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HK Design Pro's latest platform service allows designers to connect directly with you.
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Platform guarantee

Customers need to place an order through the platform, and the platform will host the fee, which will be handed over to the designer after the project is completed.


Designers on the platform are qualified designers who have been screened by us

one stop

For quotation and printing needs, please contact us HK Design Pro to arrange


Customers can contact and choose designers by themselves or hand over the project to us for internal arrangement

Consider the most suitable for you - graphic designer

Choosing the right graphic designer takes a very long time to break in. The HK Design Pro platform has screened a group of qualified and excellent designers for you. They have different fees and can meet your different budgets. We also provide you with one-stop printing services for the convenience of customers.

Rita Lin
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Rita Lin has many years of marketing and brand design. She owns the Colorholic Gossip design service brand and the PlanetCraft Art boutique brand. AwardsIndigo Award DIP III CWHK44 Swatch MAXI LoveArt Design
Tim Wong​
Rich Production Team experience. Photography, video, editing.
Jen Liu​
Has many years of design experience, including working in advertising design companies, brand design companies, etc. Services include professional branding, logo, product packaging, posters, books, brochures, website design, etc. Thanks!
Multimedia designer based in Hong Kong, focusing on branding design and digital solutions. Graduate from School of Design, HK Polytechnic University with master's degree. Currently a freelance multimedia designer. Solid design experience with different advertising companies, agencies and startups.

We are waiting for your questions

For more questions, please contact us directly.


Design and printing fees must be charged by the platform. The platform will not make any guarantee or responsibility for offline transactions, and the risk of breaching the platform agreement is entirely borne by the customer.
The platform will not charge customers additional service fees.
1. As a bridge between customers and designers, the platform reduces risks and improves efficiency.
2. The platform will forward the design fee to the designer only when the project is completed 50% and/or 100% to ensure that the customer can successfully complete the project.
3. Designers join the platform after screening, and the service is basically guaranteed.
4. No customer service fee.
5. One-stop service to arrange design related and printing services.
6. Get preferential fees, the platform provides the most affordable fees through the designer's agreement.
The number of revisions by the designer is generally 3-10 times, which needs to be confirmed individually when quoting according to the content.
The platform will provide a receipt
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