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The cover of a hardcover book is a highlight. It can leave a first impression on the viewer and determine whether it is necessary to continue reading the following content, so it is particularly important.

The cover of a hardcover book is a highlight, it can make a first impression on the viewer, whether it is necessary to continue reading the next content, so it is particularly important. Therefore, the cover needs to be screened more strictly to find the right paper, so what paper is generally used for hardcover book printing? How to choose the number of grams? And some hardcover book covers will choose the way of hardcover hardcover? Let me introduce you to the craftsmanship here!

1. Cover paper

The most commonly used printing paper for hardcover books:

printed paper 1. glossy paper

It is a kind of coated paper, which is double-sided coating, and both sides have good smoothness. Coated paper also includes single copper, matte copper, high gloss copper, art copper and so on. The commonly used gram weights of double copper paper are 80 grams, 105 grams, 128 grams, 157 grams, 200 grams, 250 grams, 300 grams and 350 grams of double copper.

For the choice of grams, it is recommended that you decide according to the number of pages of the hardcover book you need:

  1. If there are not many hardcover books to be printed, such as hardcover books below 16, 300 grams of double copper can be used for the cover of general hardcover books. Such hardcover books will not feel too thin and stingy.
  2. If you need to print a hardcover book with a P number of about 20P to 40P, it is generally recommended that 300 grams of double copper be used for the cover of the hardcover book.
  3. If you need to print a hardcover book with a P number of more than 40P, then you can choose 300 grams of double copper for the cover of the hardcover book.
  4. Of course, if you take into account the printing cost of hardcover books, you need a cheaper price for printing hardcover books, and you can also use 250 grams of double copper to print the cover of hardcover books when printing hardcover books.

printed paper 2. Matte paper

  1. Also known as matte coated paper, although the printing pattern is not as bright as coated paper, it is more delicate and high-grade. There are many pictures in hardcover books, especially when there are many pictures of characters, this kind of paper can be used, which is more elegant, so-called low-key elegance.
  2. Under the same gram degree, the sub-powder paper will be thicker than the coated paper, more ink-absorbing, the paper fiber is evenly distributed, the thickness is good, the density is high, the elasticity is good, and it has strong water resistance and expansion performance. The receiving state is slightly lower than that of coated paper, so matte paper is slightly harder to dry than coated paper.
  3. The gram degree is basically the same as that of coated paper.
cover paper

printed paper 3. Specialty paper

  1. It is a general term for all kinds of art paper, there are many kinds, and there are many papers that are environmentally friendly and suitable for use in various occasions. With the intensifying market competition, many enterprises or units are no longer satisfied with using conventional coated paper or sub-powder paper to make promotional hardcover books, but choose high-end special paper to demonstrate the strength of the enterprise or unit or distinguish itself from others. .
  2. Special paper not only has good flexibility, high printing reproduction, but also bright colors. According to the different design styles, choosing the appropriate special paper type will make your hardcover books very high-end.
  3. In addition, some special papers have special specifications. When designing the size of the booklet, it is necessary to pay attention to the method and size of the paper to avoid waste.

At present, many units use hardcover books for publicity, internal magazines and even product hardcovers. It can be seen that special paper is more and more used in publicity and is loved by the public.

two Hardcover Books

精裝書封面工藝 2

1. Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of printing paper materials

Advantages of hardcover hardcover books: It can be expanded 180° across pages, the cover material is MDF, 3mm Andy board cover mounted with high-definition adhesive, etc., very thick and resistant to turning, not easy to damage, often used in recipes, hardcover books, photo books, graduation Souvenirs, travel memorabilia, etc.

Disadvantages of hardcover hardcover books: high cost and high price, mainly reflecting the typesetting design of pre-press photography and text, post-press materials and manual production.

精裝書封面工藝 3

2. Selection of paper types

The base material of the hardcover package is mostly cardboard with a thickness of 1-2mm, mainly including the following:

  1. Straw cardboard: Straw cardboard has good rigidity and low price. The disadvantage is that the toughness is poor, the book case is easy to tilt, and the corner of the book is easy to break. The above shortcomings can be overcome if special processing is carried out when making the book case, such as wrapping the corners, making the direction of the straight strands of the cardboard parallel to the direction of the spine, hot pressing the cardboard and drying the cardboard and selecting an appropriate adhesive. .
  2. white cardboard. Although the rigidity of white cardboard is not as good as that of straw cardboard, it has strong wear resistance and folding resistance, and the book case is not easy to warp. Since the price of white cardboard is higher than that of straw cardboard, it is suitable for selection of mid-range hardcover books.
  3. Cardboard for bookcases. The rigidity, wear resistance, folding resistance and warpage resistance of the special cardboard for bookcases are all good. Although the price is higher, it is ideal for making high-end hardcover books.Material.

high qualityPrint

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