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HK Design Pro's latest platform service allows designers to connect directly with you.

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HK Design Pro's latest platform service allows designers to connect directly with you.


Platform guarantee

Customers need to place an order through the platform, and the platform will host the fee, which will be handed over to the designer after the project is completed.


Designers on the platform are qualified designers who have been screened by us

One stop

For quotation and printing needs, please contact us HK Design Pro to arrange


Customers can contact and choose designers by themselves or hand over the project to us for internal arrangement

Consider the most suitable for you - graphic designer

Choosing the right graphic designer takes a long time. The HK Design Pro platform has selected a group of qualified and excellent designers for you. Their fees vary and can meet your different budgets. We also provide you with one-stop printing services for customer convenience. Unlike other design studios, the HK Design Pro platform saves space, personnel hiring and other costs, and strives to achieve greater benefits for customers and designers. The platform will supervise the project so that customers will not be subject to various emergencies that may arise when hiring designers from other units. The designers carefully selected by the platform have high-level professional capabilities to ensure the quality of the works. The platform can provide customers with one-stop services such as printing to improve the efficiency of your works.
All designers on the platform must undergo an assessment to determine whether they have sufficient professional knowledge and skills before they can officially join the platform. Before officially registering on the platform, designers must go through a trial period of several months to assess whether the designers can fulfill their duties. Complete design tasks.

All design and printing fees must be collected through the platform. The design price is determined by the platform and the designer through negotiation to ensure the rationality of the price. The agreed price does not support negotiation.

Designers are not allowed to conduct private transactions with customers. If problems occur, the platform will not be held responsible and will hold designers accountable in accordance with regulations.

The platform will supervise the entire design process and forward the design fee to the designer when designing 50% and 100% to prevent the design process from being affected by unilateral force majeure, resulting in design problems, and to ensure that customers successfully complete the project.

The platform does not charge any additional service fees such as intermediary fees, and supports the provision of quotations, invoices, and receipts.

Platform designers will modify the design works 3 to 10 times according to customer requirements to strive for customer satisfaction.

If customers need it, the platform will provide customers with post-design printing, binding, production and other services.

Jenny Tse


She has been working in the field of graphic design for many years, with a deep understanding of the design process, a keen sense of design aesthetics, and creative thinking skills. She can initiate early communication and discussions with clients, starting from their requirements, to ensure the smooth progress of design projects. She possesses cross-industry design capabilities and is proficient in using mainstream graphic design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. She has worked for various types of companies, including those in the education sector, IT companies, pet products, toy companies, retail industry, government departments, and more.

Hazel Ching


She has several years of experience in graphic design, specializing in UI design, web development, brand design, print, and social media advertising. Her services encompass professional brand establishment, logo design, posters, publications, brochures, website design, and more. In UI design and web development, she can create clean and user-friendly interfaces that enhance user experiences while adhering to modern standards to improve website usability. When it comes to brand design, she can assist clients in creating attractive and distinctive brand identities. For print and social media advertising design, she excels in producing high-quality print materials and media advertising materials to meet client needs. With her experience and skills, she can provide clients with professional design solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Rita Lin
Rita Lin has many years of marketing and brand design. She owns the Colorholic Gossip design service brand and the PlanetCraft Art boutique brand. AwardsIndigo Award DIP III CWHK44 Swatch MAXI LoveArt Design
Tim Wong​
Tim is one of our platform's photographers and video editors, hailing from a family with a strong background in photography and boasting several years of photography experience. He has been involved in the production of numerous videos, managing everything from the initial video concept and scriptwriting to the mid-phase shooting process and finally, video editing and post-production. Tim is capable of handling all these tasks independently. This undoubtedly ensures the smoothness and consistency of his work, a key factor that has earned him repeated praise from clients.
Jen Liu​

She is one of our platform's designers with several years of design experience. She has previously worked for several large design companies and has received awards such as the Muse Design Competition. She possesses a unique understanding of color usage and creative style. Her designed works, including cards, posters, flyers, and more, are often characterized by their innovative creativity and vibrant colors, which captivate clients and yield excellent results.Our services include professional brand establishment, logo design, product packaging, posters, publications, brochures, website design, and more.

One of our platform's designers, Zephyr, is a well-known multimedia independent designer specializing in brand design and digital solutions. She holds a master's degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design and has several years of design experience. She excels in graphic design, web and mini-program design, 3D modeling, and other digital technologies, making her capable of easily solving many challenging design problems. Zephyr has collaborated with various advertising agencies, agents, and startups, making her a valuable partner on your entrepreneurial journey.

We are waiting for your questions

For more questions, please contact us directly.


Design and printing fees must be charged by the platform. The platform will not make any guarantee or responsibility for offline transactions, and the risk of breaching the platform agreement is entirely borne by the customer.
The platform will not charge customers additional service fees.
1. As a bridge between customers and designers, the platform reduces risks and improves efficiency.
2. The platform will forward the design fee to the designer only when the project is completed 50% and/or 100% to ensure that the customer can successfully complete the project.
3. Designers join the platform after screening, and the service is basically guaranteed.
4. No customer service fee.
5. One-stop service to arrange design related and printing services.
6. Get preferential fees, the platform provides the most affordable fees through the designer's agreement.
The number of revisions by the designer is generally 3-10 times, which needs to be confirmed individually when quoting according to the content.

The platform will provide a receipt.

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