The manufacturer won't tell you? The cheapest printing price factor revealed

Today's book printing is becoming more and more popular, mainly because more and more companies understand the importance of brochures for corporate image promotion. What are the factors for the cheapest printing price? The following will give you a detailed introduction.

Today's book printing is becoming more and more popular, mainly because more and more companies understand the importance of brochures for corporate image promotion. What are the factors for the cheapest printing price? The following will give you a detailed introduction.


As we all know, the prices of albums produced by different album printing companies are different, not only in the printing industry, but also in all walks of life. A beautiful album can help improve the image of the company. When choosing some small album When printing manufacturers, the price may be cheap, but the quality will inevitably make us worry. When choosing some large-scale album printing manufacturers, the price may be higher, but the printed albums are ideal.

cheapest printing price

The factors that affect the price of album printing mainly include the following factors, which we will explain to you one after another below:

cheapest printing pricefactor

1. Quantity of album printing

Needless to say, the more you buy, the cheaper it is. This is also one of the decisive factors that affects the price of album printing. The more albums you order, the cheaper the unit price, which directly saves costs. In the printing industry, the starting price of printing equipment is the same, that is to say, the cost price is the same. No matter how much you print, the cost is that much. The more you print, the cheaper the price. If the company needs a lot of publicity materials every year, it is better to print albums, brochures, leaflets, handbags, etc., you can directly find printing manufacturers, which are cheap and affordable, such as printing worry-free design printing, factory-directed Internet printing.

cheapest printing price

2. Selection of paper for album printing

The price of different printing paper is naturally different. For example, the price of a slightly thinner 157-gram coated paper is relatively low, while the price of a slightly thicker 200-gram coated paper is naturally more expensive. The printing paper can be generally divided into: white cardboard, gray board, coated paper, offset paper, corrugated paper, special paper, writing paper, kraft paper, newsprint.

cheapest printing price

3. The distinction of album printing equipment

Good equipment is an essential element for sample printing. The Heidelberg series imported from Germany has high printing precision and stable quality. However, due to limited funds, some small printing factories often use Nissan small printing equipment, which not only has a long printing cycle, but also cannot guarantee the printing quality. The printing equipment manufactured in my country is still in its infancy, and the quality of the products printed by domestically manufactured printing equipment is poor. This aspect also directly affects the price of album printing.


4. Design

If you want to do a good job in album printing, professional design is essential. Therefore, if you want to calculate the quotation for album printing, you must include the design cost. Of course, if you have your own design team to operate the design, you can save money. cost to design.


5. Ink

There are also differences in the price of using different inks, and the price gap between bronzing, bronzing ink and traditional ink is obvious.Ink directly determines the tone, color, clarity, etc. of the image on the printed matter, so the role of ink in printing is very important. Different ink prices will also be different. In particular, the gap between hot stamping ink, hot stamping ink and traditional ink is obvious.


6. Post-press processing fees

That is, the processing cost of album printing. Including bronzing, embossing, embossing, over-plasticizing, crimping, binding, pasting, cutting, and packaging are all post-press processing costs. For example, bronzing, embossing, embossing, and line pressing, etc., all need to make stencils and knife plates. This is based on the size and complexity of the area, and different plate fees will be charged. Some processes even use manual sorting, so each print that includes these processes will incur corresponding costs. Similarly, due to the differences in mechanical equipment, production processes, and labor costs in different places, the prices will also be different.


High quality print production

Hong Kong Design ProThe equipment used is imported from Germany, and the ink and paper materials used are of high quality and affordable. We understand the pain points of customers and provide each customer with exclusive, high-quality design solutions and fair and reasonable prices. Fully manage your design and printing to ensure consistent high levels of design and quality throughout the process, allowing you to get better quality and experience at less cost.



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