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When choosing a design company, people will also take the design price (cost) as one of the reference factors. Now HK Design Pro will introduce you to high-quality design companies in Hong Kong so that you can make a choice.


When choosing a graphic design company, people will also take the design price (cost) as one of the reference factors. Nowadays,HK Design ProWe will introduce you to high-quality design companies in Hong Kong so that you can make a choice.

In the current social environment, there are many design companies, and nowHK Design ProDifferent design companies will be selected and introduced, and their prices will be shown to you while describing their design concepts, so that you can make an appropriate choice after getting to know them.

1. 10 graphic design companies

1.HK Design Pro

HK Design ProA platform that provides various design services. Customers can quickly select the required services through the system and provide text, pictures and other information to the platform. The platform will arrange professional designers to complete the design according to the customer's needs, and ultimately apply it to various required products. In the form, it meets the design needs of enterprise management, teacher education, self-employment, advertising and other occasions.

The platform is simple and fast to use. It has a large number of excellent design materials and professional designers to serve customers, meeting all customers’ design needs, helping companies save costs and allowing ordinary people without professional skills but design needs to easily obtain excellent products. Design work. We are committed to serving more customers and allowing them to obtain satisfactory designs. This is our business philosophy and goal. Designing for customers allows more people to express their creativity and ideas efficiently and with high quality and freedom.

existHK Design Prosuperiorprice checkingIt's convenient and fast. You only need to fill in the form with your requirements, and then the price of the product you need will appear in front of you. Now we will show you some prices.

Logo designHK$2980HK$3980HK$5480
Business CardsHK$598/servingHK$798/servingHK$5480/serving
Package DesignHK$1980HK$2980HK$4580




Workeroom has so far accumulated thousands of professional Freelancers and served many large and small enterprises, governments and social welfare organizations, including: LinkedIn, K11, Lalamove, Kerry Properties, Jielv Holidays, etc.

If you want to control costs, you must not miss the following consolidated quotations:

Flyer and poster design prices$500 - $5000 (median: $800)
Logo design price$500 - $6000 (median: $1000)
Business card design price$500 - $1500 (median: $800)
Illustration design price$200 - $6500 (median: $800)
Powerpoint design price$30 - $400 (median: $100)
menu design price$400 - $1000 (median: $600)

If you want to know more, please contact the staff.



Toby Not only a technology innovation company, but also a service company committed to bringing happiness to customers through high-quality local services. "Finally solved the problem of clogged water pipes!", "I learned ukulele for the first time, so excited!", "I successfully moved into my long-awaited new home!" No matter what service it is, Toby hopes to help people complete more changes. Work more to bring more happiness.

Graphic design prices on Toby are: $400 – $4,000. Graphic design is roughly divided into three categories, including: printing design, layout design, and advertising design. Among the three types of design, advertising design has a wider audience coverage and requires more time to study how to attract the audience's attention, so it is also the most expensive.

Some prices for printing design are as follows:

Business card (double-sided)$600-$1,500
Easy pull rack$500-$1,000

Toby 2


FreehunterIt is an online Freelance platform favored by major companies. It has customers in three places including Maxstar Hong Kong and Hong Kong. It has nearly 30,000 professional and freelance employees to help users around the world find suitable work partners! Freehunter hopes to create a A diverse work platform helps more people engage in the work they like. They can contact Freelancer in two ways. One is to directly fill in the project information and publish it on the online platform to quickly get the quotation basis.

Poster Design Poster Design$600-$2, 400 (single side per copy)
Banner Design$600-$2, 200 (single side per copy)
Logo DesignLogo Design$800-$2, 200 (per serving)
Business Card Design$800-$2, 200 (double-sided per copy)
Leaflet Design Leaflet Design$600-$2, 200 (single side per copy)
Product packaging design$1,300-$3,000 (per copy)

Freehunter 2

5.Linking on IT Solution Ltd

Linking on IT Solution Ltd Founded in 2010, it is a multimedia design and information technology company. Its members all have professional knowledge and the latest market acumen, and have talents in business management, advertising production, graphic design, web design, printing services, etc.

Linking on IT Solution Ltd has website construction technology, website programming and art talents, allowing the company to comprehensively provide customers with one-stop services.

Below is a price list for the company’s corporate identity design:

Company Logo
Corporate trademark
Business Card
Company card/personal business card
Envelope, Letter and Folder
Company/institutional envelopes, stationery, briefcases
$500 each
Certificate Certificate$500 (Design)
$8 sheets (printed; waterproof ink available
Hot stamping/silver hot stamping (price negotiable)
Company Journal/Product CatalogCompany Profile/Company Product Catalog$3, 800 (Design)
$6,000 (design and printing of 100 copies)
Corporate Identity Design Package
Company/Institutional Image Design Package
$2, 880 (Design)
$3, 880 (design and printing)
A total of 1,000 business cards, 1,000 sets of envelopes and stationery
Corporate Identity Design (Social Media Package)
Company/Organizational Image Design (Online Version Package)


6. Yinghong Design

Yinghong DesignIt has been established for more than ten years since 2004. It has rich design experience and has assisted thousands of customers in completing different service projects. Design trends keep pace with the times. In the past, we only specialized in graphic design and large-scale image output. As customer needs increase, we also accompany customers to grow, whether it is booth layout, RWD website production, e-commerce platform, brand management, event website construction, Internet marketing, online advertising, keyword purchasing, etc. are all service goals.

Yinghong Design provides DM design, DM printing, flyer printing, poster printing consultation, print file production, and stable quality.

Some products and prices are as follows:

typeNumber of sheets PRICE
A3 special grade coated paper
Matting + single light UV local varnishing
500 sheets5580 yuan (single side)8,100 yuan (double-sided)
1000 sheets5940 yuan (single side)8,500 yuan (double-sided)
2000 sheets7650 yuan (single side)10,870 yuan (double-sided)
typeNumber of sheetsPRICE
A3 coated paper
Matting + single light UV local varnishing
500 sheets5660 yuan (single side)8180 yuan (double-sided)
1000 sheets6260 yuan (single side)8580 yuan (double-sided)
2000 sheets7810 yuan (single side)11,040 yuan (double-sided)


7. Youlian Creative Design and Printing Co., Ltd.

Youlian Creative Design and Printing Co., Ltd.Founded in 2012, it focuses on the fields of brand image design and color printing. With many years of experience in design and printing, it has accumulated services for more than 7,000 companies.

Some of the company’s products are quoted as follows:

Poster design/flyer design
design projectDimensionsSingle side price ($)Double-sided price ($)
A1/G1K/Chrysanthemum full open594*841mm6,5008,000
A2/G2K/Chrysanthemum Folio421*594mm4,0005,000
A3 foldable297*421mm-5,000
A4 foldable210*297mm-3,000



iCOPYIt is a company that specializes in graphic design services. The company keeps the files of old customers properly. If the customer needs to print again, they will no longer charge design fees but only printing fees.

The following is a price list of some of the company's products:

Business cards
Project nameDimensionsOne-sided fee ($)Duplex fee ($)
Completed business card - simple90x54mm500900
Completed business card - complex90x54mm8001200
Business card design-without LOGO90x54mm12001500
Business card design-including LOGO90x54mm25003000
Single poster type
Project nameDimensionsOne-sided fee ($)Duplex fee ($)



IMAGIN WORKSHOPFounded in 2008 and registered in Hong Kong. The company's main business is photography and videography, commercial production and design services, including weddings, events, banquets, products, food, interiors, portraits, aerial photography, VR virtual tours, online live broadcasts, short film production and print advertising design. IMAGIN WORKSHOP aims to provide one-stop professional digital imaging services to meet customer needs. The company's strengths are service quality, efficiency and competitive prices.

Promotional leaflet/poster design$580
Brochure/Book Design$1,000
Banner/easy-pull rack/display rack/display panel design$580
Business card/sticker design$380
Package Design$2,200
logo design$800

  • Our company produces text $20/100 words

  • Pictures scanned by our company $20/piece

  • Pictures are reduced to $20/piece (ordinary products)/$40/piece (jewelry/watches)

  • Additional modifications to $300 (<$3000) 或單價之 10% (>$3000)

  • Additional design draft (same text and materials) +50%

  • Shorten production time (express shipping)

  • 1 working day: add unit price of 20%

  • 3 working days: add unit price of 10%

  • Same day shipment: add unit price to 30%


10. Regis

Regis Printing ShopAlthough the service projects provided are not exhaustive or missing, they must be careful and professional within the scope that can be undertaken. The production price may not be the lowest in the market, or even an ultra-low price that seems like blood loss, but it should be a reasonable price for both parties. As in the past, Regis Print Shop will still cherish every delivery and entrustment of each customer, and hopes to achieve a finished product standard that can satisfy every customer within a reasonable range as a production attitude before delivering the finished product. in accordance with. The customers served by Ruijisi Printing Shop include various types of companies and enterprises, or community organizations, school institutions and students, as well as the general public and individuals. As long as you have related printing equipment needs, Ruijis Printing Shop will do its best to work with you to complete every exquisite design and printing work.

The following are the payment standards for some of the company’s design projects:

Design project: for graphic printingquantitySpecial price
Logo design15,000
Single-sided business card design (excluding logo)12,000
Double-sided business card design (excluding logo)13,000
Company single-sided stationery design14,500
Corporate single-sided envelope design17,500
Book cover (including back and back cover) design17,000
Book layout design (color, more than 100 pages)1160

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