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2022 is coming to an end, and major companies have begun to prepare annual report promotions. So how to choose an annual report design company? HKdesignpro will sincerely recommend it to you!

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2022 is coming to an end, and major companies have begun to prepare annual book promotions. So how to choose an annual report design company? HKdesignpro will sincerely recommend it to you!
The company's annual report is a year-end summary of the company's operations for the year. Investors often decide partners through the annual report, so the significance of the company's annual report can be seen. Due to the uniqueness and limited-time release of one volume per year, corporate annual report brochure design has received more and more attention from corporate management, and visual beauty is quietly prevalent in annual reports.

1,HK Design Pro

HKdesignpro is a professional book and magazine design and printing company that currently cooperates with more than 200 companies or social welfare organizations, establishing a good brand image for customers. HKdesignpro has focused on album design since its inception, and the annual report album is an important part of its work. We believe that HKdesignpro’s professional design team and systematic management system will give you a satisfactory design answer and provide you with investors’ prospects for the new year!

1. Annual report design concept:

  1. Cover design: Strictly follow the business characteristics of the company, use corporate identification, corporate performance, social responsibility behaviors and copywriting to express creativity, and spread corporate culture and business philosophy as much as possible.
  2. Internal page design: Strengthen the overall coordination of primary and secondary relationships, clarify concepts and themes, and accurately convey the company's spirit; discover and utilize the company's innovative elements.
  3. Data and graphics are the focus of a company's annual report. You need to pay attention to changes in form and style and don't fall behind.
  4. The color tone should be uniform and choose the color that customers like.
  5. Finally, according to the creative theme, the overall idea and layout were adopted in terms of color and graphic layout, and the shape was concise and clear.

2. Provide services:

Customized design style - preferential quotation (starting from HKD 80/page) - one-stop printing platform - unlimited modifications () - electronic design provided - dedicated follow-up (the team has 8 years of experience and designers) - If you are not satisfied with the first draft If satisfied, refund service can be provided.
report design

2. If

1. Company profile:

EMPIRE FLYER It is a one-stop service platform. They are a design company composed of a young team full of energy and creativity. They are committed to providing customers with unique, clear and eye-catching album design works, promising to provide customers with unique and thoughtful corporate image design, and continue to provide customers with novel and impressive designs. I hope that in the process of creation, we will persist in continuous changes and inspire innovative ideas, making them an important part of your company's value.

2. Annual report design style:

Committed to professional book design, including yearbook design, it mainly integrates 3D drawing services and unique style illustration painting services into books, so that the book design style gives people a different image.

3. Company service projects:

  1. Company/centre quarterly or annual magazine.
  2. brochure.
  3. Brochures for social service agencies and schools.

4. Design service process:

Through discussions and meetings, including collecting information, analysis and special definitions, we provide customers with unique and thoughtful corporate image designs, and continue to provide customers with new and impressive designs.
report design

3. Free Hunter

1. Platform introduction:

FreehunterIt is a platform that professionally provides docking services for customers and designers. The Freelancer platform provides customers with high-quality album designers. After browsing the designer's annual designs, you can choose your favorite Freelancer here.

2. Yearbook design process:

  1. You can fill in your yearbook design project, company field, project theme, project cycle, and preference for practitioner location in the free quotation information form, and get a quote within three minutes.
  2. After the task is posted, the designer will give you a quote.
  3. Once you've chosen a design you like, it's time to start working on your yearbook design.

3. Platform advantages:

  1. Third-party supervision ensures the safety of your funds.
  2. Compared with design companies, we give you more choices in book designer style.


4.Guangmei Creative Design

1. Company profile:

Guangmei Creative Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. In 2009, it began to cooperate with various non-profit organizations and cultural groups to provide different design discounts and technical support. Graphic design and printing services such as album design (annual reports, quarterly magazines, journals, work reports) and brand design. Their slogan is: Let your works speak and let your creativity express itself.

2. Yearbook magazine report design style:

Pay attention to color coordination, fonts, composition, etc., to paper selection and printing management of the final version.

5. Yajia Advertising Design Company

1. Company profile:

Established in Hong Kong in 2005, it provides professional design services and has extensive experience in album and annual report design, promotional publications and flyers, and packaging design. Their team members have worked for international advertising company 4A and have more than 20 years of experience in commercial advertising design in Hong Kong. They are able to consider creative needs from a market perspective, enhance brand image, and expand product and service markets.

2. Annual report style:

Close to Hong Kong elements and focus on the intake of cultural content.

3. Annual report service companies:

Hanxin Intellectual Property Company, Shizhan Exhibition Group, Heli Steel Co., Ltd., and Jinlitong Technology (Holdings) Group.
report design

6. Trilingual

1. Company profile:

trilingual designFounded in 2010, the company is engaged in cross-media design projects, including brand identity, graphic images, environmental drawings, book design and multimedia design, especially book design; the artistic aesthetic design company uses realistic elements to create the artistic style of annual reports and magazines. Currently, it has Produced annual report album design for a number of listed companies and art institutions.

2. Design concept:

Revisit the local visual language, explore Hong Kong-style design, and reshape Hong Kong’s aesthetic value.

3. Annual report design style:

Very artistic style; simple style; main color white; maintain white space technology.

4. Service company annual report:

Hong Kong Arts Development Council.
report design

7. Studio

Workroom is an agency platform that provides jobs for freelance designers. So far, the platform has amassed tens of thousands of professional album designers for its subscribers. Here you can choose your favorite designer based on the quotes and cases they give. Here, you can find senior practitioners serving listed companies, cost-effective mid-level designer teams, and book designers with independent studios.


PRO360 is a free platform that can solve your design needs. This platform recommends professional studios or independent designers for you without charging any fees. It also provides you with accurate industrial design prices, including albums, books, cover design, LOGO design, etc. You can find the right one through these standard prices. Designer year on the platform. Here you can get guaranteed security and a professional platform to protect you!
report design

9,702 design

Fashion and innovation are important elements of the annual design. 702 Studio is known for its experimental visual creations. This is a graphic design studio with a history of ten years. Through their broad design vision, they seek innovative design concepts, break cognitive and communication barriers, and provide Party A with systematic services in business fields such as culture and fashion. At the same time, partner Mei Zhizhi’s works have won the Hong Kong Designers Association Global Design Award and Asia’s Most Influential Design Award.

10.TOPIX design

I believe that many customers have sufficient budgets and hope to find a top design team. After all, annual magazine design only happens once a year, and they definitely want to achieve the best quality results. Then TOPIX DESIGN must be a good choice for you. This is a multimedia production company that has won multiple major awards, and they can provide high-quality photography, video production and design services. Customers served include the Hong Kong Jockey Club, CLP, Towngas, WWF, Avène, L'Oréal, reenex, Disney, Nespresso, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do we need a professional design company to design annual reports?

In recent years, investors have paid more attention to the aesthetic effect of annual magazines, so they need to add more design innovation elements to the albums. At the same time, the design deadline is usually tight. In order to ensure the quality and efficiency of your company's annual report brochure, it is recommended that you choose a professional design company, because they have experienced many battles and have more experience, and they will definitely help you with your performance in the next year. With one helping hand, the performance becomes more elegant.

Q2. What are the main contents of the company’s annual report?

  • Corporate culture back cover
  • Table of contents
  • Company Profile
  • Business conditions
  • Member structure
  • The company's main annual
  • Cases and new developments
  • Message from the Chairman

Q3. How to choose a suitable design company?

You can choose a design firm or platform that suits your budget and general design style. It is recommended that you choose a large and professional company for album design, which will also increase insurance for your design.


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