mainstream.

At the same time, the browsing time of the mobile phone is only 5.95 minutes, which is shorter than the 11.52 minutes of the computer version, and the bounce rate of mobile phone users is as high as 70%.

Due to the long time spent on the Internet on mobile phones, the mobile version of the website needs to be carefully designed in a short period of time in order to achieve the publicity effect.

web design average price

We have compiled the following tables for your reference:

page typeCharge Range (HKD)
HomeHomepage$1,800 – $4,000
Dynamic Homepage Homepage with animation$3,800 -$8,000 (depending on complexity)
Inner page (Template)$800 – $1,800 (per page)
Inner page (Customized)$1,500-$3,500 (per page)
Additional project
Mobile websiteResponsive design40-70% of design fee
Other language versions30-50% of design fee
Website icon$200-$600 (each)
Website AnimationDepends on design complexity
License fee of stock photo$150-$600 (each)


Q1: Should I choose Freelancers or a web design company?

Compared to professional web design companies, it is often cheaper to hire freelancers because of the savings on rent and other expenses. Also, the finished product of a freelance web designer will be more personal and unique than a web design company.

Additionally, web design companies offerServeMost of them include maintenance and update services after the website is launched. The design style tends to be standardized, and the price of its website design will be higher. Customers should choose services that suit their needs and preferences.

Q2: Should I apply templates or custom designs?

Not sure whether to choose a template provided by a web designer or a custom template? As long as you are clear about the purpose of your website, you can easily choose. Generally, clients who want to create online stores and news sites choose design templates, while clients who want to create brand websites and official websites for film and television productions use custom designs.

Q3: What types of web design are subdivided into?

We have covered three common types in this article, namely static websites, dynamic webpages, and website builder webpages. In addition, the part of the mobile web page mentioned in the article should also receive special attention. Their application scenarios are also described in detail, I hope you can get the knowledge you want.


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