Factors affecting the price of packaging design, recommend packaging design solutions

Are you having trouble determining your budget when looking for a packaging design company? Are you still confused about the price difference between different packaging designs? Is it unclear whether the other party's offer is reasonable?
packaging design price Are you having trouble determining your budget when looking for a packaging design company? Are you still confused about the price difference between different packaging designs? Is it unclear whether the other party's offer is reasonable? What is the average price of packaging design on the market? We have made simple statistics on the most commonly used packaging designs on the market. Through the reference comparison chart below, we can improve our understanding of packaging design prices.hkdesignpro.comExcellent comprehensive guide written for clients who want to choose a packaging design! packaging design price Have you ever thought that the humble snack and beverage packaging in your hand is actually a unique invention of the designer. Packaging design has a lot of professional knowledge in terms of structure and packaging materials, design process and skills, which also makes many people do not understand packaging design, do you only compare prices and look at the successful cases provided by design companies before buying, but in your own Not satisfied with the design result after commissioning the packaging, and you don't know the reason for such a result? The following arehkdesignpro.comThe most common price problems of packaging design cooperation customers in the past, including quotations, cases, processes, suggested quantities, modified quantities, etc., are sorted out for your reference, hoping to help you achieve an ideal packaging design.

1. Overview of the quotation cost of packaging design

In general, the average cost of quotation for packaging design is between $3,000-$10,000. But aside from the subjective aesthetic part of the package design, the offer is actually closely related to the package type and main/extended visual dimensions. Taking mask packaging as an example, the packaging style usually consists of an outer carton and an inner aluminum bag, and the packaging design costs of the outer carton and the inner aluminum bag are different. This involves packaging design. Generally, the packaging design cost of the outer 6-sided carton is higher than the packaging design cost of the inner 2-sided aluminum bag. Customers often ask us, "Why do packaging designs cost so differently?" packaging design price We believe that the difference in packaging design cost lies in aesthetics, scale, communication skills, and the ability to incorporate a brand’s marketing design. It goes without saying that beauty, the development of a designer's aesthetic, requires years of experience. The scale refers to the size of the design company, because the size of the design company and the individual studio are different, the customer groups they contact are also different, and the quotations are of course different. Although the quotation of the design platform is relatively high, it is usually more experienced and more secure in cooperation.
  • The cost range and influencing factors of different packaging types

The packaging design is also divided into many parts. Different packaging has different scopes. The following table organizes the charging standards and influencing factors of packaging boxes, packaging bags, packaging paper, seals, stickers, etc., for designers and customers. Provide reference on pricing issues.
Types of packaging designThe price rangeother reasons
Packaging box design quotationThe cost of the box design quotation is about $3,000-$20,000 per piece.In addition, if you want to modify the style after the design is finalized, the cost will also increase due to the number of modifications. A higher cost may be required if done by a well-known designer.
If your box is square and has a fixed size, you only need to design a pattern, which costs about $3,000-$5,000 per piece;
If your demand is the shape of the box, the size, material and packaging graphic design are all selected and processed by the designer for you, and each piece is about $5,000-$20,000 yuan.
Packaging bag design costThe bag design is about $3,000-$10,000 per piece,
If the client only needs to design the bag surface pattern, it is about $3,000-$5,000 per piece;
If you need to choose the material for the bag, design the shape and structure of the handle or the bag, and design the bag pattern, the price is about $5,000-$10,000 yuan per piece.
wrapping paper design priceThe design price of wrapping paper is about $3,000-$5,000 yuanWrapping paper design usually only involves material selection and pattern design, mainly focusing on the layout of wrapping paper design elements, the designer designs the location of the wrapping paper pattern according to the size and shape of the product, and has product marked components, product name, brand logo or business News. Can be clearly displayed on the wrapper.
Packaging seal design costThe cost of packaging seal design is about $3,000-$8,000 per piecePackaging seal refers to the waist seal of the box or bag. Most of the seals in the packaging design are paper seals, which are not only low cost, light weight, but also more convenient to transport. The design of the packaging seal is not only one of the elements to show the brand style and product texture, but also has anti-leakage and anti-counterfeiting functions to prevent others from opening the box or changing the products in the box.
gift box design quoteThe quotation for gift box design is about $10,000-$30,000 per pieceThe contents of gift boxes come in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. In addition, gift boxes are mainly used for gift giving. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to packaging functions, the style and texture of packaging design should not be sloppy. Use an appropriate design for the purpose or recipient of the gift.
sticker design priceThe sticker design price for packaging products is about $1,000-$3,000 per pieceMost of them only have the layout of the brand logo, store information or product information, so the price of sticker design is lower. However, if you have more needs for sticker design, or increase the number of revisions after finalization, additional design costs may be incurred.
packaging design price Communication skills and the ability to integrate brand marketing design are often hidden costs of packaging design that you cannot see but have a large impact on the finished packaging design. Of course, if there is poor communication, your cooperation will not be smooth. Designers often think in pictures, and it is not easy to present the blueprint in the heart through communication. It is the owner's job to integrate brand marketing design skills. For you, packaging design is only the first step in product sales, andNot the last step. After the packaging design is completed, there are still many problems in the future, such as: Marketing, advertising, pipelines, etc. A good design company can not only help you design a good-looking packaging, but also give you a lot of suggestions in terms of branding and marketing.  packaging design price The above is about the common packaging price range and influencing factors on the market in 2022! Now you must know how to price your work or buy design products! If you feel that there is still something that bothers you in packaging design, or you still need a full set of design and production solutions for packaging design, please contact our company for detailed consultationhkdesignpro.com, we have the most meticulous and humanized service team, as well as the most professional and efficient design team, choose us to give you the most satisfactory customized experience!  


Q1: What is the market price range of packaging design?

In general, the quotation fee for packaging design averages between HKD 1,000-30,000. Aside from the subjective aesthetic part of packaging design, quotes are actually closely related to packaging type and main or extended visual dimensions.

Q2: What factors affect the price of packaging design?

Affected by the designer's reputation, the difficulty of packaging design requirements, packaging size and packaging materials. And if there are difficulties in communication with designers, the increase in the number of revisions will also lead to an increase in prices.

Q3: What types of packaging design are subdivided into?

The common types of packaging designs on the market include box design, packaging bag design, wrapping paper design, seal design, gift box design, sticker design, etc. Their respective pricing is detailed in our collection form. If you are looking for a one-stop design experience, please contact ushkdesignpro.comTalk in detail.  

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