What paper materials are used for different printed materials? Cards/Flyers/Posters/Gift Vouchers/Books/Booklets | Printed Paper

Business cards are mostly made of 300g glossy powder paper; in addition, there are matte plastic cards, which are made of 260~300g matte powder cardboard, and the size of the general card is 90mm x 54mm.

Common printed matter

(1) Business card

PSD 03

Business cards are mostly made of 300g glossy powder paper; in addition, there are matte plastic cards, which are made of 260~300g matte powder cardboard, and the size of the general card is 90mm x 54mm.

(2) Envelopes and stationery

three paper envelopes letters bouquet flowers blue background flat lay

Most of the envelopes are printed on 100g book paper, and the common paper for letter paper is 80g and 100g book paper. The surface of the book paper can be written and stamped, and the paper weight is light.

(3) Paper folder

blank carton folders isolated white background

Paper folders often use 250g glossy powder paper or 250g matte powder paper. If you want more vivid colors and reflective effects, you can use 250g glossy powder paper. If the company is taking the high-end and temperament route, it is recommended to choose 250g matte powder paper.

(4) Promotional leaflets


The most commonly used paper for leaflets is 128g glossy powder paper, followed by 157g glossy powder paper or matte powder paper. Generally, 128g glossy powder paper is usually sent on the street; 157g glossy powder paper/matte powder paper is more suitable for use in the store.

(5) Promotional brochure

1104766922 celviel

The commonly used brochures are 128g, 157g glossy/matte paper or 100g book paper, 157g glossy powder paper is used for the cover of the brochure, and the colors are bright and dazzling, and 128g glossy powder paper can be used for the inner pages. If the company takes the introverted and calm line, it can use 128g/157g matte paper to print the brochure.

(6) Raffle tickets

multiple white color tickets 2021 08 27 09 55 23 utc

If you need to write on the lottery ticket, you must use writeable paper or matte paper. The size of the lottery ticket is not too limited, and 210 * 95mm can be used if there is no concept of size.

(7) Promotional posters

3 3

128g, 157g glossy powder paper is recommended for A1, A2, and A3 posters, because glossy powder paper is bright in color and high in reflectivity, which can easily attract the attention of passers-by.

(8) Folding Leaflets

Square invitation 61 b

folded flyerpaperIt is the same as the leaflet, but you must pay attention to the thickness of the paper. When using thick paper (such as 157g glossy powder paper) to print the folded leaflet, it will not be able to fold the page, otherwise the white edge will pop out. Therefore, if the paper is thick, you need to press the line on the flyer before folding.

(9) Coupon/Cash Coupon

Coupon Mockup

The cash coupons for supermarkets such as Parknshop and Wellcome that are usually received are made of 100g book paper. The color printed on the book paper will be more solid, but it has the effect of enhancing the corporate image compared with the glossy powder paper.

(10) Tote Bag

close up grocery bag with vegetables

Coated paper is used to make tote bags, which are characterized by moderate fastness. Because coated paper has high whiteness and gloss, good printability, it can be called the king of printing color - coated paper. The product design can boldly use various pictures and color blocks, and the advertising effect is good. After the coated paper is covered with a glossy film or sub-film, it not only has the functions of moisture resistance and durability, but also looks more delicate.

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