Leading trends in brochure design style in 2023

Every year during Paris Fashion Week, everyone must know that many top international design masters will gather together, like a hundred flowers blooming. And what can be recognized by everyone every year will inevitably lead to the trend of that year, and the same is true for picture album production.

Every year during Paris Fashion Week, everyone must know that many top international design masters will gather together, like a hundred flowers blooming. And what can be recognized by everyone every year will inevitably lead to the trend of that year. The same is true for picture album production. The creativity of design and production must be in harmony with the development of the times in order to be recognized. Then the leading trends in picture album design in 2022 Which ones are there? Let’s find out together.


one. Use of line art

In the past year, line visual art has been very popular in design and application. In 2022, we can predict that this trend will continue to be used for branding, as line art has a distinctive style that will make brochures attractive and unique.


In addition, line art also supports the processing of many small details. Although the design looks relatively simple, it is still very attractive to customers.


two. Color font

Nowadays, the number of brochures using colorful fonts is increasing day by day. We can also count this color font as an important thing. In 2022, this trend will develop rapidly and will be all the rage. One important factor is that colorful fonts have a great visual appeal to people. For example, for the same items, bright colors are often the first to be noticed by us, and the same is true for this.


three. Smart use of photography

How could an excellent picture album lack high-quality photos? Usually these photo materials are synthesized by computers or taken by professional photographers. The intuitive feelings conveyed by these two methods are different. The photos taken by professional photographers will make people feel more real. It can even allow customers to establish effective communication with photos, while photos using artistic synthesis lack a dynamic beauty of transmission.


Four. Minimalism

A successful brochure cover looks especially important. When designing the cover, we should be generous and decent, but not lacking in artistic realm. The artistic style is distinctive, and the pattern design hierarchy is clearly visible, scientific and reasonable. Only in this way can we continuously enhance the company's brand image and give ordinary users a strong visual impact. Be sure to remember to look for neatness and aesthetics at one point and ignore the theme. The minimalist design trend is the favorite of most designers. Under this design idea, the minimal design elements are usually used to convey the brand message. Minimalism means simplicity and clarity, and then the use of bright colors to form a contrast, leave an unforgettable impression on everyone, and can evoke people's re-association. Minimalist brochures often use simple but refined tones to match. The hue here often refers to the use of one color, or two to three colors in the adjacent colors for design.


five. Unique production concept

Nowadays, when many companies produce brochures, they all design them in the same way, so that most of the brochure design structures are exactly the same: a photo of the chairman, president or general manager at the beginning plus a speech, then the company profile and arrangement structure, and again It is manufacturing strength, installation strength and technical strength, and finally represents the project display - a list of similar projects. There are very few new ideas in album design in the entire industry, let alone any big ideas. This directly results in the album design not being able to reflect the company's strength in a timely manner, which is the result of failure to do a good job in album planning. To make an exquisite and successful picture album, every link is very important. You should start from your own company's positioning concept and focus on performance. You don't need to blindly follow the public trend and make the same products. The brochure production and design concept should be carefully arranged, the company material pictures should be organized scientifically and reasonably, and the overall strength of the company should be demonstrated to the greatest extent. Creative copywriting content is concise, clear and exciting to enhance the unique attraction of readers. The pictures are clearly visible, scientific and reasonable, the layout is standard and standardized, and the entire picture is constantly optimized, clean and beautiful



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