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Are you still unclear about the types of flyer designs? Are you still having trouble choosing a size to print? Everything you need to know about flyer design, we've got you covered!
曦來 page 0001 您是否還不清楚傳單設計的種類都分別是什麼?是否還在選擇尺寸印刷時抱有困擾?有關傳單設計的一切,我們都將為您解答! 傳單可以快速有效地擴大您的市場範圍,而無需花費大量時間和金錢。能夠選擇正確的傳單尺寸和傳單類型將對您的潛在客戶產生最大的影響。而您是否還不清楚傳單設計的種類都分別是什麼?是否還在選擇尺寸印刷時抱有困擾?是否不知道其他公司對於傳單價格如何收費?在這篇文章中,我們hkdesignpro.comThe company shared the flyer size, type and flyer design prices of three Hong Kong companies for you to understand and compare, which is worth reading carefully. 傳單價格

The five main types of flyers

Marketing budgets are often very tight for small and micro businesses and there is also a lack of funds for expensive marketing strategies. For them, flyers are the best way to introduce people to their new product or service. And even well-known businesses often use flyers to announce discounts, offer coupons, and more. The following are five common flyer types and application scenarios in the market.
dm slip (advertising slip)A dm flyer (advertising flyer) is a type of flyer that contains very little text, usually printed on plain paper, and is used by companies to advertise upcoming events or sales.
1. Insert newspapers and magazines to distribute on the street
2. New movie release
3. Opening of new events
4. Discount coupons
02. PosterPosters are also leaflets printed with graphic designs, often with images, infographics, and other information. Such posters are usually attached to the wall and are usually larger.
1. Promotional activities
2. Concert
3. Movies
foldingA fold, consisting of a series of pages. Folded pages can contain more information and are more complex to make. The aim is to get the message out to as many people as possible, these are great flyers for brand awareness.
flyer pendantA flyer pendant is a flyer that hangs on a doorknob or other hanging object. It grabs everyone's attention, making them the most cost-effective way to promote a product or service.
Application: This flyer is printed with holes and can be hung on
1. Restaurant
2. Shopping area
3. Commercial complex
4. On the door handle of the house
digital flyerNo printing is required, but the design materials for these flyers are kept in digital files. You can email this file or use it on the website.

2. What are the dimensions of the flyer?

並非所有傳單尺寸都是適合各種用途的完美解決方案。例如,如果您想讓人們瞭解您的新產品發佈,A5 傳單可能是您的最佳選擇。但是,如果您需要將傳單放入購物袋,A7 傳單是更好的選擇。 下麵是市面上常見的傳單尺寸列表概覽,需要注意的是,在設計傳單的過程中要根據實際需求設計尺寸,避免紙張浪費。另外,需要給傳單留出2~3mm的出血位(誤差預留位) 傳單價格
flyer typesize
LeafletsUsually the size is 210mm×285mm, 420mm×285mm, and 157g/㎡ and 200g/㎡ coated paper are commonly used for printing a small amount of leaflets.
promotion pamphletThe size of the album on the market: generally a4 size, that is, 210 × 285mm. Portable album size: The specific size is 210mm×140mm.
Conventional album size: In addition to the a4 size, there are 285mm × 285mm, this size looks high-end atmosphere, 370mm × 250mm, it is suitable for a larger version of the high-end album size.
TrifoldStandard size: 210mm×285mm
Finished size: tiled 210mm×285mm, folded 210mm×95mm
Types can be divided into: organ fold, ordinary fold, special fold, door fold, map fold, parallel fold, poster fold, scroll fold, etc.
Poster sizeStandard poster size: 13cm×18cm, 19cm×25cm, 42cm×57cm, 50cm×70cm, 60cm×90cm, 70cm×100cm, 42cm×57cm, 50cm×70cm
Common poster size: 42cm×57cm, 50cm×70cm
X display standX display racks are widely used in exhibition activities in large-scale stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibitions, job fairs and other places, for exhibition advertisements, tour displays, commercial promotions, conference presentations, etc.
X display rack size (width x height): 60cm x 160cm, 80cm x 180cm, 120cm x 200cm (need to pay attention to the position of the four corners when designing)
business cardCommon business card sizes are 90mm×54mm and 90mm×50mm.
American standard business card size: 90mm×50mm (16:9 platinum ratio in line with eye vision);
European standard business card size: 85mm×54mm (16:10 is in line with the eye-vision silver ratio, commonly used in bank cards)

Three, three Hong Kong companies flyer price comparison

Since different companies have different design habits, their pricing methods will also be different. Customers need to repeatedly compare and find solutions that suit their needs before deciding to cooperate. 傳單價格 The above is the information about the types and sizes of flyer designs and the price comparison of the three Hong Kong companies! I believe your questions can get some answers.
sizeJKDesignHKBPrintrainbow Printing Companyaimdesign one-stop design platform
one-sideddouble sidedSingle-sided four-color CMYK4C + 0Double-sided four-color CMYK4C+4Caim pattern area selection frameTailored
one-sideddouble sidedone-sideddouble sided
A3From HKD$1280From HKD$1580(from 300 sheets)HKD$980HKD$1180HKD$1380HKD$1580
From HKD$480From HKD$580
A4From HKD$750From HKD$980(from 300 sheets)HKD$780HKD$980HKD$1180HKD$1380
From HKD$315
A5From HKD$560From HKD$860(from 600 sheets)HKD$580HKD$780HKD$980HKD$1180
From HKD$315
If you feel that you still have troubles in flyer design, or you still need a full set of design and production solutions for flyer design, please contact our company for detailed, we have the most meticulous and humanized service team, as well as the most professional and efficient design team, choose us to give you the most satisfactory customized experience!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1: What is the market price range for flyer designs?

In general, the average cost of quotation for flyer design is between 500 and 3000 Hong Kong dollars. However, this price will also fluctuate based on a series of factors such as flyer design requirements and materials.

Q2: How to distinguish flyer size?

We have made an overview of the list based on the common flyer sizes on the market, you can find the table in the text. It should be noted that in the process of designing the flyer, the size should be designed according to the actual needs to avoid paper waste. In addition, it is necessary to leave a 2~3mm bleeding position for the leaflet (error reserve position)

Q3: What are the types of flyer designs?

We have introduced the following five common types in Wenzhong, namely, flyer, poster, fold, flyer pendant, and digital flyer. Their application scenarios are also described in detail. I hope you can get the knowledge you want.
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