What you must know about photographer prices in 2023

In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the online service industry has developed rapidly, and short videos have changed from recreational entertainment to a complex with commercial attributes. So what will the prices of mainland photographers be in 2022? Today, I will briefly introduce to you.

In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the online service industry has developed rapidly, and short videos have also changed from recreational entertainment to a complex with commercial attributes, so in 2022mainland photographerWhat are the prices? Let me briefly introduce them to you today.


Photographer Price – Junior Photographer

Photographer Price – Junior Photographer

The junior photographers here mainly refer to those who do not work in professional companies, but generally only serve individuals on the Internet, shooting some private photos, commemorative photos, birthday videos, and promotional videos for small businesses. Or provide shooting services for other people at some comic conventions and film festivals. Of course, small shops on Taobao, part-time photographers on Xiaohongshu, and some other part-time student photographers also count as such. The equipment is generally a single-lens reflex camera below 10,000 yuan, and some simple post-processing is carried out through a home computer.

Junior photographers take photos. The price of photos is generally 300 to 500 yuan per group, and the specific number is about 10 or less, includingPost retouchingcost.

Photographer Price – Intermediate Photographer

Photographer Price – Intermediate Photographer

Intermediate photographers refer to some small companies engaged in professionalphotography work, or the staff who are usually responsible for online publicity work in the company. They generally have more than a few years of photography experience, skilled skills, and stable work. Some intermediate photographers will also advertise themselves online and receive business, but some already have their own. With a stable customer pipeline, the spare time can also be fully arranged by the recommendation of friends. The price of intermediate photographers is generally more than 2 times that of junior photographers, ranging from one thousand yuan. The floating range of different photographers is relatively large. Intermediate photographers often carry some lighting and other props, and are equipped with different types of lenses to meet different shooting needs.

Photographer Price – Premium Photographer

Photographer Price – Premium Photographer

Senior photographers refer to those who graduated from a photography-related major in a prestigious school, or work in professional photography studios. Many senior photographers have more than 10 years of work experience and have been engaged in shooting magazine covers, movies, etc. Some senior photographers have their own Studios or video studios are equipped with professional lighting engineers, sound engineers, prop artists, makeup artists, post-processing engineers, etc., and their own shooting equipment is often up to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Their price quotes are more expensive, but the finished product is also more professional. According to the requirements of customers, they will also provide services such as image design, make-up, clothing, venue matching, modeling, styling, printing, etc. The prices often range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Photographer Quotes Prices – Photographers

Photographer price

Professional photographers engaged in photographic creation and research. Generally speaking, photographers refer to those who have published relevant theories or representative works of photography in the field of photography, have won domestic and international awards, and have a certain influence and popularity in the field. Many photographers have held personal photography exhibitions, with dozens of years of photography experience. Photographers are often able to auction a photo for a high price of tens of thousands of yuan. Some of them provide some technical guidance for other companies or individuals, and rarely do their own work in commercial activities. The pursuit of art and honor is their goal. .


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