【Hardcover book printing】Introduction to paper quality before printing

The paper uses for hardcover book printing are generally divided into: inner pages, ring lining paper, mounting board, mounting board paper, outer sealing paper, girdle sealing paper, etc.

The paper uses for hardcover book printing are generally divided into: inner pages, ring lining paper, mounting board, mounting board paper, outer sealing paper, girdle sealing paper, etc.

(1) Hardcover printing - text paper

That is, the paper hardcover book used for the main content of the printed book. Generally, the following paper products are used as the inner paper.

copper sheet

 Process introduction: Coated paper, also known as printing coated paper, is coated with a layer of white paint on the surface of the base paper and processed by super calendering. It is divided into two types: single-sided and double-sided.
 Features: smooth surface of paper, high whiteness, good ink absorption and inking performance.
 Application: Mainly used for offset printing, gravure fine mesh wire and other printed matters. Such as illustrations in books, paintings, landscapes, characters, etc.
 Disadvantages: The powder is easy to fall off when wet and cannot be stored for a long time.

offset printing paper

Features: Most of the printed matter does not look very smooth on the surface, and this kind of paper is used.
 Paper classification: For example, modern black and white books use offset paper, and "double offset paper" and "Dowling paper" belong to offset paper.
 Selection of paper grams: the weight is more than 70 grams, and some color printing can use 80 grams of double-adhesive paper.

Matte paper

 Features: The surface of the paper is less reflective, and the content of the printed surface is more delicate and high-grade.
 Uses: suitable for calligraphy and painting books.
 Choice of paper grams: 105 grams to 200 grams, suitable for text use

pure paper

 The paper is delicate, generally not much different from the double-adhesive paper
 The price is more expensive. If the customer has higher requirements for book paper, this paper can be selected

Specialty paper

 Special paper products for special purposes.
 There are hundreds of kinds, such as cotton paper, rice paper, art paper, parchment paper, dust-free paper and sterile paper, all belong to special paper

(2) Hardcover printing - ring backing paper:

 Purpose: The paper added after the front cover and back cover of the book is a part of the book binding.
 Paper quality selection: It can be consistent with the text, or other paper quality can be selected according to needs, such as kraft paper, art paper, glue paper, etc.

(3) Hardcover Printing - Mounting

Refers to the hard case outside the hardcover book, generally using industrial cardboard as a support

(4) Hardcover book printing - outer cover paper

 Often used in hardcover books to protect the cover.
 Precautions: The inner cover of the hardcover book is relatively delicate, and the cloth is often used, so it cannot be printed with too rich colors and content
 Advantages: The outer cover can not only protect the cover better, but also present richer content. Generally, the book title, author, publisher name and decorative pictures are printed on the outer cover.

(five)hardcoverPrinting - Girdle Paper

 Also known as book waist, mainly for decoration
 Add a belt paper to the cover of the book, usually kraft paper or sulfuric acid paper.

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